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What does SDF stand for?

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SDFSuper Duty Full
SDFSkills Development Facilitation
SDFStrategic Development Framework
SDFSoi Dog Foundation
SDFSpace Defense Force
SDFStream Data File
SDFSelf Defence Forces
SDFSikkim Democratic Front
SDFState Demonstration Forest
SDFStructure Data File
SDFstreet dance fighters
SDFStromal Derived Factor
SDFSalvation Democratic Front
SDFSouthern Development Foundation
SDFSrpski Demokratski Forum
SDFSpatial Development Frameworks
SDFSkills Development Facilitator
SDFSuper Dimension Fortress
SDFSuper Duty Filters
SDFSolutions Delivery Framework
SDFSocial Democratic Faction
SDFSocial Development Fund
SDFSAARC Development Fund
SDFSpecial Duties Flight
SDFState Departments of Forestry
SDFStructure Data Format
SDFSystems Development Framework
SDFSecurity and Defence Forum
SDFSales Disclosure Forms
SDFSoftware Design File
SDFSkills Development Facilitators
SDFSoftware Development Forum
SDFSkill Development Fund
SDFSet Direction Flag
SDFspace delimited file
SDFSME Development Fund
SDFSons and Daughters of Freedom
SDFSelf Development Fund
SDFspace delimited format
SDFSustainable Development Foundation
SDFScottish Diabetes Framework
SDFSustainable Development Facilitation
SDFSoquel Demo Forest
SDFSpatial Development Framework
SDFSoftware Development File
SDFSix Degrees of Freedom
SDFStochastic Discount Factors
SDFSustainable Development of Floodplains
SDFSummary Data Format
SDFSeries Dry Film
SDFStandards Development Forum
SDFStichting De Fret
SDFSelf Directed Funding
SDFState Dedicated Funding
SDFSubaru Deep Field
SDFSustainable Design Fiberboard
SDFSoros Documentary Fund
SDFSurface Deposit Feeders
SDFSeneca Diabetes Foundation
SDFSteel Development Fund
SDFSouthern Documentary Fund
SDFStandard Design Factory
SDFSpecial Development Fund
SDFStandard Data File
SDFSafe and Drug Free
SDFSodium Disposal Facility
SDFStream Depletion Factor
SDFSerbian Democratic Forum
SDFSimulation Data Flow
SDFSpatial Data Files
SDFSungi Development Foundation
SDFSouthern Dry Forests
SDFSmart Data Flow
SDFSub Distribution Frame
SDFsustainable development facility
SDFSelskabet for Dansk Fotografi
SDFState Defense Forces
SDFStudent Data Form
SDFsimilar discriminant function
SDFSimple Document Format
SDFselective differential fingerprinting
SDFsilver diamine fluoride
SDFsilver diammine fluoride
SDFsimultaneous double-fluorescence
SDFsingle daily fractions
SDFsingle dendritic fields
SDFsoluble dietary fiber
SDFsoluble dietary fibre
SDFSoluble Dietetic Fiber
SDFSoybean dietary fibre
SDFSpatial distribution function
SDFspore differentiation factor
SDFstabilogram diffusion function
SDFStandard Derwent File
SDFStatistical Decease Forms
SDFstroma-derived factor
SDFStudent Data File
SDFsurface-dependent factor
SDFsurgical drain fluid
SDFsurrogate dentine fluid
SDFsynthetic dialysis fluid
SDFwater-soluble dietary fiber
SDFSpin Density Functional
SDFScouts De France
SDFSubsurface Deposit Feeders
SDFSuperficial Digital Flexor
SDFScottish Decorators Federation
SDFSolar Demonstration Facility
SDFStandard Design Factories
SDFSchools Design Forum
SDFstandardized discriminant function coefficient
SDFstep-wise discriminant function
SDFstroma cell-derived factor
SDFStromal cell- derived factor
SDFSuperficial Digital Flexor Tendon
SDFsyndrome of diabetic foot
SDFSynthetic Discriminant Functions
SDFscreen default facility
SDFSustainable Distribution Fund
SDFSelf Defence Federation
SDFState Development Fund
SDfstandard deviation of FF
SDFSupergroup Distribution Frame
SDFSeaward Defence Force
SDFSolution De Frappe
SDFSouthern Deaf Fellowship
SDFShoreline Development Factor
SDFSupervisory Disclosure Framework
SDFSoftware Data Flow
SDFSpecial Distribution Fund
SDFSoftware Distribution Facility
SDFScript Definition File
SDFStudent Democratic Front
SDFSpecial Direct Facility
SDFSubcommittee for Defense
SDFSindh Democratic Forum
SDFSpatial Data Framework
SDFSubsidiary Data Fort
SDFSME Development Forum
SDFSaudi Development Fund
SDFSet Document Feeder
SDFShomron Development Fund
SDFSpectral Density Function
SDFState Dedicated Funds
SDFSudan Defence Force
SDFSamarium Doped Fiber
SDFSustainable Development Forum
SDFSmall Deal Fund
SDFsoftware development files
SDFSpike Density Function
SDFSeller Disclosure Form
SDFShahbaz Development Foundation
SDFStandard Delay Files
SDFSculpture Design and Fabrication
SDFSpace Disturbance Forecast
SDFSystem Description File
SDFSingle Disk File
SDFSmall DNA Fragments
SDFSpace Dermatology Foundation
SDFStyle Definition Form
SDFServices Data Function
SDFSoufriere Development Foundation
SDFSyntax Denition Formalism
SDFSable Des Forges
SDFServices Development Framework
SDFSindh Disability Forum
SDFSubmission Data File
SDFSymantec Desktop Firewall
SDFSpecialized Database Functions
SDFSamuel D Forrester
SDFScientific Data Formats
SDFSeattle Debate Foundation
SDFSoftware Development Folders
SDFSelf Describing Files
SDFSkills Development Flagship
SDFSocial Democartic Front
SDFStreet Design Factory
SDFSafety Direct Finland
SDFStandard Delimited Format
SDFStrona Domowa Flash
SDFStructured Display File
SDFSecond Day Feet
SDFSecure Document Facility
SDFSelf Destruct Fuze
SDFSensor Data Fusion
SDFService Development Fund
SDFSkills Development Forum
SDFSchiller Ducanto and Fleck
SDFSelf Defense Federation
SDFShortest Delay First
SDFSports Development Foundation
SDFStandard Delimited Formats
SDFStandard Distribution Format
SDFStructured Data Format
SDFSignal Delay Format
SDFSimulation Description Files
SDFSomali Democratic Front
SDFStandard Delay File format
SDFSudden Disappearing Filaments

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Note: Acronym Finder has 85 verified definitions for SDF

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