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What does TIS stand for?

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TISTo Improve Security
TISTyre Inflation System
TISTravel International Sports
TISTimetable Information System
TISTechnology Integration Specialists
TISTrend Internet Security
TISThermal Insulating System
TISTechnology and Innovation Support
TISTotal Information Source
TISTransfer Information System
TISThai Industrial Standards
TIStruth in sentencing
TISTATA Interactive Systems
TISTelephone Interpreter Service
TISThe Inner Sanctum
TISThe Issues Surrounding
TISTeco Image Systems
TISTop Image Systems
TISTransparency International Slovensko
TISTechnology Innovation Showcase
TISTechnology and Industry Support
TISTraffic Information System
TISTechnology Infrastructure Services
TISTreasury Information Services
TISTraffic Information Services
TISTechnology Insurance Services
TISTechnology and Information Systems
TISTennis Indoor Senayan
TISThe Information Systems
TISTechnology Information Services
TISThe Technical Information System
TISThe International School
TISTherapy Information Services
TISTabubil International School
TISTranscription Initiation Site
TISTotal Immersion System
TISTerminal in Service
TISTechnology Integration Services
TISTwenty Inch Strong
TISThe Transfer Information System
TIStorquay international school
TISTool Interface Standards
TISTrinity an Interdisciplinary Symposium
TISTrustworthy Information Systems
TISTenants Information Service
TISToyo Information Systems
TISTransport Information Service
TISTrade in Services
TISTraffic Impact Studies
TISterritorial innovation systems
TISTitanic International Society
TISTechnical Information Sheets
TISTraveler Information System
TISTanga International School
TISTravel Insurance Services
TISTank Inventory System
TISTransport Informations Service
TISTechnical Information Systems
TISTravelers Information Station
TISTitles Information System
TISThe Trustworthy Information Systems
TISTransportation Industrial Services
TISTranslation Initiation Site
TISThermal Imaging Systems
TISTokyo International School
TISThird International Symposium
TISTranslation Initiation Sites
TISTogether in Song
TISThread Independent Services
TISTranssiberian Intermodal Service
TISTotal Impl Soln
TISTechnischer Industrie Service
TISTeratology Information Services
TISTranslation and Interpreter Service
TISTechnology Integration Specialist
TISTechnology Integration Success
TISTransportation Information System
TISTrade and Information System
TISTechnological Innovation Survey
TISTravelers Information Stations
TISTeleCampus Information System
TISTashkent International School
TISThe Institutional Strategist
TISTool Industrial Supplies
TISTeatro Independiente Sur
TISTrade Information Services
TISTerminal Information Service
TISThe Internet Solution
TISTamil Info Service
TISTechnology and Industrial
TISThe Information Service
TISTranslating Interpreter Service
TISTravel Information Systems
TISTimber Inventory System
TISThe Traffic Information Service
TISTransaction Information Systems
TISTransportation Information Systems
TISTotal Integrated Scattering
TISTraining Information System
TISThailand Indonesia Singapore
TISThe Idaho Statesman
TISTemple of the Immortal Spirit
TISTechnical Information Specialist
TISThe Internet Shop
TISTechnology Information Systems
TISTechnische Informations Systeme
TISTertiary Information Service
TISTraveller Information Services
TISTechline Information System
TISTelephone Interview Survey
TISTeratogen Information Service
TISTeratogen information services
TISTeratogenic Information Services
TISthallium ischemic score
TISto initial stabilization
TIStonic interocular suppression
TIStopical ice slush
TIStotal insulin secretion
TIStotal iron score
TIStotal iron scores
TIStotal irritation score
TIStotally implantable systems
TIStoxico-infectious shock
TISTPA induced sequence
TISTPA)-inducible sequence
TISTPA)-inducible sequences
TIStranscription initiation sequence
TIStranscription initiation sites
TIStranslational initiation sequences
TIStubulo-interstitial scarring
TIStumor-initiation sites
TISturbo ion spray
TISToyota Information System
TISTransaction Information System
TISTransparency International Slovakia
TISToshiba Information Systems
TISTata Institute of Social
TISTruncated Isothermal Sphere
TISTehran International School
TISTanks in Series
TISTools Interface Standards
TISTravel to Interview Scheme
TISTeachers in Service
TISTraffic Information Station
TISTransport Industry Superannuation
TISTerritorial Information System
TISTelecommunications and Information Services
TISTurkish International Schools
TISTransport Information System
TISToolkit a software
TISTelecommunications Information System
TISTermo Idro Sanitario
TisCarcinoma in situ
TIStranscription initiation site(s
TIStranslation-inhibitor stem-loop
TIStreatment and industrial shops
TISTechnical Industrial Sales
TISTraveler Information Station
TISTravelers Information System
TISTechnical Imaging Systems
TISTOKYO Inline Skating
TISTool Integration in System
TISTeldec Import Service
TISTele Info Service
TISThermal Imaging Sight
TISToponome Imaging System
TISThe Infrastructure Security
TISTravel Industry Sales
TISTotal Ionized Solids
TISTextiles Information Server
TISThe Infantry School
TISTantash Information Systems
TISTest Instruction Set
TISTiefbau Ingenieurbau Stra
TISTimber Industry Strategy
TISTechno Innovation South
TISThe Internet Sleuth
TISTransnet Internet Services
TISTravellers Information Stations
TISTreatment Intensity Score
TIS12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-induced sequence
TISacetate-inducible sequences
TISTaporoporoanga Ipukarea Society
TISTenants Incentive Scheme
TISTotal Ionic Strength
TISTechnical Information Server
TISTechnology and Industrial Support
TISTelephone Information System
TISTile Iteration Space
TISTechnical Inspection and Safety
TISTata Iron and Steel
TISTate Integrated Systems
TISTertiary Information Session
TISTrademark Information System
TISTexas Instruments Software
TISTurbo Intermodal Surge
TIStechnical imaging services
TISTaihu International School
TISTelecommunications Integration Services
TISTelefonska Ispitna Slusalica

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Note: Acronym Finder has 87 verified definitions for TIS

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