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What does SIT stand for?

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SITSprint Interval Training
SITSchool for Information Technology
SITS Intelligence Test
SITSupervisor in Training
SITShow Internet Time
SITSouthern Institute of Technology
SITServices of Two
SITScience and Information Technology
SITSchool Improvement Teams
SITSpecial Information Tones
SITSecure Information Technology
SITSouthland Institute of Technology
SITSlayers in Training
SITSystem Integrity Test
SITSystem Information Technology
SITStudent Intervention Team
SITSociety of Toxicology
SITSichere Informations Technologie
SITStrategic Implementation Team
SITSolar Integrated Technologies
SITSmell Identification Test
SITService in Italy
SITStudentersamfundets Interne Teater
SITShibaura Institute of Technology
SITSterile Insect Technology
SITStaff in Training
SITSecure Intermodal Transport
SITStructured Investment Trust
SITSpecial Investigating Team
SITSecretariat for Information Technology
SITsnapple iced tea
SITSystematic Inventive Thinking
SITStandard Installation Tool
SITServants in Training
SITSpace Infrared Telescope
SITStatewide Instructional Technology
SITSocial Implications of Technology
SITStrumento in Taratura
SITStandard International Trade
SITSuffolk Institute of Technology
SITSugar Investment Trust
SITSoftware Infrastructure Team
SITSystem Integration Testing
SITSurveyors in Training
SITSystems Integration Tests
SITSoldiers in Training
SITStudent Improvement Team
SITSiddaganga Institute of Technology
SITStructured Intermittent Therapy
SITScience Invention and Technology
SITSilicon Intensifier Target
SITSpatial Information Technology
SITSpecial Information Types
SITSchool of International Training
SITSequence and Impact
SITspecialita igienico terapeutiche
SITSilent Infarct Transfusion
SITSecurity Infrastructure Team
SITSafety Innovation Team
SITSecurity and Identification Technology
SITSpecialized Individual Treatment
SITStuffIT archive file
SITSeoul Institute for Transparency
SITService Improvement Team
SITSecure Internet Traffic
SITService Information Types
SITself induced transparency
SITStatic Induction Thyristor
SITSystem Integration and Test
SITSilicon Institute of Technology
SITStandard Inverse Time
SITSystems Integration Test
SITSquaxin Island Tribe
SITShonan Institute of Technology
SITStates and Indian Tribes
SITSocieta Italiana Tumori
SITspecial information type
SITSidewalk Initiative Team
SITSony IBM Toshiba
SITSerum Inhibitory Titer
SITsaline-irrigated tip
SITsecondary immune thrombocytopenia
SITselective intracoronary thrombolysis
SITSelf-Injury Trauma
SITSensory Integration Therapy
SITsensory integration treatment
SITsensory integrative therapy
SITSerum immunoreactive trypsin
SITSerum inhibitory test
SITshort-interval training
SITsilicone intensified tube
SITsmall intestinal transplantation
SITsmall intestinal tumors
SITsmall intestine transplantation
SITSocial Interaction Test
SITSpecific Immuno-Therapy
SITsperm immobilization technique
SITSperm immobilization test
SITsperm-immobilization test
SITspermatozoa immobilization test
SITSpin inversion transfer
SITspinal infusion test
SITstandard insulin therapy
SITstimulus-independent task
SITstructural information theory
SITsubacromial injection test
SITSuggested Immobilization Test
SITsuperselective intracoronary thrombolysis
SITSynchronous intensive treatment
SITSpecial Instructions to Tenderers
SITSpecific Interaction Theory
SITStress Inoculation Therapy
SITSethu Institute of Technology
SITServizio Italiano Taratura
SITSamfundets Interne Teater
SITselenium, insulin, and transferrin
SITshort-term intensive therapy
SITsilicon intensified target camera
SITSilicon Intensified Target" vidicon
SITsingle intradermal tuberculin test
SITallergen-specific immunotherapy
SITpollen-specific immunotherapy
SITSegnalazione Interessi Transfrontalieri
SITSportello Impresa in Trasformazione
SITSalazar Institute of Technology
SITService Integration Teams
SITSiddaganga Institutes of Technology
SITsmall intestinal allografts
SITSafety in Tunnels
SITStrain Induced Transformation
SITStudents Islamic Trust
SITSatellite Instructional Television
SITSystem Improvement Time
SITSindacati Indipendenti Ticinesi
SITSilicon Intensifier Tube
SITSistem Informasi Terpadu
SITSecure Image Transfer
SITScienza Industria Tecnologia
SITSouthern Iowa Trolley
SITSnel Interventie Team
SITSelection Information Table
SITService in the Tri
SITStructural Integrity Test
SITSelf Insurance Trust
SITSensory Integration Training
SITSequence Interpretation Tools
SITSistemi Integrati Termotecnici
SITSelf Ignition Temperature
SITSuperfund Innovative Technology
SITSexual Integrity for Teens
SITSamenwerkingsinitiatieven Inzake Thuisverzorging
SITStrings and in Tune
SITStandard Insurance Table
SITStudent Industry Teacher
SITSummer Institute on Teaching
SITSymposium on Informatics and Telecommunications
SITSystem Integration Tests
SITSuperintendence of Telecommunications
SITSatyam IdeaEDGE Technologies
SITSeiko Instrument Thailand
SITStatewide Interagency Team
SITSatellite Information Table
SITSingapore Institute of Taxation
SITSouth Injection Tunnel
SITStaffer in Training
SITSky Institute of Technology
SITStructure Index Tree
SITSeating Interior Themes
SITSeal Initiation Temperature
SITSecurities Investment Trusts
SITStaff Improvement Team
SITSustainability Initiatives Team
SITSystem Image Tape
SITSamenwerkings Initiatief Thuiszorg
SITSlossen Intelligence Test
SITSlovak International Tabak
SITSpecial Intervention Team
SITSpecialpedagogiska Institutet Tillsammans
SITSub Investigation Teams
SITScanner Interface Trace
SITScholar in Training
SITSession Index Table
SITShort Intensive Training
SITSidewall Image Transfer
SITSoftware Integration Testing
SITSolomon Is Tall
SITSolomon Is Time
SITStudent Independent Time
SITStudent Input Team
SITSuprathermal Ion Telescope
SITSolomon Island Tall
SITSolutions Internet Technilogic
SITSouthern Illinois Tourism
SITStudent Interactive Terminals
SITScholarship Item Type
SITScholastic Invitational Tournament
SITSelf Inflicted Trial
SITSociety of Industrial Tutors
SITState Interagency Team

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Note: Acronym Finder has 93 verified definitions for SIT

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