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What does SDW stand for?

SDW stands for Shoot Dry Weight


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Joint Effects of Acifluorfen Applications and Soybean Thrips (Sericotbrips variabilis); Percent defoliation, shoot dry weight, and root dry weight
Salinity and Alkaline pH of Irrigation Water Affect Marigold Plants: I. Growth and Shoot Dry Weight Partitioning. HortScience. 44(6):1719-1725.
Whereas the highest shoot dry weight 0.177 gr.plant-1 present for 80 Kg N.ha-1 treatment and the lowest shoot dry weight 0.089 gr.plant-1 obtained from control...
Effect of stable and moderate drought on shoot dry weight, root length density and root DNA density on wheat plants grown in pots under a controlled environment
While root dry weight and shoot dry weight were affected by salinity, the difference between cultivars was not signi-ficant (P>0.05).
injury in kidney bean compared to cranberry bean but crop injury was minimal with no adverse effect on plant height, shoot dry weight, seed moisture content...
Effects of sulphur on groundnut 95 Table 2. Effect of elemental sulphur on shoot dry weight, nodule number and nodule dry weight 1980/81 1981/82
The relationship between shoot dry weight and accumulated intercepted radiation per unit area was observed between emergence and anthesis for all plant density and...
Figure 1: Shoot dry weight (a), shoot P concentration (b), shoot P content (c) of two Medicago truncatula genotypes (A17, clear bars and dmi1, shaded bars) inoculated...
For the proposed method in this study, we modeled the plant shoot dry weight as a function of plant area and plant age.
Shoot Dry Weight; Connect with SCIRP >> Contact Us >>; Text Contact
Effect of stable and moderate drought on shoot dry weight (a), root length density (b) and root DNA density (c) of two wheat cultivars, Kukri and Gladius.
ai/ha alone and in combination with imazethapyr at 37.5 g ai/ha was minimal with no adverse effect on plant height, shoot dry weight...
At 15 d after planting, for treatments 1,4 shoot dry weight and total root length were directly related to the amount of water added to the soil...
SDW,Shoot Dry Weight,shoot dry weights,shoots dry weights,shoots dry weight
Shoot Dry Weight, Chlorophyll and UV-B-absorbing Compounds...
Variation in shoot dry weight (A), root dry weight (B) primary root length (C), lateral root length (D), lateral root number (E) and lateral root density (F) in
efficiencies does not show clear correlations between those characters, except a tight association between shoot dry weight and shoot content.
Black column = root dry weight proportion; crossed column = shoot dry weight; white column leaf dry weight. on relative DW, and on relative maximum
Like plant height PGPR inoculation (KS 8 and KS 28) significantly increased shoot dry weight at all salinity levels. This increase was 102%...
Document details Title Remove from marked Records Shoot dry weight, chlorophyll and UV-B-absorbing compounds as indicators of a plant's sensitivity to UV-B radiation.
LAI, shoot dry weight and the grain yields of the three soybean cultivars. However, KKU74 with P applications at the maximum rate of 58 kg p 2 o 5 ha
Shoot dry weight at different salinity levels of six turfgrass species.
A total of 45 one-year-old seedlings of West Coast Tall were used to assess the relationships between shoot dry weight and four characters used in seedling selection.
EFFECT OF SALINITY ON GROWTH, YIELD AND YIELD; shoot dry weight; Effect of salinity on growth, yield and yield components in basmati rice germplasm
10, and 20% reduction in shoot dry weight of maize was 488, 844, and 1971 g a.e./ha when applied to 4-leaf maize and only 14, 136...
In second experiment, leaf and shoot dry weight and also leaf surface area significantly were increased by bacterial inoculation in both sterile and non-sterile soil.
Root and Shoot Dry Weight. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. OPEN ACCESS. Home; Articles; Journals; Books; Conferences; Services; Blog; Submit;
Observed values of shoot dry weight against values predicted by GesCoN in the trials used for calibrating (A,B: Foggia calibration trials)...
Manhattan plots for shoot fresh weight (a), shoot dry weight (b) and green leaf area (c) using manual measurement (left), RAP measurement (middle)...