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What does SER stand for?

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SERStealth Email Redirector
SERSpecial Early Retirement
SERSend Echo Reply
SERSociety of Ecological Restoration
SERSecretary for Education and Research
SERScience Education Review
SERSecretariat for Education and Research
SERSpanish Economic Review
SERSocio Economic Research
SERSupplier Evaluation Report
SERSites E Registro
SERSarcoplasmic Endoplasmic Reticulum
SERSurface Enhanced Raman
SERSouth East Region
SERSmall Engine Repair
SERShadow Exchange Rate
SERSurfaced Endoplasmic Reticulum
SERSignificant Event Reports
SERSingapore Economic Review
SERSoftware Engineering Research
SERSoft Error Rates
SERSpecial Entry Rate
SERStructural Engineers Registration
SERSolar Energy Research
SERStandard Environmental Reference
SERState Emergency Relief
SERStaffordshire Ecological Record
SERSequential Events Recorder
SERStrategic Environmental Review
SERScience Education Research
SERSecretarias Executivas Regionais
SERStandard Error of the Regression
SERSecretaria Executiva Regional
SERStandard Employment Relations
SERSenior Employment Resources
SERSystem and Recombinant
SERSelf Explaining Road
SERSociety of Rheumatology
SERSomato Emotional Release
SERSite Environmental Report
SERSurface Electrical Resistivity
SERStudents for Educational Rights
SERSingle Ended Radiant
SERStandard Errors R
SERSociety for Educational Reconstruction
SERSpecial Education Resources
SERScience Engineering Research
SERSubjective Experience and Research
SERSIP Exchange Router
SERSector Expenditure Review
SERSpontaneously Epileptic Rat
SERSuitability Evaluation Report
SERSignificant Emission Rates
SERSegment Error Rate
SERStudent Engagement Rate
SERSocial and Environmental Report
SERSouth Eastern Region
SERSensitizer Enhancement Ratio
SERSocial Enquiry Report
SERGolgi/smooth endoplasmic reticulum
SERsacral evoked response
SERsarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum
SERscan equalization radiography
SERScanning equalization radiography
SERsebum excretion rate
SERSebum excretion rates
SERsegmental early relaxation
SERsensitization enhancement ratio
SERsensitization enhancement ratios
SERsensitizer enhancement ration
SERSensitizer enhancement ratios
SERSensitizing Enhancement Ratio
SERsensitizing enhancement ratios
SERsensory evoked response
SERSequential Event Recorder
SERsevere energy restriction
SERsheep erythrocyte "receptors
SERsheep erythrocyte receptor
sERsheep erythrocyte rosette
SERsieve element reticulum
SERSignal Energy Ratio
SERSignal Energy Ration
SERsimulated energy rules
SERsingle early responders
SERSinglepore Erythrocyte Rigidometer
SERSinglepore Erythrocytes Rigidometer
SERskin-electric resistance
SERslow early response
SERsmooth endoplasmatic reticulum
SERsmooth endoplasmic reticula
SERsmooth endoplastic reticulum
SERsmooth-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum
SERsomatic evoked response
SERsomatosensory-evoked response
SERsomesthetic evoked response
SERspasmodic expiratory response
SERspectral energy ratios
SERspin-echo recovery
SERspinal evoked response
SERspontaneous episodic release
SERSpontaneously epileptic rats
SERstereotactic endoscopic removal
SERstimulation-evoked release
SERStokes-Einstein radius
SERstroma-epithelial ratio
SERsubband energy ratio
SERsubmicrovillar endoplasmic reticulum
SERsuperficial endoplasmic reticulum
SERsuppressive E-receptor
SERsurface electrode record
SERsurface endoplasmic reticulum
SERSurface-enhance Raman
SERsurfactant-enhanced remediation
SERsurgical emergency room
SERsystolic ejection rate
SERSomatosensory Evoked Responses
SERSkills Ethics and Research
SERSlip Energy Recovery
sersmooth-surface endoplasmic reticulum
SERsocial ethical responsibility
SERradiosensitizing enhancement ratio
SERsarcoplasmic and endoplasmic reticulum
SERsingle-pore erythrocyte rigidometer
SERspherical equivalent refractive error
SERspliced-exon-reopening" reaction
SERStandard Element Reference
SERSouth East Railway
SERSelf Evaluation Reports
SERsmooth-surfacedendoplasmic reticulum
SERsuppressive E receptor factor
SERsuppressive E-receptor factor
SERSearch Engine Resources
SERState for Education and Research
SERSubcommittee on Employee Relations
SERS E Renfrewshire
SERMISO enhancement ratio
SERSequel E Routers
SERSenior Executive Responsible
SERSubpixel Event Repositioning
SERSuzuki European Renaissance
SERStable Element Reference
SERSouth Eastern Rly
SERSearch Engine Register
SERSummary Earnings Record
SERSystems Engineering Research
SERsafety evaluation reports
SERSemester Enrollment Report
SERSummer Event Rally
SERSurface Entropy Reduction
SERSequence of Event Recorders
SERSurface Equivalent Radar
SERSolvent Extraction Reagent
SERScience Education Resources
SERSingle End Recuperative
SERSignificant Event Report
SERSuperficie Equivalente Radar
SERScottish Economic Research
SERSimplified Electronic Returns
SERSoil Ecology and Restoration
SERSpecialist Electronics Recyclers
SERStudent Educator Ratio
SERSynode Evangelisch Reformierter
SERSample Evaluation Report
SERSign Error Rate
SERSocio Economic Report
SERStudents for Education Reform
SERSyncrude Emissions Reduction
SERSystem Enhancement Release
SERSandia Engineering Reactor
SERSearch Engine Rash
SERSequence Event Recorder
SERSilver Eagle Resources
SERSite of the Environmental
SERSustainable Energy Resources
SERSearch Engines Register
SERSirius Emission Reducer
SERState Environmental Regulations
SERSteam Enhanced Remediation
SERSystem Engineering Revitalization
SERSystems Engineering Review
SERScientific Engineering and Research
SERScientific Engineering Research
SERScottish Economic Report
SERSignal Equipment Rooms
SERSoftware Enhancement Request
SERSummary Evaluation Report
SERSoftware Engineering and Related
SERSpecies Environment Relations
SERSyllable Error Rate
SERSistema Epidemiologico Regione
SERsampling episode reports
SERSegment Error Ratio
SERSpace Emergency Rescue
SERSporadic Exertional Rhabdomyolosys
SERStop End of Runway
SERSymbiosis Essence Rejuvenation
SERselected for early retirement

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Note: Acronym Finder has 78 verified definitions for SER

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