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What does SF stand for?

Acronym Finder has 173 verified definitions for SF

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SFSoftware Forum
SFSign Up Form
SFSalient Features
SFStar Frontiers
SFSchool Finance
SFSmithsonian Folkways
SFStats Full
SFSteroidogenic Factor
SFSergeant First
SFSpecial Fund
SFStudio Film
SFsaturated fats
SFSite Facilities
SFSplit Fins
SFsupercritical fluid
SFSmall Floral
SFScholarship Foundation
SFSurfer Friendly
SFSinister Forces
SFStereo Future
SFSignal Finder
SFSupercritical fluids
SFSalt Fog Chambers
SFSystems Forum
SFSolar flux
SFSteel Flat
SFService Frank
SFSoluble Fraction
SFsubsurface flow
SFSafe Flight
SFStyle Fixed
SFSelective Factors
SFSummary Flag
SFShirley Foeller (Green Bay, WI)
SFSignaling Frequency
SFsocial financial
SFSneaker Factory
SFScience File
SFSmarter Faster
SFSilk Fabrics
SFStelio Frati
SFSpine Fracture
SFStock Form
SFStakeholders Forum
SFSeuss Fish
SFSelection Filter
SFSites Fantasy
SFStarting Forth
SFSociety for the Furtherance
SFSheep Fescue
SFSciFi a Fantasy
SFSmall Flows
SFSuper Falke
SFSecurity Feb
SFSolvay Fluorides
SFslope factors
SFSpiritual Food
SFseparatory funnel
SFsuper framing
SFSuper Freaks
SFStats First
SFStore Floor
SFScale Fitness
SFsocial functioning
SFsodium ferulate
SFsoluble fibrin
SFstone formers
SFSenior Friends
SFStarboard Forward
SFSaturation Factor
SFserum folate
Sfflotation rate
SFsilk fibroin
SFSupply Form
SFsylvian fissure
SFSpecialist Fire
SFspace flight
SFSheraton Ferncroft
SFstaff fellow
SFSurvivor Fever
SFsham feeding
SFskin fibroblasts
SFspatial frequency
SFSingle Feeder
SFSystem and Federal
SFshort-term fluctuation
SFshortening fraction
SFspotted fever
SFSteel Factor
SFsuppressor factors
SFSpecial Flights
SFSports Foreign
SFShip's Force
SFStore The Family
SFseizure free
SFSpy Ferret
SFsynovial fibroblasts
SFSan FranciscoB
SFSupervision Control Frequency
SFSands Fort
SFStable Foreign
SFState Francisco
SFSeminary Field
SFsexual function
SFSolaris Fundamentals
SFsoluble fiber
SFSS Fairway
SFSubcontractor Furnished
SFsurviving fraction
SFsustained field
SFsolicitation The first
SFSpm i fuld
SFspend filling
SFStatement and Federal
SFSubmarine France
SFSaloon Forum
SFShannon Finning
SFStarless Frontier
SFStoreFront Forums
SFSeptember FY
SFStart Fabrication
SFState Facilitator
SFsequence flasher
SFSee Farrow
SFSalvage Fuzed
SFShenandoah Front
SFSimulation for Flexible
SFsnout to fork
SFSparsity Functions
SFsupport by Form
SFSupport Freshwater
SFSurveillance Frequency
SFSnieszko and Fish
SFSpark Flashlamp
SFStandard Form1447
SFStatndard Form
SFstatus of funds
SFSummary of Federal

Note: Acronym Finder has 173 verified definitions for SF

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