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What does SEED stand for?

Acronym Finder has 26 verified definitions for SEED

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SEEDSolidarity Equality Environment and Development
SEEDSupporting Employment and Economic Development
SEEDSustainable Energy Economic Development
SEEDSustainable Energy and Economic Development
SEEDSustainable Economic and Environmental Development
SEEDSustainable Energy and Environment Division
SEEDSocio Economic and Educational Development
SEEDSocial Economic and Environmental Development
SEEDSperm Egg and Embryo Donation
SEEDSeeking Educational Equity and Diversity
SEEdScience and Environmental Education
SEEDSkills and Environmental Education
SEEDStudent Experiment in Ecological Design
SEEDSpreading Educator to Educator
SEEDSupport for Eastern European Democracy
SEEDSpreading Educator to Educator Developments
SEEDSmart Environmental Efforts in DUMBO
SEEDStudents for the Exploration and Development
SEEDSupporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development
SEEDSocial Economic Environmental Design
SEEDSustainable Ecological Economic Development
SEEDSharing Experience in Engineering Design
SEEDStudent Equity Excellence and Diversity
SEEDS Environmental Enforcement Division
SEEDStudents for Environmental Education
SEEDScience Education Enhancement and Development
SEEDSouth Eastern Economic Development
SEEDStrategic Evolution of ESE Data
SEEDSupport to Economic Expansion and Diversification
SEEDStudents Expressing Environmental Dedication
SEEDSchools for Educational Evolution and Development
SEEDSpace Environment Exposure Device
SEEDStudents Eliminating Environmental Destruction
SEEDSustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics
SEEDSustainability Education and Ecological Design
SEEDState Energy Efficiency Design
SEEDSustainable Equitable Economic Development
SEEDScience and Ecology of Early Development
SEEDShelf Energetics and Exchange Dynamics
SEEDSocial Enterprise Economic Development
SEEDSaving for Education Entrepreneurship and Downpayment
SEEDStudents Engaged in Eco Defense
SEEDSupported Employment Education Designs
SEEDSocial Economical and Environmental Developers
SEEDSchool Environmental Education Docents
SEEDSociety for Environment Education
SEEDSouth East Economic Development
SEEDSustainable Energy Environment and Development
SEEDStudent Excellence Equals Degree
SEEDSustainable Environments and Ecological Design
SEEDSafety Evaluation of Existing Dams
SEEDSchool for Experiential Education
SEEDSouth East Effective Development
SEEDScience and Education for Economic Development
SEEDSocial Equity in Environmental Decisions
SEEDServices to Enhance Early Development
SEEDStudents Educating and Empowering for Diversity
SEEDState Education Enterprising Department
SEEDScience for Early Educational Development
SEEDSupport Employment and Economic Development
SEEDSpecial Elementary Education for the Disadvantaged
SEEDSeacoast Energy and Environmental Design
SEEDSocial Economy Enterprise Development
SEEDSun Engineering Enrichment Development
SEEDSchlumberger Excellence in Education Development
SEEDSustainable Energy for Environment and Development
SEEDSmall Economic Enterprise Development
SEEDStudents for Education Empowerment and Development
SEEDSociety for Education and Economic Development
SEEDSelf Empowerment Every Day
SEEDSahara Environment Excellence Destination
SEEDSouth Eastern European Digital
SEEDSchools Environmental Education Development
SEEDSchools Environmental Education and Development
SEEDSeminal emission from the ejaculatory duct
SEEDSpirit of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
SEEDSouth and East European Development
SEEDSystem of Exchange of Excise Data
SEEDSecuring the Environment for Economic Development
SEEDSociety for Environmental Economic Development
SEEDSouth Elgin Economic Development
SEEDSouthern Empowerment and Economic Development
SEEDState Energy Efficient Design
SEEDSystems Engineering Education Development
SEEDSmall Enterprise Economic Development
SEEDSupport for Eastern European Democracies
SEEDSavings for Education Entrepreneurship and Downpayment
SEEDStrategic Examples of Excellence in Diversity
SEEDSupplementary Emergency Egress Device
SEEDSchool Energy Efficiency Development
SEEDSoftware Engineering Expert Discussions
SEEDSolidarity Equality Environment Development
SEEDSolutions for Economic Empowerment and Dignity
SEEDSummer Engineering Experience at Drexel
SEEDSolidarity Equality Environment Diversity
SEEDSun Engineering Enrichment and Development
SEEDSouth East Enterprise Development
SEEDSelf Electrooptic Effect Devices
SEEDScience Education and Employment Development
SEEDScience Education Enrichment Day
SEEDSticky Economy Evaluation Device
SEEDSummer Environmental Education Days
SEEDSociety of Ethiopians Established in Diaspora
SEEDStudent Education Enrichment and Development
SEEdSupporting Equity in Education
SEEDSystems Engineering Educational Discovery
SEEDScience Engineering Education Division
SEEDSelf Employment and Entrepreneurship Development
SEEDSequential Exploratory Experimental Design
SEEDSystem for Early Education Development
SEEDSeeking Excellence in Educational Development
SEEDSimulating and Exploring Ecosystem Dynamics
SEEDSustainable Economic Empowerment and Development
SEEDStudents at Evergreen for Ecological Design
SEEDSustainable Environment Engineered Design
SEEDSaturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery
SEEDSeeking Education Equity and Diversity
SEEDSoutheast European Enterprise Development
SEEDStudent Excellence Equity and Diversity
SEEDSelf Employment Exploration Development
SEEDSelf Evaluation for Effective Decision
SEEDSeminar in Secondary Education
SEEDServing Equipping Encouraging Discipling
SEEDStart Easy Eagle Development
SEEDStudents for the Earth and Environment at Davis
SEEDSupplier Education and Economic Development
SEEDSustainable Energy Environmental Demand
SEEDSelf Employment and Economic Development
SEEDShrimp Explosive Epidermic Disease
SEEDSociety for Education Empowerment and Development
SEEDSouth Europe Enterprise Development
SEEDSupport for Economic Expansion and Diversification
SEEDSweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development
SEEDSanitary Environmental Engineering Division
SEEDScience Education and Economic Development
SEEDSocial Enterprise and Employment Development
SEEDSocial Equilibrium and Economic Decisions
SEEDSystematic Efforts for Enhanced Development
SEEDS English Educational Database
SEEDSingapore Epidemiology of Eye Disease
SEEDSupporting Employment and Educational Development
SEEDSynagogue Education Excellence Directive
SEEDS for Educational Evolution and Development
SEEDSocial Education and Environment Development
SEEDSpreading Effective Efficient Diabetes
SEEDStudent Enhancement for Educational Development
SEEDStudents for Environmental Education at Davis
SEEDSummer Education Experience for the Disadvantaged
SEEDSupport Education Empowerment Directions
SEEDSupport for Eastern Europe Democracy
SEEDSupplemental Emergency Egress Device
SEEDSoftware/hardware Exploration: a European Demonstration project
SEEDSelf Electrooptical Effect Device
SEEDStudents for Environmental and Ecological Diversity
SEEDSupporting Eastern European Democracy
SEEDSafety Examination of Existing Dams
SEEDScience and Engineering Education and Development
SEEDScience in Early Education Development
SEEDSuccess Equals Effort and Determination
SEEDSummer Experience for the Economically Disadvantaged
SEEDSupplier Evaluation and Exploitation of Delphi