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What does SCO stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SCOSigned in the Coming
SCOSuperior Court Operations
SCOSafe Countries of Origin
SCOSynchronous Connection Oriented
SCOSerious Callers Only
SCOSenior Care Organizations
SCOSingapore Chinese Orchestra
SCOSupervision and Control Office
SCOScientific and Cultural Organization
SCOShanghai Cooperative Organization
SCOState Climate Office
SCOStable Circular Orbits
SCOShanghai Cooperation Organisation
SCOScreens and Open
SCOSocial Change Online
SCOSharable Content Objects
SCOSouthern College of Optometry
SCOServices and the Catholic
SCOShanghai Co Operation
SCOSingle Cell Oils
SCOSoil Cleanup Objectives
SCOState Climatology Office
SCOSanta Cruz Operation (The)
SCOStrengthen Co Op
SCOSavings and Credit Organizations
SCOSafety Codes Officers
SCOStanding Committee of Officials
SCOState Controllers Office
SCOState Charity Offices
SCOSanta Cruz Organisation
SCOSociety of Composers
SCOState Controller Office
SCOSquadron Commanding Officers
SCOSafety Council of the Ozarks
SCOSanta Cruz Operations, Inc.
SCOSelective Conscientious Objectors
SCOSale of the Company
SCOShangai Cooperation Organization
SCOSeparated from the Course
SCOSenior Commissioned Officer
SCOSystem Change Order
SCOSource Code Owner
SCOScreening Coordination and Operations
SCOStrategic Change Objectives
SCOSurface Contaminated Objects
SCOService Casualty Offices
SCOSegler Club Oberspree
SCOStop Close Only
SCOSenior Commissioned Officers
SCOStudent Contact Officer
SCOSavings and Credit Organisations
SCOStation Commanding Officers
SCOSupreme Court Officer
SCOSisters of Charity of Ottawa
SCOSociété Canadienne de l'Ouïe
SCOState Collaboration Office
SCOState Coordinating Officers
SCOSystems Computer Organisation
SCOSenior Case Officers
SCOSouthern Chiefs Organization
SCOServices Current Operations
SCOShareable Content Objects
SCOStructured Clinical Observations
SCOStudent Computer Ownership
SCOSupermassive Compact Objects
SCOState Construction Office
SCOSafety Critical Object
SCOService the Chronic
SCOSwiss Cooperation Offices
SCOSupport and Contact
SCOSends the Close
SCOSenior Care Organization
SCOSociety of Canadian Ornithologists
SCOSanta Cruz Operating
SCOSpecial Conservation Officers
SCOStance Control Orthoses
SCOSegel Club Odin
SCOServer of the Controversial
SCOSharable Courseware Objects
SCOSpring Creek Oaks
SCOServices Centric Organizations
SCOStock Control Officer
SCOScreen Culture Organisations
SCOSubsidies and Counterveiling
SCOSaddleback Community Outreach
SCOStudent Contact Officers
SCOSchwachstellen in OpenSSL
SCOSociety for Clinical Ophthalmology
SCOState Cartographers Office
SCOSolution Consulting Organization
SCOService Configuration Objects
SCOSeed Certification Officer
SCOSki Course Organiser
SCOdamage-"Sertoli cell only
SCOHCO-strange cage odor
SCOsmall cell osteosarcoma
SCOsocial comparison orientation
SCOStructured Clinical Observation
SCOsub-commissural organ
SCOsupportive care only
SCOSafe Communities Ottawa
SCOShanghai Cooperative Organisation
SCOSequential Compound Options
SCOSeeks to Compel
SCOSome of the Copyrights
SCOSalem Chamber Orchestra
SCOScience and Conservation
SCOSpecification Change Orders
SCOSenior Compliance Officer
SCOShop Cum Offices
SCOSlashdot Creditor Objects
SCOSertoli cell only syndrome
SCOSertoli cell only tubules
SCOSertoli-cell-only syndrome
SCOSertoli-cell-only testes
SCOServer Code Objects
SCOShareable Courseware Object
SCOSocial Cognitive Optimization
SCOService Centre Officials
SCOSisters of Charity Ottawa
SCOStudent Cinema Organization
SCOSoccer Club of Oceanside
SCOService Configuration Object
SCOStrategic Change Objective
SCOStrontium Copper and Oxygen
SCOSummerville Community Orchestra
SCOStudent Cooperative Organization
SCOSenior Contracting Officer
SCOSmoking Crack Organization
SCOSupreme Court Orders
SCOSkin Care Options
SCOSouthern Council of Optometrists
SCOSpecial Commissioner Offices
SCOSynchronous Connection Orientated
SCOSystem Concept Options
SCOScales and Comment
SCOSouthern California Observers
SCOSupport to Cambodian Organisations
SCOSpecial Communications Organization
SCOSporting Club Orvault
SCOStudents Christian Organisation
SCOShangai Cooperation Organisation
SCOStatistical Coordination Office
SCOSchwachstellen in OpenSSH
SCOSenior Clerical Officer
SCOState Cartographer Office
SCOSummit the Consortium
SCOSystems Console Operator
SCOSouthern California Ops
SCOStark County Ohio
SCOStudent Computer Officers
SCOSupports Coordination Organization
SCOSanta Cruz Orators
SCOSaskatoon Chamber Orchestra
SCOSolutions Coordination Office
SCOState Climate Offices
SCOStudent Campus Organizer
SCOSkaneateles Chamber Orchestra
SCOSlightly Conservative Outlet
SCOSmuggling Criminal Organization
SCOSociety for Canadian Ornithologists
SCOSpecial Customer Operations
SCOStream Corridor Ordinance
SCOSmoke Control Officers
SCOStage Curriculum Outcome
SCOSummary Courts Officer
SCOSamaritan Community Orphanage
SCOSecuritized Credit Obligation
SCOServer Communication Object
SCOSeveral Croat Officers
SCOShops Cum Offices
SCOSubsidiary of Canopy
SCOSystem Control Officers
SCOSanta Claus Operation
SCOSegel Club Ochtum
SCOShunpiking Com Ol0309
SCOStranded Cost Obligation
SCOScience Coordination Office
SCOSpecific Curriculum Outcomes
SCOStatistical Coordination Officers
SCOSynchronous Connection Orientation
SCOSavings and Credit Organization
SCOSavings Credit Organisations
SCOSerum Carry Over
SCOSpecial Cases Office
SCOSpecial Consideration Organizations
SCOScientific Coordination Office
SCOSequencing Content Objects
SCOSite Coordinating Office
SCOSpecial Concerns Office
SCOSquadron Commanding Officer
SCOStructured Complex Object
SCOSurveillance Co Ordination
SCOScholarly Communications Officers
SCOScholarship Co Ordination
SCOService the Ottawa
SCOSmoking Crack Operation
SCOstormwater control officer
SCOStrong Central Organization

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Note: Acronym Finder has 75 verified definitions for SCO

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