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What does SAB stand for?

SAB stands for Single Amplifier Biquadratic


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This paper is a practical guide to building higher-order filters with single-amplifier biquadratic MOSFET--C sections. Theory, design guidelines, and measurement electronics are discussed by example of a 7th-order current-mode filter built to the specifications of a 1 DVD read channel filter. The 7th-order filter was fabricated with the double-poly 0. 6-micron CMOS process by AMS. It is continuously tunable from 4.
Single-Amplifier Biquadratic MOSFET– C Filters for Video Frequencies (2000) by Hanspeter Schmid.
An 8. 25-MHz 7th-order bessel filter built with single-amplifier biquadratic.
The authors show how continuous-time active-RC filters can be implemented in CMOS by replacing all resistors by MOSFETs operating in the linear region. As an example, a 24 MHz active MOSFET-C single-amplifier biquadratic lowpass filter with a pole-Q of 3 implemented in a 0. 6 μm CMOS process is discussed. By comparing measurements of a test chip, simulations and calculations, the following conclusion is reached.
In this paper, a tunable single-amplifier biquadratic lowpass filter is presented. It consists of one balanced low-gain current amplifier and a second-order MOSFET-C feedback network. The filter was integrated in a double-poly 0. 6 μm CMOS process and operates from a 3. 3 V power supply. The pole frequency is tunable from 15.