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What does SIXD stand for?

SIXD stands for Store IndeX to Decrement


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Index registers could be loaded from or stored into either the decrement or address field of either the AC register or a memory location. In all cases, the 2's-complement could be loaded or stored instead of the number (e. g. , AXC -15,4 loaded XR4 with the 2's-complement of 15: 000000000001111 -> 15 (decimal); 111111111110000 -> 1's-complement; 111111111110001 -> 2's-complement). Instructions for Loading and Storing Index Registers POSITIONS TRANSFERRED SOURCE Y-Address (Bits 21-35) 2's-COMPLEMENT OF (Bits 21-35) DECREMENT (Bits 3-17) 2's-COMPLEMENT (Bits 3-17) LOAD INDEX FROM STORAGE LOCATION: 'LXA' (Load Index from Address) 'LAC' (Load Complement of Address into Index) 'LXD' (Load Index from Decrement) 'LDC' (Load Complement of Decrement in Index) LOAD INDEX FROM AC REGISTER:* 'PAX' (Place Address in Index) 'PAC' (Place Complement of Address in Index 'PDX' (Place Decrement in Index) 'PDC' (Place Complement of Decrement in Index) LOAD INDEX FROM INSTRUCTION: 'AXT' (Address to Index True 'AXC' (Address to Index Complemented) STORE INDEX INTO STORAGE LOCATION: 'SXA' (Store Index into Address 'SCA'** (Store Complement of Index into Address) 'SXD' (Store Index into Decrement.