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What does SIP stand for?

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SIPStakeholder Involvement Plan
SIPSchool Improvement Planning
SIPSerial Inebriate Program
SIPService Improvement Projects
SIPserved its purpose
SIPSpecial Incentive Package
SIPStudy and Internship Program
SIPSession Initiated Protocol
SIPSeafood Inspection Program
SIPSystemu Informacji Przestrzennej
SIPSimplifying the Installation Process
SIPSystem Integration Phase
SIPSupport Is Provided
SIPSupport for IPv6
SIPStatements of Insolvency Practice
SIPSystemy Informacji Przestrzennej
SIPSustainability Indicators Project
SIPSales to Intoxicated Persons
SIPStudies in Place
SIPScheduled in Paris
SIPStandards Implementation Plan
SIPStrategic Internet Professional
SIPSoftware for Intellectual Property
SIPStewardship Incentive Program
SIPswisscash investment plan
SIPScience Investigatory Project
SIPSocial Integration Programme
SIPSoftphone IP Phone
SIPSafety Information Professionals
SIPSection on Page
SIPServices Implementation Project
SIPSession Inititation Protocol
SIPSolutions for IP
SIPStudent to Industry Program
SIPState Improvement Plan
SIPSession Initialization Protocol
SIPSterilisation in Place
SIPS Integration Plan
SIPSignal Improvement Project
SIPSeparated Ion Pairs
SIPSession Initiation Protocols
SIPSoftware IP PBX
SIPStudies of Permanent
SIPSaints in Praise
SIPSafety Improvement Programme
SIPStatement of Investment Principles
SIPSession Initiation Protokoll
SIPSeismic Improvement Program
SIPStrategic Industrial Projects
SIPStateful Inspection of Packets
SIPSupport for IP Phones
SIPSterilize in Place
SIPStepping in Poop
SIPSignal Image Processing
SIPSupplementary Ideographic Plane
SIPSession Initation Protocol
SIPStudents in Prevention
SIPSPA Interface Processors
SIPShare Incentive Plans
SIPSession Initial Protocol
SIPSchools Involvement Program
SIPsupplemental income protection
SIPSwiss Insurance Partners
SIPSouthside Industrial Park
SIPStructural Insulating Panels
SIPStewardship Incentives Program
SIPStrategic Industrial Partners
SIPState Improvement Project
SIPSector Investment Programs
SIPSchools Industry Partnership
SIPSchool Improvement Plan_mission
SIPSoftware Isolated Processes
SIPSelf Insurance Plans
SIPStandard IP Phones
SIPServices Is the Provider
SIPSession Internet Protocol
SIPShift the Processing
SIPServices Including Protocol
SIPSurat Ijin Praktek
SIPSpectral Induced Polarization
SIPSymposiums and Panel
SIPSteamed in Place
SIPSecurities Information Processor
SIPSupplemental Income Plan
SIPSoftware Input Panel
SIPSocial Innovation Park
SIPSession Initiate Protocol
SIPService Improvement Plan
SIPSleep Inducing Peptide
SIPSchool Is to Provide
SIPSingle Inline Pin
SIPSchool Integration Project
SIPSmallpox Immunization Plan
SIPServices from Performing
SIPSocietal Impacts Program
SIPStudent Information Portal
SIPSuicide Is Painless
SIPSchool Improvement Programme
SIPSocial Inclusion Panel
SIPService on Internet Please
SIPSystematic Investment Planning
SIPStatement on Interoperability
SIPSafety Integration Plan
SIPStructurally Insulated Panels
SIPSimplified Information Portal
SIPSymposium on Insect Plant
SIPSpanish International Press
SIPSenior Individualized Project
SIPSocial Inclusion Project
SIPSummer Intern Program
SIPSanitize in Place
SIPService Initiation Protocol
SIPSystem Information Protocol
SIPSaban International Paris
SIPSiah Interacting Protein
SIPsmart investment plan
SIPs improvement plan
SIPSystems Improvement Plan
SIPSystem Identification Profile
SIPSystem Installation Plan
SIPSpectral Induced Polarisation
SIPServices and Providers
SIPServices in Proceedings
SIPSoundLAB Interview Project
SIPSpecial Individualized Programs
SIPSelf Insurance Program
SIPStandard Information Package
SIPSource Investigation Project
SIPSpecial Improvement Project
SIPState Investment Project
SIPSociety of Iranian Professionals
SIPSpektrale Induzierte Polarisation
SIPSolutions and Panel
SIPSteam in Process
SIPSeverance Incentive Plan
SIPSociety of Iranian Painters
SIPService Integration Project
SIPServices and the IP
SIPSystems Integration Plus
SIPSouthern Industrialization Project
SIPSignal Improvement Program
SIPSubmission Information Packages
SIPSerious Injury Program
SIPSupplemental Income Payment
SIPServer or IP PBX
SIPSite Improvement Plan
SIPSmithsonian Institution Press
SIPScripts to Perform
SIPSingle Identifiable Property
SIPStrategic Investment Programme
SIPSafety Investment Program
SIPSector Investment Plan
SIPService Incentive Payment
SIPSociety of Psychology
SIPShare of Intake Panel
SIPSocial Investment Project
SIPSession Initiation Protocal
SIPSafeguard Iowa Partnership
SIPStandardized on IP
SIPService Incentive Payments
SIPSchedule Input Program
SIPSmilies Input Panel
SIPStandard IETF Protocols
SIPStrangers in Paradise
SIPSchool Information Partnership
SIPServer and IP PBX
SIPSomething in Parenthesis
SIPStudent Intern Program
SIPShop in the Pocket
SIPSky Image Processor
SIPSystemy Informatyki Przemyslowej
SIPSchool Improvement Partners
SIPStrategic Infrastructure Protection
SIPSafety Intelligence Program
SIPShelter Implementation Project
SIPSystem IP Phone
SIPStudent Information Plan
SIPServices IP PBX
SIPSingapore Institute of Planners
SIPSelf Initiated Program
SIPServices Ip Phone
SIPStockholm International Peace
SIPSecure voice Improvement Program
SIPSemiconductor Intellectual Properties
SIPSecurity Improvement Program
SIPSample Item Portion
SIPSistema de Informacion Para
SIPStudent Initiated Placement
SIPSafer Islington Partnership
SIPState Indicator Pilot
SIPSputter Ion Pump
SIPShip Improvement Plan
SIPScience Implementation Plan
SIPStrategic Industrial Partnership
SIPSystem Initialization Program
SIPStrategic Institute Program
SIPSupply IP Phone
SIPSystem Input Panel
SIPSwirl Injection Principle
SIPSlot Improvement Proposal

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Note: Acronym Finder has 184 verified definitions for SIP

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