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What does SNAP stand for?

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SNAPSpecial Needs Assistance Program
SNAPScalable Network Application Package
SNAPSpecial Needs Adoptive Parents
SNAPSignificant New Alternatives Program
SNAPSimplified Network Application Process
SNAPSentinel Nutrition Assessment Program
SNAPSpokane Neighborhood Action Program
SNAPSpokane Neighborhood Action Programs
SNAPSpecial Needs and Parents
SNAPSafety Net Association of Pennsylvania
SNAPSensory Nerve Action Potentials
SNAPSierra North Arts Project
SNAPScottish Needs Assessment Programme
SNAPSatellite Navigation and Positioning
SNAPSmoking Nutrition Alcohol Physical
SNAPSpecial Needs Advisory Project
SNAPSelected Nomenclature for Air Pollution
SNAPSchool Nurses and Practitioners
SNAPSolano Napa And Partners
SNAPStudent Nurses Association of Pennsylvania
SNAPSecondary Numeracy Assessment Program
SNAPSmoking Nicotine and Pregnancy
SNAPSociety of National Association Publishers
SNAPSpecial Needs Advocates for Parents
SNAPSymbolic Numeric Algebra for Polynomials
SNAPSpecial Needs Aquatic Program
SNAPSierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership
SNAPState Nutrition Action Plan
SNAPStreamlined Noncompeting Award Process
SNAPSistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas
SNAPSudan National Aids Programme
SNAPSpay Neuter All Pets
SNAPState Nutrition Action Plans
SNAPSub Network Attachment Point
SNAPSpay Neuter Action Project
SNAPStrategic Neighborhood Action Plan
SNAPSpecifications for Newsprint Advertising Production
SNAPSociety of Northern Alberta Print
SNAPStanford Nutrition Action Program
SNAPSocial Network Application Platforms
SNAPStudent Neighborhood Access Program
SNAPShort Neuropsychological Assessment Procedure
SNAPScottish Network for Able Pupils
SNAPscottish national angling programme
SNAPStudent Network Access Project
SNAPSurvey of Needs and Provision
SNAPSimple Network Application Platform
SNAPSuper Nova Acceleration Probe
SNAPSignificant New Alternative Policy
SNAPspecial needs assessment program
SNAPSmoking Nutrition Alcohol and Physical
SNAPStrengthening Native American Philanthropy
SNAPSafe Neighborhood Action Plan
SNAPSpecial Needs Activity Program
SNAPService Network Access Point
SNAPSimplified Network Application Processing
SNAPStrengthening Nonprofit Advocacy Project
SNAPSafe Neighborhood Awareness Program
SNAPSchedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality
SNAPState Non Arbitrage Program
SNAPScenarios Network for Alaska Planning
SNAPSpecial Needs Athletic Program
SNAPSafety and Noise as Airport Problems
SNAPSwaziland National AIDS Programme
SNAPSupport Needs Assessment Profile
SNAPnitric oxide donor S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine
SNAPNSF)/soluble NSF attachment protein
SNAPsciatic nerve action potential
SNAPsoluble NSF attachment proteins
SNAPstage-specific-neurite-associated proteins
SNAPStatewide Needs Assessment Program
SNAPSuccessful Negotiation Acting Positively
SNAPSwanson, Nolan, and Pelham
SNAPSwanson, Noland, and Pelham
SNAPsynthetic nucleic acid probe
SNAPtrans-soluble NSF attachment protein
SNAPStudent Neighborhood Assistance Program
SNAPSpecial Needs Agency Partnership
SNAPSocial Needs Awareness Project
SNAPStrategic Neighborhood Action Partnership
SNAPScheduling and Network Analysis Program
SNAPSubNetwork Access Protocol (Internet)
SNAPalpha-synaptosome-associated protein
SNAPN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor (NSF)-attachment protein
SNAPSchool of Nursing Admissions Program
SNAPScore of Neonatal Acute Physiology
SNAPstudent nurse appraisal of placement
SNAPSub- and Non-Acute Patient
SNAPState Nutrition Assistance Program
SNAPStrategic Nvidia AMD Partnership
SNAPSchool Nutrition Accountability Program
SNAPSudan National AIDS Program
