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What does SMART stand for?

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SMARTState of Maine Animal Response Team
SMARTSupervision management and recidivist tracking
SMARTSkills Mastery and Resistance Training
SMARTSimulation and Modeling for Acquisition Requirements and Training
SMARTSentencing Monitoring Apprehending Registering and Tracking
SMARTStudies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching
SMARTSelf Monitoring and Reporting Technology
SMARTSmall Mission for Advanced Research in Technology
SMARTSheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time
SMARTSmall Missions for Advanced Research and Technology
SMARTStandardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions
SMARTSelf Monitoring and Reporting Tool
SMARTSimple Moral Accountable Responsive and Transparent
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time
SMARTSonoma Marin Area Rail Transit
SMARTSpecific Measurable Agreed Realistic and Time
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timebound
SMARTState of Massachusetts Animal Response Team
SMARTSensory Modality Assessment and Rehabilitation Technique
SMARTSurface Mount and Related Technologies
SMARTSchools Mentoring and Resource Team
SMARTsave money and reduce traffic
SMARTSummer Medical and Research Training
SMARTSailor Marine ACE Registry Transcript
SMARTScience Math and Relevant Technology
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timely
SMARTScalable Medical Alert and Response Technology
SMARTSystem Managed Audio Resource Technique
SMARTSummer Multicultural Access to Research Training
SMARTSikh Mediawatch and Resource Taskforce
SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time
SMARTSanta Monicans Allied for Responsible Tourism
SMARTShared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching
SMARTScience Mathematics and Research for Transformation
SMARTScience Media Arts and Technology
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely
SMARTSuspicious Mail Attachment Removal Technology
SMARTShape Memory Alloy Recoverable Technology
SMARTSimple Multi Attribute Rating Technique
SMARTSpecialized Medical Assistance Response Team
SMARTSocioeconomic Mapping and Resource Topography
SMARTSuburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transit
SMARTStudents Managing Anger and Resolution Together
SMARTStrategic Memory and Reasoning Training
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed
SMARTSoftware for Managing and Reporting
SMARTSuggestive Match and Research Technology
SMARTSafe Motherhood Act for Research and Treatment
SMARTSensible Management of Aquatic Resources Team
SMARTSan Marcos Area Recovery Team
SMARTSystem Monitoring and Reporting Tool
SMARTSalinas Monterey Agility Racing Team
SMARTSports Medicine and Related Topics
SMARTSustainable Minded Artists Recording Touring
SMARTStatistically Multiplexed Adaptive Routing Technique
SMARTStrengthening the Mid Atlantic Region for Tomorrow
SMARTStudents Modeling A Research Topic
SMARTScience and Math Achiever Teams
SMARTSolving Magnetospheric Acceleration Reconnection and Turbulence
SMARTSemiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies
SMARTSustainable Mobility Accessibility Research Transformation
SMARTStrategies for Management of Anti Retroviral Therapy
SMARTSpecial Monitoring of Applied Response Technologies
SMARTSemiconductor Manufacturing Alliance for Research and Training
SMARTSAAP Management and Reporting Tool
SMARTService Management and Resource Tracking
SMARTSave Money And Reduce Trash
SMARTStaffordshire Museums Activities and Resources for Teachers
SMARTScience Math and Related Technologies
SMARTshape-memory-, alloy-recoverable-technology
SMARTsomatic mutations and recombination test
SMARTSupervised Methadone and Resettlement Team
SMARTSystemic Mediator Associated Response Test
SMARTScheduling for Multimedia and Real Time
SMARTSelf Monitoring and Reporting Telephone
SMARTserial motion assessment by reference tracking
SMARTSimultaneous multislice acquisition using rosette trajectories
SMARTsomatic mutation and recombination genotoxicity test
SMARTStudy Management and Academic Results Test
SMARTScience and Math Access to Retain Talent
SMARTStress Management and Relaxation Technology
SMARTSubstance Misuse Arrest Referral Team
SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Trackable
SMARTSpecific Mandate Alternative Regulatory Test
SMARTSurvivable MApping Algorithm by Ring Trimming
SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely
SMARTSecond Manifestations of ARTerial disease
SMARTSensitive Membrane Antigen Rapid Test
SMARTService Migration and Reuse Technique
SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Rewarding and Timed
SMARTScience Math and Reading Tutoring
SMARTSubconscious Motivation and Accelerated Reprogramming Techniques
SMARTSuburban Maryland AIDS Reduction Team
SMARTSolar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope
SMARTSports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy
SMARTSummer Minority Access to Research Training
SMaRTSpliceosome-mediated RNA trans-splicing
SMARTSical Multimodal and Rail Transport
SMARTScience Math and Related Technology
SMARTStormwater Management and Restoration of Tributaries
