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What does STARS stand for?

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STARSStreamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services
STARSSoftware Technology for Adaptable, Reliable systems
STARSState of Texas Assistance and Referral System
STARSStudents Taking A Right Stand
STARSSisters Together Assisting Rape Survivors
STARSSurveillance and Target Attack Radar System
STARSStart Taking Alcohol Risks Seriously
STARSStudent Analysis and Reporting System
STARSSports Trading and Residential Services
STARSStudent Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship
STARSSeattle Textile and Rug Society
STARSscience technology and research scholars
STARSSouthern Touring Asphalt Racing Series
STARSSummer Training Academy for Research in the Sciences
STARSSpace Technology and Research Students
STARSShock Trauma Air Rescue Service
STARSSharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section
STARSStudents Teaching and Respecting Sexuality
STARSStudents of Theology and Religious Studies
STARSSouth Towns Amateur Radio Society
STARSStudent Teacher Accountability Reporting System
STARSStarwood Technology and Revenue Systems
STARSStatewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System
STARSStrategic Teaming and Resource Sharing
STARSSustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills
STARSStore Tracking and Redemption System
STARSSpatial Technologies and Remote Sensing
STARSSpanish Tutorial and Review Site
STARSScience Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern
STARSSeniors Taking Active Roles in Society
STARSStudent Achievement in Research and Scholarship
STARSState Training Accountability and Reporting System
STARSSpace Time Analysis of Regional Systems
STARSStudy and Teaching of at Risk Students
STARSStrategically Tuned Absolutely Resilient Structures
STARSStriving to Achieve Reading Success
STARSSeismic Telescope for Astrophysical Research from Space
STARSScience Technology and Research Students
STARSStudent Transition and Retention Services
STARSSandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School
STARSSouthern Tier Alcoholism Rehabilitation Service
STARSSt Thomas' Atherosclerosis Regression Study
STARSSpecial Transport and Ramp Services
STARSSuburban Technical Amateur Radio System
STARSStudents Taking an Active Role in Society
STARSScientific Technical Administrative and Research
STARSSport Trading and Residential Services
STARSSports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services
STARSSouthern Tier Astronomy Recreation Society
STARSStanford Training and Registration System
STARSSeeking Techniques Advancing Research in Shunts
STARSSubstance Treatment and Research Service
STARSScholarship Tuition for at Risk Students
STARSSTent Anti-thrombotic Regimen Study
STARSStatin Treatment Against Recurrent Stroke
STARSStudents Targeted for Achievement Recognition and Success
STARSState Titling and Registration System
STARSStudent Talented Athlete Recognition Scheme
STARSShoreside Travel and Reservations Service
STARSSafe Tractor Assessment Rating System
STARSSurflight Theatre Arts Resource School
STARsService Teams with Appropriate Resources
STARSStandard Treatment with Alteplase to Reverse Stroke
STARSSuperior Technology Advancement of Rural Students
STARSState Training and Registration System
STARSStudents That Action Reconciliation Seriously
STARSSurveillance Targeting Attack Radar System
STARSState Tax Automated Research System
STARSSave the Animals Rescue Society
STARSScottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services
STARSSuperhighways Teams Across Rural Schools
STARSSimplified and Transparent Administration of Registration
STARSSkills Training and Resource Service
STARSSpecial Tactics and Rescue Specialists
STARSSuccess Through Academic and Recreational Support
STARSSocial Therapeutic and Recreational Services
STARSService Tracking and Reporting System
STARSStudents and Technology in Academia Research and Service
STARSs Team of Active Retired Seniors
STARSSheltering Tree Animal Rescue Society
STARSStudents Taking A Right Step
STARSState Traffic and Report Statistics
STARSStudent Telephone Access Response System
STARSSatellite Transponder Availability Reservation System
STARSSchool Threat Assessment Response System
STARSSouthern Trans Am Regionals Show
STARSStudents Taking Action for Respect
STARSSeaside Tsunami Amateur Radio Society
STARSSharing Transracial Adoption Resources and Support
STARSStandards Training Assistance Resources and Support
STARSSpeakers Tutors Achievement Retention Success
STARSSubmission Tracking and Reporting System
STARSSubmission Tracking and Review System
STARSScience Technology and Rural Students
STARSSimple Transmission and Retrieval System
STARSSingapore Titles Automated Registration System
STARSSit Together and Read Stories
STARSState Traffic Accident Report System
STARSStudents Able to Resolve Situations
STARSSurveillance Target Acquisition Radar System
