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What does SET stand for?

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SETSolvated Electron Technology
SETStrategic Energy Technology
SETSingle Electron Transistors
SETSoftware Evaluation Tool
SETSensor Electronic Technology
SETSolar Energy Technology
SETSafety and Enforcement
SETSpoken English Test
SETScience Engineering Technologies
SETService Excellence Team
SETStructures and the Effect
SETStandard Ensures That
SETServices and Employment Training
SETSimulated Emergency Test
SETSouthern Entertainment Television
SETScience Engineering Team
SETSystems Engineering Technology
SETSearch for TIGER
SETSoftware Engineering Terminology
SETSony Entertainment TV
SETService for TYPE
SETsupportive expressive therapy
SETSeeing Ear Theatre
SETSocial Enterprise Team
SETSports Entertainment Television
SETSouth East Thames
SETSystems Engineering Team
SETself evaluation team
SETSempra Energy Trading
SETSchule Ethik Technologie
SETSalvador Eduardo Tropea
SETStock Exchange Thailand
SETSoftware in the Two
SETSecure Electronic Transmission
SETSocial Economic and Technology
SETStandards in Electronic
SETSoutheast European Times
SETStructure Enhanced Text
SETSocial Economy Team
SETSimple Energy Techniques
SETSmall Enterprises Technology
SETSupreme Electoral Tribunal
SETStandard Electronic Transactions
SETStructured Education and Training
SETSelective Enforcement Team
SETSingle Ended Triodes
SETSkills Evaluation Test
SETS Energy Trading
SETSports Events Tours
SETStrengths Engagement Track
SETSociety of Television
SETShortest Elapsed Time
SETSociety Ethics and Technology
SETSamsung Electronics Taiwan
SETSurface Enhancement Technologies
SETSmall Enterprise Technology
SETSenior Elite Team
SETSTONE an Exhibition
SETSurgical Education Training
SETSpecialist Engineering Team
SETSecure Electronic Trading
SETSecond Event Theory
SETSchool of Environmental Technology
SETSingle Event Transients
SETStatewide Education Technology
SETSolar Energie Technik
SETSkills and Employment Training
SETSports Education Trust
SETSurrogate Embryo Transfer
SETSecure Edge Technologies
SETSocial Enterprise Toolkit
SETSpecial Education Tribunal
SETSurface Engineering Treatment
SETSince the Timers
SETSymposium on Earth Tides
SETSection or Enter
SETSecured Electronic Transactions
SETStandard Entrance Test
SETSafety Environment and Training
SETSystemic Enzyme Therapy
SETSafety Engineering Tech
SETSociety for Environmental Toxicology
SETSpare the Environment
SETsoftwave engineering technology
SETStudents Expressing Truth
SETSecretaría de Estado de Turismo
SETSite Evaluation Tool
SETsociete environnement territoire
SETSpoken English Tests
SETSelbst Erhaltungs Therapie
SETSchool Effectiveness Team
SETSecure Environmental Treatment
SETSwedish Environmental Technology
SETSkills for Effective Teaching
SETSociety for the Eradication of Television
SETSharp Edge Technology
SETSeeking Enlightenment Through
SETSelf Esteem Tools
SETSpace Electronics and Telemetry
SETSouth East Trawl
SETScience Environment Technology
SETSALE in Edmonton
SETSelective Employment Tax
SETSolar Electric Technologies
SETScience Environment and Technology
SETSingle Engine Test
SETSalvador E Tropea
SETSpecial Education Technician
SETStructural Ecosystems Therapy
SETSection on Education Training
SETSecure Elecronic Transaction
SETScience Education and Technical
SETSelected Electronic Technologies
SETscuola e territorio
SETSediment Elevation Table
SETStrategic and Emerging Technologies
SETSurface Elevation Table
SETSubcommittee on Education and Training
SETService Education Team
SETSpace Environmental Test
SETSolar Eclipse Tours
SETStudent Empowerment Training
SETState Eligibility Test
SETSerial Endpoint Titration
SETsouth east telecasters
SETSensors and Electronics Technology
SETStrategic European Technologies
SETSavoy Educational Trust
SETSouth East Transit
SETStandard Effective Temperature
SETSoftware Efficiency Training
SETSediment Erosion Transport
SETStudent Evaluation of Teacher
SETStandards and Evaluation Team
SETSenior English Tests
SETStrategic Enterprise Technology
SETSurfaces Et Tribologie
SETseparate effects test
SETStrategic Economic Thinking
SETSized for Elementary
SETSony Entertainment Televison
SETService Empowerment Transformation
SETSymbiosis Entrance Test
SETServizio Emergenze Trasporti
SETStudent Enterprise Team
SETSystem Engineer Training
SETSecretariat of Transport
SETSteiner Elektronik Technologie
SETService Engineer Training
SETfunctions--Six Elements Tests
SETscalar expectancy theory
SETsebum excretion times
SETSegmentally enclosed thrombolysis
SETself-efficacy theory
SETsemi-elliptical torus
SETsequential electron transfer
SETserial endosymbiotic theory
SETShredding Embolectomy Thrombectomy
SETSignal Extraction Technology
SETsignal-exon trap
SETsimultaneous emission/transmission
SETsingle effective therapy
SETsinus escape time
SETskin expansion technique
SETSocial Effectiveness Therapy
SETsocial effectiveness training
SETstandard edgewise treatment
SETstandard educational tools
SETStandard exercise test
SETstandard exercise tests
SETstandardised exercise test
SETstandardised exercise tests
SETstandardized exercise test
SETstaphylococcal epidermolytic toxin
sETstaphylococcal exfoliative toxin
SETStatement Evaluation Test
SETstrenuous exercise training
SETSupporter Endurance Training
SETSurface epithelial tumours
SETsurgical embryo transfer
SETSWAT Einsatz Team
SETSystolic ejection time
SETSugar Efflux Transporter
SETSedimentation Erosion Table
SETsupplemental emission test
SETSilicone Exhaust Tube
SETSystem Evaluation Tool
SETsouthern express train
SETSustainable Education in the Tropics
SETServing East Tawas
SETSingle Exposure Technique
SETSheltered English Techniques
SETSidec Electron Tomography
SETSoftware 2 Extra
SETStock Exchange of Technologies
SETscore of embryo transfer
SETsimultaneous emission and transmission
SETSkill Evaluator and Trainer
SETskin end-point titration

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Note: Acronym Finder has 78 verified definitions for SET

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