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What does STR stand for?

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STRSewanee Theological Review
STRSalmon Trout River
STRSlurp the Robot
STRSequential Transfer Rates
STRSpecial Topic Report
STRSomatic Trauma Resolution
STRSensitive and Ready
STRScience and Technology Research
STRSignificant Trade Review
STRStatybos Techninio Reglamento
STRSpecialized Technology Resources
STRStudent Training Records
STRSystem Technical Review
STRShort Term Rental
STRself tuned radio
STRSpecial Treatment Requirements
STRstatybos techninis reglamentas
STRSupport Time Recovery
STRStates Trade Representative
STRStatistical Treatment Rules
STRSkeletal Targeted Radiotherapy
STRSuspicious Transaction Reports
STRSpecial Trade Representative
STRSession Termination Request
STRSports Traveler Radio
STRShimadzu Techno Research
STRSouthern Tandem Rally
STRSoft Tissue Release
STRSoftware of Richmond
STRSundarban Tiger Reserve
STRSequence Tandem Repeats
STRSmart Tool Repository
STRSuspicious Transaction Reporting
STRSmooth Transition Regression
STRSupport Time and Recovery
STRSection Township Range
STRScoliosis Treatment Recovery
STRSystem Tests Reports
STRSmithsonian Tropical Research
STRSolar Thermal Rockets
STRScientific Technical Report
STRSimple Tandem Repeat
STRStatement of Technical Requirements
STRStirred Tank Reactor
STRShawn Taylor Racing
STRSeries Tennis Racquets
STRStandard Thai Rubber
STRSpecies Time Relationships
STRStandard Taxi Routes
STRSociety for Textual Reasoning
STRSmokin Tunz Radio
STRStock of Rockville
STRSociety for Theatre Research
STRSpatio Temporal Reasoning
STRService Transaction Requests
STRSemiconductor Technology Research
STRSurplus to Requirements
STRSimple Tandem Repeats
STRSoftware Trouble Reports
STRSmall Tandem Repeat
STRSeven Transmembrane Receptor
STRSouth Tasman Rise
STRPCR)-short tandem repeat
STRsaturation transfer ratio
STRscoptic threshold response
sTRserum transferrin receptor
STRshort tandem repetitive
STRshort-term recognition
STRshort-term retention
STRsight-threatening retinopathy
STRskin-twitch response
STRskinfold thickness ratio
STRskinfold thickness ratios
STRslow to recover
STRsoft tissue rheumatism
STRsoft-tissue radiography
STRSoil and Tillage Research
sTRsoluble transferrin receptor
STRspontaneous tumor regression
STRsubjective time rate
STRsubmucous turbinal resection
STRsubscapular/triceps ratio
STRsulfur transformation ratio
STRsuperior temporal region
STRsuperior temporal regions
STRsuprapubic transvesical route
STRSurface-temperature recording
STRsurface-tension reducing
STRsystem training responses
STRsystemic toxicity reactions
STRsystolic thickening ratio
STRsystolic time ratios
STRSubcontractor Technical Representative
STRSmoke Tree Ranch
STRSelf Tuning Regulators
STRSpecific Technical Requirements
STRSports Turf Research
STRSveriges Trähusfabrikers Riksförbund
STRSignature of Recent
STRSpecial Test Request
STRsagittal:transverse diameter ratio
STRsegment elevation resolution
STRseverity of tissue reaction
STRShort Tandem Repeat analysis
STRshort tandem repeat loci
STRshort tandem repeat polymorphism
STRShort tandem repeat sequences
STRshort tandem repeat system
STRshort tandem repeat systems
STRshort tandem repeated sequences
STRshortening to torsion ratio
STRskin prick test reactivity
STRsmall tandem repeat markers
STRsteroid/thyroid hormone receptor
STRsubscapular-to-triceps ratio
STRsubscapular-triceps skinfold ratio
STRsubscapular/tricipital skinfold ratio
STRSmall Tandem Repeats
STRSpecific Target Results
STRSchool Technology Representatives
STRScreening Triage Referral
STRSchedule of Technical Requirements
STRSegment Table Register
STRSite Test Report
STRSerikat Tani Riau
STRSuspicious Transactions Report
STRShort Tandemly Repeated
STRsubscapular to triceps
STRScreening Triage and Referral
STRSystème de Traitement Radar
STRSzczecinskie Towarzystwo Renowacyjne
STRsind trab rurais
STRShip Technology Research
STRSingle Tandem Repeats
STRSouthern Telecom Region
STRScotopic Threshold Response
STRSmile Talk Raise
STRSimlipal Tiger Reserve
STRSenior Training Report
STRSingle Tandem Repeated
STRSuperman the Ride
STRStark Tuning Rates
STRSimilipal Tiger Reserve
STRs thai restaurant
STRSatellite Timing and Ranging
STRSave the Ramova
STRSend Terminate Request
STRSoftware Test Results
STRStandardized Taxi Routes
STRSystolic Time Ratio
STRShort Tandom Repeat
STRSignature and Tally Record
STRStudent Ticket Review
STRScience and Technical Research
STRService Treatment Record
STRSystem Test Report
STRSave The Rainforests
STRSouthern Tropical Region
STRSardo Tight Rack
STRSuspicion Transaction Report
STRShared Transaction Repository
STRSuitability Test Report
STRSurface Temperature Recorders
STRSelf Tuning Regulation
STRShared Taxi Rank
STRSoftware Testing Reporting
STRSynthetic Tandem Repeats
STRState Technology Representative
STRSEP This Routine
STRState Transportation Requests
STRSDH Transmitter Receiver
STRSør Trøndelag Regiment
STRSpace Transportation Research
STRSystem Table Registers
STRspeed trends racing
STRSubsurface Temperature Recorders
STRSyndicates of Rural
STRSatpura Tiger Reserve
STRscientific technology revolution
STRST-segment resolution
STRstate tax revenue
STRStudio Tom Real
STRSingle Token Ring
STRSmall Turbomachinery Research
STRSoft Tissue Relaxation
STRSony Tough Receiver
STRSpace Test Range
STRSeparate Track and illuminating Radar
STRSimple Tandemly Repeated
STRSocks That Rock
STRSouth Texas Rangers
STRSpace Telecommunications and Radioscience
STRStandardized Transplant Ratios
STRSurface warfare Trainer Review board
STRSystem Tech Racing
STRSystemic Treatment Record
STRSanteria the Religion
STRSignalling Terminal Remote
STRSpace Time and Relativity

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Note: Acronym Finder has 97 verified definitions for STR

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