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What does TIA stand for?

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TIATelecommunication Industry Association
TIATennessee Industrial Association
TIATraining in the Information
TIATelephone Industry Association
TIATribhuwan International Airport
TIAThe Transportation Intermediaries Association
TIATECHNOLOGY Industry Association
TIAThe Insane Asylum
TIATurbidimetric Immuno Assay
TIATransitorische Ischämische Attacke
TIATechnology Innovation Accelerated
TIATerrorist Information Awareness
TIATransportation Intermediaries Association
TIAThe Tortilla Industry Association
TIAThe Information Awareness
TIAThis Is Awesome
TIATransient Ischaemic Attacks
TIATraining Impact Assessment
TIATelecommunications Industry Associations
TIATravel Industry of America
TIATariffa Igiene Ambientale
TIATaxi Industry Association
TIATechnology Impact Awards
TIATennis Industry Association
TIATrade and Industry Advisory
TIATaxation Institute of Australia
TIAThe Inaugural Address
TIATrypsin Inhibitor Activity
TIATransportation and International Affairs
TIATrans Ischemic Attack
TIATelelcommunications Industry Association
TIAThe Tire Industry Association
TIATransportation Impact Analysis
TIATechnology Innovation Agency
TIATechnology and Industry Alliances
TIATelecommunications Information Administration
TIATelecommunication Information Administration
TIATraining Industry Association
TIATelecommunication Industries Association
TIAThanking in Advance
TIATrans Impedance Amplifier
TIATrustnet in Action
TIATerrorism If Any
TIAThank in Advance
TIAThe International Alliance
TIATrans International Airlines
TIAThe Internet Archive
TIATo Transient Ischemic Attack
TIATeachers in Architecture
TIATelecom Industry Association
TIATotal Impervious Area
TIATraffic Intersection Awareness
TIAThe Institute of Aesthetics
TIAThe International Assassin
TIAToys in the Attic
TIATheoret Informatics Appl
TIATulsa Interfaith Alliance
TIATime Interval Analysis
TIATotal Instructional Alignment
TIATerminology and Artificial
TIAThe Internet Adaptor
TIATechnology Integration Academy
TIATravel Institute of America
TIAToyota International Association
TIATerritorial Impact Assessment
TIATaxable Income Adjustment
TIATransportation Is A
TIAThe Tourism Industry Association
TIATotal Informational Awareness
TIATentative Interim Amendments
TIATourism Industry of America
TIATraffic Impact Area
TIAThe Infinite Actuary
TIATelephony Interface Adapter
TIAThai Investors Association
TIATracinski the Intellectual Activist
TIAThursday Island Australia
TIAThe Iceberg Archives
TIATest and Integration
TIATechnology Investment Agreements
TIATransient Ischemia Attack
TIATransportation Intermediary Association
TIATelecommunications Industries Associations
TIA3H]thymidine incorporation assay
TIACVA)/transient ischemic accident
TIACVA)/transient ischemic attack
TIACVA/transient ischaemic attack
TIAestimated-transitory ischemic attack
TIAIL-2R)/p55(Tac)-inducing activity
TIAstroke/Transient ischaemic attack
TIAstroke/transient ischemic attach
TIAstroke/transient ischemic attack
TIAstroke/transient ischemic attacks
TIAterpenoid indole alkaloid
TIAThrombosis-inducing activity
TIAthymidine incorporation assay
TIAtoluene isocyanate amine
TIAtonic inspiratory activity
TIATotal insulin area
TIATotal intestinal aganglionosis
TIATotal intravascular albumin
TIAtotal intravenous anesthesia
TIAtotal iron area
TIAtrabecular iris angle
TIAtrabecular-iris angle
TIATraditional Indian Alliance
TIAtraining-induced activity
TIAtransient ischaemic accidents
TIAtransient ischaemic attacked
TIAtransient ischaemic attacs
TIAtransient ischemic accident
TIAtransient ischemic accidents
TIAtransitorial ischemic accidents
TIAtransitory ischaemic attack
TIAtransitory ischemic attack
TIAtransitory ischemic attacks
TIAtrunk inclination angle
TIAtrypsin inhibiting activities
TIAtrypsin inhibitor activities
TIAtrypsin inhibitors activity
TIAtrypsin inhibitory activity
TIAtrypsin-inhibition activities
TIAtrypsin-inhibitory activity
TIAtumor-independent arterioles
TIAtumor-induced angiogenesis
TIATeaching in Architecture
TIATransportation Investment Areas
TIATransient Ischemic Attach
TIAthin layer immunoassay
TIAThornaby Independent Association
TIATelecommunications Industry Assn
TIATask Interface Agreement
TIAThe Telecommunications Industry in Association
TIATrans Ischaemic Attack
TIATTC for Information
TIAThe Indemnity Agreement
TIATransportation Impact Assessment
TIATax Institute of Australia
TIATelevision Interface Adapter
TIATitle Insurance Agency
TIATelecommunications Institute of America
TIATransportation Improvement Account
TIATank Irrigated Area
TIATokyo International Airport
TIAstroke/transient cerebral ischemic attack
TIAtarget induced astigmatism vector
TIAtraining-induced neuronal activity
TIAtrans-sialidase inhibition assay
TIAtransient cerebral ischaemic attack
TIAtransient cerebral ischaemic attacks
TIAtransient cerebral ischemic attack
TIAtransient cerebral ischemic attacks
TIATransitory cerebral ischaemic attack
TIAtumor cell-induced angiogenesis
TIATallaght Intercultural Action
TIATranslation of Information Architecture
TIATechnology Impact Analysis
TIATelecommunications Industry of America
TIATiemann Investment Advisors
TIAT cell intracellular antigen
TIAT-cell intracellular antigen
TIATelecommunications International Association
TIATransient Ischemic Attck
TIATimber Industry Alliance
TIATechnology and Internet Assessment
TIATravel Industry Associates
TIATelecommunications Industry Asia
TIAThatconsists of A
TIATanzania Institute of Accountancy
TIATrans Impedance Amplifiers
TIAcell-restricted intracellular antigen
TIAT-cell-restricted intracellular antigen
TIAThanks in Adavance
TIATaxation in Australia
TIATypes of Information Available
TIATennessee Infrastructure Alliance
TIAtriangle interfaith alliance
TIAThoroughbred Information Agency
TIATatem Industrial Automation
TIATraffic and Are
TIAThanks in Avance
TIAThe Institute of Actuaries
TIATravel Industry Act
TIATerrorist Incident Annex
TIAToday the Interfaith Alliance
TIATax in Australia
TIAThankx in Advance
TIATask Impact Assessment
TIATrungram International Academy
TIATraining Incentive Allowance
TIATennessee Inventors Association
TIATulsa Industrial Authority
TIATax Information Authorization
TIATentative Interim Agreement
TIAThe Internet Agency
TIATransient Ischaemic Accident
TIATire Industry Associations

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Note: Acronym Finder has 75 verified definitions for TIA

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