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What does SSR stand for?

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SSRSelf Sufficiency Ratio
SSRSocial Security Ruling
SSRService and Support
SSRStephen S Research
SSRSurround Sound Receiver
SSRSelf Selected Reading
SSRSums of Squares
SSRSmith Seckman Reid
SSRSum of Squared Residuals
SSRSouthern Siberian Rescue
SSRSubsurface Science Research
SSRSocial Security Reform
SSRStart Stop Records
SSRSub Surface Radar
SSRStrategic Social Responsibility
SSRSympathetic Skin Responses
SSRSub Sea Research
SSRSerious Suicide Risk
SSRSeed Sector Review
SSRSocial Science Research
SSRSirius Satellite Radio
SSRSliding Scale Regular
SSRSmart Switch Router
SSRStock Service Revolver
SSRSmooth Segment Ring
SSRSympathetic Skin Response
SSRSupplemental Security Record
SSRSociety for Scriptural Reasoning
SSRStudents of Rice
SSRSuper Swamper Radial
SSRsuper street racing
SSRSweet Sweet Ride
SSRSuper Sheep Racing
SSRSoul Sanctuary Radio
SSRSolid State Racing
SSRSchedule Summary Report
SSRSocietas Studiosorum Reformatorum
SSRSum of Square Residuals
SSRSecrets of the Sisar Run
SSRSIP Signaling Router
SSRStichting Studiecentrum Rechtspleging
SSRSurface to Surface
SSRscience screen report
SSRStandard Schedule of Rates
SSRSolid State Recorders
SSRSclerotinia Stem Rot
SSRSignal Stability Routing
SSRSingle State Registration
SSRScience Software Requirements
SSRselective serotonin reuptake
SSRService Specific Review
SSRStrategies for Successful Research
SSRSenior Six Registry
SSRSolar System Research
SSRSmart Start Rowan
SSRSouth Side Riders
SSRSystem Service Request
SSRStandard Speed Rail
SSRsteady state response
SSRSpecific Sentence Reports
SSRSeries of Super
SSRSociety for Spiritual Regression
SSRSpeech to Speech Relay
SSRSum of the Squared Residuals
SSRSouthern Shorthaul Railroad
SSRSpread Spectrum Radio
SSRSRAP Sequence Related
SSRStudent Staff Ratio
SSRsuggested state regulation
SSRSolid State Reaction
SSRsecondary surveillance radars
SSRSociety for Social Reform
SSRSotoyome Santa Rosa
SSRSpecial Service Requests
SSRSystem Support Representatives
SSRSystem Status Report
SSRSouthern Star Realty
SSRsterling silver raw
SSRSpace Station Raven
SSRStudies of Reading
SSRSexy Stones Records
SSRShallow Shad Rap
SSRStandard Spectral Ratio
SSRStichting Steun Remigranten
SSRSingapore Society of Radiographers
SSRStart Stop Restart
SSRSingle Sequence Repeats
SSRShoreline Situation Reports
SSRSub Sub Recipient
SSRSuper Self Refresh
SSRSteady State Responses
SSRState of Science Review
SSRSlim Slime Robot
SSRStaff Student Ratio
SSRSingapore Straits Regatta
SSRSouth Saskatchewan River
SSRSpiked Sample Result
SSRShort Sequence Repeats
SSRSupply Support Requests
SSRSwiss Society of Radiology
SSRSouthern Star Resources
SSRStudent Social Responsibility
SSRanti-succinic semialdehyde reductase
SSRcell-specific sequence region
SSRsebum secretion rate
SSRsebum secretion rates
SSRsecond set rejection
SSRSelective Silane Removal
SSRselective suture release
SSRShaded surface reconstruction
SSRshifted, subtracted Raman
SSRshort-sequence recombination
SSRsignal sequence receptor
SSRsignal-sequence receptor
SSRsignal/spurios signal ratio
SSRsimple-sequence repeat
SSRsimulated solar radiation
SSRsingle sequencing reaction
SSRsite-specific recombination
SSRSix somatostatin receptor
SSRskeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum
SSRskin sympathetic response
SSRsmooth silicone rubber
SSRsolar simulated radiation
SSRsolar simulating radiation
SSRsolar--simulated radiation
SSRsolar-simulated radiation
SSRsolar-simulating radiation
SSRSolubilized sarcoplasmic reticulum
SSRsomatic symptom reporting
SSRsomatostatin secretion rate
SSRspecific splenic resistance
SSRsphincter saving resection
SSRSphincter saving resections
SSRsphincter-saving resection
SSRsphincter-saving resections
SSRspinal stretch reflex
SSRspinal stretch reflexes
SSRspinal sympathetic reflex
SSRSplenic Spontaneous Rupture
SSRSpontaneous splenic rupture
SSRstable sinus rhythm
SSRstainless steel ring
SSRStanding Supplementary Regulations
SSRstarvation survival response
SSRstarvation-stress response
SSRsteady-state recycling
SSRsteady-state rest
SSRsteady-state rhythm
SSRsteroid start rate
SSRsting systemic reaction
SSRStress Symptom Ratings
SSRSuccinic semialdehyde reductase
SSRSudomotor skin response
SSRsupplemental sodium regimen
SSRsuprathreshold stochastic resonance
SSRsurface scanning resistance
SSRsurgical speech rehabilitation
SSRSweat secretion rate
SSRSympathetic skin reflex
SSRsympathetic sudomotor response
SSRsynthetic serum replacement
SSRSymposium on Software Reuse
SSRSystem or Software
SSRSymp Software Reusability
SSRSignals Systems and Radiocommunications
SSRScottish Skiff Racing
SSRSeasonal Severity Rating
SSRStatement of Service Requirements
SSRSame Sex Relationships
SSRSoftware Science Requirements
SSRSchlumberger Stavanger Research
SSRSilver Standard Resources
SSRsound system rentals
SSRScalable Sample Rate
SSRSenders, Signals, and Receivers
SSRserum-responsive region
SSRShort-sequence DNA repeat
SSRsignal sequence receptor protein
SSRskeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum
SSRskin resistance response
SSRslow-stream-rehabilitation patients
SSRsolar-simulating UV radiation
SSRSomatostatin and SS receptor
SSRsteroid-resistant rejection
SSRStimulus specific response patterns
SSRsympathetic skin response test
SSRSenior Safety Review
SSRScientific Studies of Reading
SSRStatus of the Shore
SSRSystem Support Record
SSRSOUSY Svalbard Radar
SSRSuper Sports Roadster
SSRSustain Silent Reading
SSRSynchronous Set Reset
SSRset of simple sequence repeat
SSRSold State Relay

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Note: Acronym Finder has 138 verified definitions for SSR

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