STARSShort Track Auto Racing Series
STARSSolar Technology and Rock Songs
STARSSpecialist Timeshare Accommodations Rental Service
STARSSpeech Text Archival and Retrieval System
STARSStudents That Are Recognized for Service
STARSStudies Tests and Applied Research
STARSShih Tzu Adoption and Rescue Society
STARSSoftware Technology for Adaptable and Reliable Systems
STARSStatewide Temporary Assistance Responsibility System
STARSSystem to Achieve Results for Students
STARSSaving the Arts Raises Standards
STARSStandard Terminal Automated Replacement System
STARSSupport of the Amateur Radio Service
STARSSupport to the Amateur Radio Serivce
STARSScience and Technology for Applied Remote Sensing
STARSStandard Terminal Area Radar System
STARSState of Tennessee Accounting and Reporting System
STARSSummer Training Among Research Scientists
STARSSystem for Tracking Administrative Records for Students
STARSStatewide Transfer Articulation Reporting System
STARSSuccess Through Adaptive Recreation and Sports
STARSSatellite Technician and Retailer Society
STARSStore Tracking and Redemption Subsystem
STARSStudents Teachers and Relationship Support
STARSSuccess to at Risk Students
STARSSummons Tracking and Accounts Receivable System
STARSSupport Therapeutic Activities and Respite
STARSSurvey Tabulations and Research Systems
STARSSurveys Through Aerospace Remote Sensing
STARSSustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System
STARSSyracuse Thunderbirds Aero Radio Society
STARSScience and Technology Academicians on the Road to Success
STARSScience Technology Aerospace and Rocketry Society
STARSSouthern Tier Addiction Rehabilitation Services
STARSState of the Art Research Symposium
STARSState Truck Activities Reporting System
STARSStatewide Training and Resource System
STARSStudents and Tutors Achieving Real Success
STARSStudents Taking Academic Responsibility Seriously
STARSSupporting Tourism and Rural Success
STARSScience and Technology Academic Recognition System
STARSSouthern Tier Aero Radio Society
STARSStandardized Test Analysis and Research System
STARSState Transition and Reintegration System
STARSStatistical Tracking Analysis and Reporting System
STARSStudent Targeted Aspiration Raising Scheme
STARSStudents Taking Action to Reach Success
STARSStudents Technology in Academia Research Service
STARSSupported Tenancy and Resettlement Service
STARSSurveillance Target and Attack Radar System
STARSScience and Theology Advanced Research Series
STARSsoutheast texas academic recovery school
STARSStrategies to Achieve Reading Success
STARSStudy on Teaching About Religion in the Schools
STARSSupport Tracking Accounting and Reporting System
STARSSupport Tracking and Reporting System
STARSSupport Transportation and Resource Services
STARSSavvysoft Trading and Risk System
STARSScience Training Actively Reaches Students
STARSSequence Typing Analysis and Retrieval System
STARSSeriously Talking About Responsible Sex
STARSSoftware Tracking and Reporting System
STARSSouth Texas Amateur Repeater Society
STARSSpace Technology Applications and Requirements Support
STARSStatewide Truck Activity Reporting System
STARSSystematic Training for Autism Researchers and School
STARSScholarly Talk About Research Series
STARSScience Talents Abilities to Recognize Students
STARSSociety Towards Accessible Recreation and Sport
STARSStreambank Tailings and Revegetation Studies
STARSStudent Tracking Advising Retention System
STARSStudent Transition Advising Retention System
STARSSub Tropical Agricultural Research Station
STARSSurveillance Targeting and Attack Radar System
STARSScience Technology and Academic Readiness for Space
STARSServicer Tracking and Reporting System
STARSSmall Town Amateur Radio Service
STARSSmithsonian Tracking Applicant Referral System
STARSSoftware Technology Adaptable Reliable Systems
STARSSoftware Technology for Adaptable Reliable Software
STARSSouth Texas Astronomy Research Society
STARSSouth Trenton Area Residents Society
STARSSpills Technology and Remediation Series
STARSStaff Talent and Role Sharing
STARSState of Texas Alternatives to Restraint and Seclusion
STARSStatewide Training and Regional Supports
STARSStatewide Training and Registration System
STARSStrategies to Accelerate Reading Success
STARSStriving to Achieve Real Significance
STARSStudent Technology Administration Resource System
STARSStudents Taking A Real Stand
STARSSuccess Training and Retention Services
STARSSurveillance Tracking and Reconnaissance System
STARSScience and Technology Awards and Recognition System
STARSSingle Trip Application and Routing System
STARSSistem Talian Aduan Rakyat Selangor
STARSspeedy transfer and realisation services
STARSSpringfield Telescope and Reflector Society
STARSStatewide Technical Assistance Resource System
STARSStudent Transcript Administration and Record System

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Note: Acronym Finder has 67 verified definitions for STARS

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