SMARTSpecific Measurable Accurate Realistic and Time
SMARTSemi-autonomous Monitoring And Robotics Technology
SMARTSensible Multilateral American Response to Terrorism
SMARTSimulation Modeling for Acquisition Requirements and Training
SMARTSingapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
SMARTSpecific Measurable Appropriate Realistic Time
SMARTSt Martin Annual Regional Tradeshow
SMARTSubmission Management and Review Tracking
SMARTSarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy
SMARTSave Money and Reduce Toxics
SMARTSpecific Measurable Agreed Realistic Timed
SMARTSystem Model Acquisition from Requirements Text
SMARTSchool of Music and Recording Technology
SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timed
SMARTsupply and maintenance assessment and review team
SMARTSystem for the Mechanical Analysis and Retrieval of Text
SMARTSimple Moral Accountable Responsive Transparent
SMARTSpace- and Airborne Mined Area Reduction Tool
SMARTStress Management and Rehabilitative Training
SMARTStudent Media Awareness to Reduce Television
SMARTStudents of Missouri Assisting Rural Transportation
SMARTSequence Motif Analysis and Retrieval Tool
SMARTSystems Methodology Applied to Risk Termination
SMARTSomatic Mutation and Recombination Tests
SMARTSpecial Medical Agencies Response Teams
SMARTSteckel Mill Advanced Rolling Technology
SMARTSecure Mobile Antijam Reliable Tactical
SMARTSpecific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timed
SMARTScience Mathematics and Related Technology
SMARTSkilled Motorvehicle and Rider Training
SMARTScience and Mathematics Achievement Required for Tomorrow
SMARTSimulation and Modelling for Acquisition Rehearsal and Training
SMARTStandardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transition
SMARTSafe Mapping and Reporting Tool
SMARTSports Medicine and Reconditioning Therapy
SMARTStock Market Annual Reset Term
SMARTSanta Margarita Area Residents Together
SMARTSecurable Manageable Archivable Retrievable Transferable
SMARTSpecific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timetabled
SMARTSuburban Mobility Authority Regional Transportation
SMARTSchool Mediators Alternative Resolution Team
SMARTScience and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers
SMARTSecurely Managed and Reliable Technology
SMARTSustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies
SMARTSave Money and Reform Taxes
SMARTSeniors Medication Assessment Research Trial
SMARTSergeant Major of the Army Recruiting Team
SMARTSolution for MES Adaptable Replicable Technology
SMARTSpatial Mapping Academic Research Tools
SMARTStimulating Markets and Rural Transformation
SMARTStrengthening Minority Access to Research and Training
SMARTSales Marketing Administration Research Tracking
SMARTSaving Money and Resources Together
SMARTScience Math and the Right Technology
SMARTSecurities Markets Analysis Research and Trading
SMARTSimposio Mostra Anestesia Rianimazione Terapia
SMARTSave Money and Reward Thriftiness
SMARTSonoma Marin Area Rapid Transit
SMARTSpecific Measurable Acceptable Realistic Timely
SMARTSports Motion Analysis and Review Tool
SMARTStockton Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit
SMARTSupply Maintenance Aviation Reengineering Team
SMARTSmallpox Management and Response Team
SMARTSouthern Methodist Alcohol Research Trial
SMARTStop Motorcrime and Ring Today
SMARTStudent Money Advice Rights Team
SMARTSelective Model Accuracy Refinement Technology
SMARTSource Migration Analysis Reporting Toolset
SMARTState Municipal Advisory Reform Team
SMARTStudents Monitoring Aquatic Resources Together
SMARTSystems Management Advocacy and Resource Team
SMARTScientific Monitoring of Advanced Response Technologies
SMARTSilver Mountain Alpine Race Team
SMARTSpace Management and Recreational Travel
SMARTStudent Minority Advisory and Recruitment Team
SMARTSystem Management Analysis Reporting Tool
SMARTSemiconductor Manufacturing and Alternative and Renewable Technologies
SMARTSensory Motor Activated Response Timer
SMARTSentencing Monitoring Apprehension Registration and Tracking
SMARTSME Management Action for Results
SMARTSpectrum Management and Registration Technology
SMARTStop Measure Act Review and Train
SMARTScience Mathematics Applied Resources for Teachers
SMARTSeparately Managed Account Reserve Trust
SMARTShared Multimedia Access to Resources for Teaching
SMARTSpecific Measurable Accountable Responsive and Transparent
SMARTStatistical Modeling and Artificial Reasoning Technology
SMARTStrategic Management Assessment Review Tool
SMARTStretch Measurement to Assess Reinforcement Tension
SMARTStudents Managing Alcohol Risk at Tech
SMARTSubstance Misuse Advisory Regional Teams
SMARTSaskatchewan Market Assessment of Research and Technology
SMARTScholars Mobilized Against Repressive Times
SMARTScience Mathematics Achievement Required for Tomorrow
SMARTShip Manufacture Alliance Research and Technologies
SMARTSpecial Multimedia Arenas for Refining Thinking
SMARTStrategic Materiel Acquisition Request for Tender
SMARTStudent Mentor Academic Research Teams

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Note: Acronym Finder has 130 verified definitions for SMART

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