SNAPSystem for Navigating Alphabetized Posts
SNAPStudent Night Assistance Patrol
SNAPSunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepare
SNAPS -nitroso- N -acetyl-penicillamine
SNAPS-nitroso N-acetyl penicillamine
SNAPS-nitroso-L-acetyl penicillamine
SNAPS-nitroso-N-acetoxy penicillamine
SNAPS-nitroso-N-acetyl pencillamine
SNAPS-nitroso-N-acetyl penicillamin
SNAPS-nitroso-N-acetyl penicillamine
SNAPSugar is Not a Poison
SNAPswitch nuclear A-site protein
SNAPSignificant New Alternative Program
SNAPSystem Network Architecture Protocol
SNAPSynonymous Nonsynonymous Analysis Program
SNAPStudent Needs Assessment Program
SNAPStudent Nurses Association of PA
SNAPSub Network Access Point
SNAPSystem for Nuclear Auxiliary Power
SNAPSpecial Needs Action Programme
SNAPSpecial Needs and Autism Project
SNAPN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion attachment protein
SNAPnitrosothiolsS-nitroso-N-acetyl penicillamine
SNAPSpecial Needs Advocacy Parents
SNAPSpecial Needs Advocacy Project
SNAPSt Neots Abuse Project
SNAPStatewide Network of Advertising in Pennsylvania
SNAPSeven Neighborhood Action Partnership
SNAPSpecial Needs Adult Program
SNAPStatewide Nursing Articulation Plan
SNAPSymbolic Nuclear Analysis Package
SNAPSpecial Needs Advisory Panel
SNAPstate nuclear advisory panel
SNAPSchools North Apprenticeship Program
SNAPspecial needs accommodation process
SNAPState and National Archival Partnership
SNAPSub-Acute and Non-Acute Patient
SNAPSurvey Network of Attitudes and Practice
SNAPSouthern Nevada Agency Partnership
SNAPSpay Neuter Aid Program
SNAPSub and Non Acute Patient
SNAPScalable Neurocomputer Array Processor
SNAPSane National Alcohol Policy
SNAPScottish Network for Access and Participation
SNAPSpecial Needs Aussie Placement
SNAPSafety Network for Accident Prevention
SNAPShipboard Nontactical Automated data Processing
SNAPSurrey Nanosatellite Applications Platform
SNAPmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein
SNAPmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment proteins
SNAPmalemide-sensitive factor attachment protein
SNAPN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein
SNAPN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attached protein
SNAPN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein
SNAPN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive-factor-attachment proteins
SNAPS-nitroso N-acetyl-DL-Penicillamine
SNAPS-nitroso, N-acetyl-DL-penicillamine
SNAPSkali Netpreneurs Acceleration Program
SNAPsodium nitroprusside and S-nitrosoacetylpenicillamine
SNAPSwedish National Air Pollution
SNAPStudent Nurse Association of Pennsylvania
SNAPShipboard Nontactical ADP Program
SNAPStrategic Nonprofit Alliance Partnership
SNAPSpay Neuter Action Program
SNAPSpecial Needs Advocacy Program
SNAPStrategic Neighborhood Action Plans
SNAPSystem Neutral Access Protocol
SNAPSignificant Noncompliance Action Program
SNAPSimulation Network Analysis Project
SNAPSpecial Needs Active Partnership
SNAPSwiss North American Properties
SNAPSpecial Needs Advancement Project
SNAPSuperfund NPL Assessment Program
SNAPSafety Net Antibiotic Prescription
SNAPServices Now for Adults Persons
SNAPSwitch Network Application Programming
SNAPdonor S-nitroso-N-acetyl-penicillamine
SNAPSociety of Northern Alberta Printmakers
SNAPSpecial Needs Access Program
SNAPSpecial Needs Awareness Project
SNAPStudent and Native American Partnerships
SNAPSafety Net Assistance Programs
SNAPScotland Needs Assessment Programme
SNAPService Needs Assessment Profile
SNAPSignificantly New Alternative Policy
SNAPStarter Network Adapter Product
SNAPSafe and Nimble Active Packets
SNAPSeeing Necessary Alternatives Photographically

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Note: Acronym Finder has 92 verified definitions for SNAP

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