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What does TAD stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
TADThe Approaching Darkness
TADTarrant Appraisal District
TADTop Achiever Doctoral
TADTechnology Assessment Division
TADThe Almighty Dollar
TADThe Art Department
TADTraditional Arts Development
TADTemporary Anchorage Devices
TADtube audio design
TADTechDis Accessibility Database
TADTipos Abstractos De
TADTraining Administration Division
TADTuition Aid Data
TADTax Allocation Districts
TADTransfer to Another Division
TADTexas at Dallas
TADThrough Air Drying
TADTax Allocation District
TADThe Accounting Department
TADThe Alternative Dictionaries
TADTurku Area Development
TADThesis and Dissertation
TADTelephone Answering Devices
TADTransport Aging and Disposal
TADTelematics for African Development
TADTraitement Automatique Des
TADThermactor Air Diverter
TADthe achievement digest
TADTRON Application Databus
TADTechnology and Agrarian Development
TADTribunal Arbitral Del
TADTango Argentino Dallas
TADTreatment Alternatives and Diversion
TADTurbine Airfoil Designs
TADTechnology Alliance of Dallas
TADTechnical Aid for the Disabled
TADTranscriptional Activation Domains
TADTransport Airplane Directorate
TADTranscriptional Activation Domain
TADbeta-methylene-tiazofurin adenine dinucleotide
TADTabular Application Development
TADtarget axis distance
TADtendon augmentation devices
TADThe Armchair Detective
TADThiazole adenine dinucleotide
TADthin annular detector
TADthioguanine/ AraC/daunorubicin
TADthoracic aortic disease
TADthoracic aortic dissection
TADthreshold Ascaris dose
TADthyroid autoimmune diseases
TADthyroid-associated dermopathy
TADtime array detection
TADtime averaged deviation
TADtime-activity data
TADtime-averaged deviation
TADtime-averaged difference
TADtissue annulus diameter
TADtorque angle diagram
TADtotal administered dose
TADtotal antibiotic decontamination
TADtoxic allergic dermatitis
TADTraffic Accident Damage
TADtransparent adherent dressing
TADtransparent adhesive dressing
TADtransverse abdominal diameter
TADtraumatic aortic disruption
TADtricuspid annular diameter
TADtricuspid annulus diameter
TADtricyclic antidepressant drugs
TADtumour arteriolar diameter
TADTurns-Amplitude Diagram
TADtypical American diet
TADTexas Association of Dairymen
TADTheatre Arts and Dance
TADTolerance Acceptance and Diversity
TADtexas alternative document
TADthiazole-4-carboxamide adenine dinucleotide
TADTest Assertion Document
TADTemporary Anchorage Device
TADThe Towed Artillery Digitization
TADthomas aloysius dorgan
TADTax Audit Division
TADtechnical audio devices
TADTerrain Awareness Display
TADaortic arch diameter
TADcytarabine, and daunorubicin
TADcytosine arabinoside, daunorubicin
TADhydrocortisone, and danazol
TADSystolic and diastolic
TADtechnique of Antigen Detection
TADthioguanine + Ara-C + Daunorubin
TADTennessee Association of Dance
TADTip Apex Distance
TADTactical Air Director
TADTax Advantage Design
TADTechnical Aid to the Disabled
TADTransportation Aging and Disposal
TADThe Tube Amp Doctor
TADL-(-)-tyrosine apodecarboxylase
TADTendoryu Aikido Deutschland
TADTiming And Duration
TADToward Affective Development
TADThe Texas Association of Dairymen
TADTransient Acantholytic Dermatosis
TADThe Appropriate District
TADTemporarily Assigned Duty
TADThickness And Density
TADTechnical Assistance and Dissemination
TADTemperature and Dewpoint
TADTransmigration Area Development
TADTechnical Applications Division
TADTask Aware Debugging
TADThe Tech Alliance of Dallas
TADTarget Arrival Dates
TADTech Alliance of Dallas
TADTemporary Attached Duty
TADTribal Area Development
TADTeaching for Astronomy Development
TADTerrorist and Disruptive
TADTarget Area Designation
TADTechnology Automation Division
TADTheatre Air Defense
TADTim Allen Design
TADTurk Arkeoloji Dergisi
TADThioguanine AraC Daunorubicin
TADTrade Activity Date
TADTraffic Administration Data
TADTarget Aquisition and Designation
TADTax Attribute Database
TADToronto Academy of Dentistry
TADTechnical Audio Device
TADTest of Auditory Discrimination
TADTransport And Dispersion
TADTurner Automotive Diesel
TADTechnical Activities Division
TADTeens Against Drugs
TADTest and Development
TADTürk Arkeoloji Dergisi
TADTarget Acquisition Data
TADTeaching Aid Distribution
TADToole Army Depot
TADTrim Aid Device
TADTechnical Assistance Directory
TADTechnology Area Descriptions
TADTest Arbeitsplatz Deutsch
TADTexas Association for the Deaf
TADThermactor Air Divert
TADTissue Array Database
TADTribal Art and Design
TADTuned Absorber Diffuser
TADTelematics and Disability
TADtelnet address directory
TADThoracic Asphyxiant Dystrophy
TADTournament Average Database
TADTower Approach and Departure
TADTricyclic Antidepressant Drug
TADTropical Aviation Distributors
TADTemporary Assistance Department
TADTerrain Awareness and Display
TADTactical Air Designator
TADTechnology Architecture Division
TADTricyclic Anti Depressant
TADTechnical Assistance Demonstration
TADTactical Air Designator (frequency)
TADTarificación Automática Detallada
TADTechnology Area Directorate
TADTermite Awareness Day
TADTexas Aggie Democrats
TADThe Abertay Dundee
TADThe Alaskan Dead
TADThe Alleged Diane
TADThe Anagram Dictionary
TADTheses Abstracts Database
TADTibetan Astrology and Divination
TADTitanic Anatomy of a Disaster
TADTraining Analysis Division
TADTravel Accommodation Directory