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What does SARA stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SARASuperfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act
SARASan Antonio River Authority
SARASupport for Analysis and Research in Africa
SARAState Archives and Records Administration
SARAState Administration of Religious Affairs
SARASuperfund Amendments Reauthorization Act
SARASeek Annual Recruitment Awards
SARASymposium on Abstraction Reformulation and Approximation
SARASoutheastern Association for Research in Astronomy
SARASuperfund Amendment Reauthorization Act
SARASafety Analysis Risk Assessment
SARASouthwest Arkansas Regional Archives
SARASearch and Rescue Application
SARAScanning and Reading Appliance
SARAScanning Analysis Response and Assessment
SARASearch And Rescue Association
SARASecurity Assessment and Risk Analysis
SARASexual Assault Reform Act
SARAScanning Analysis Response Assessment
SARAState Administration for Religious Affairs
SARASphynx and Rex Association
SARASGML Aware Retrieval Application
SARAState Archives Records Administration
SARASoutheast Asian RSS Aggregator
SARASuperfund Amendments and Re Authorization
SARAService Acquisition Reform Act
SARAScientific Applications and Research Associates
SARASouthern Arizona Rescue Association
SARAScottish Amateur Rowing Association
SARASituation and Response Analysis
SARASouthern Animal Rescue Association
SARASubstance Abuse Relapse Assessment
SARAScientific Applications Research Associates
SARASexual Assault Response Awareness
SARASexual Assault Response and Awareness
SARASouth African Roadies Association
SARAStudent Animal Rights Alliance
SARASouthern Arizona Rocketry Association
SARASan Antonio Romance Authors
SARASouth Australian Rowing Association
SARASoftware Release of A
SARASouthern Alberta Repeater Association
SARASchenectady Amateur Radio Association
SARASynthetic Aperture Radar Atlas
SARASave the American River Association
SARASuperfund and Reauthorization Act
SARASocial Assistance Reform Act
SARASatisfaction in Response to A
SARASouthern African Railways Association
SARASuburban Amateur Repeater Association
SARAStay and Rest Awhile
SARAsilicosis-associated rounded atelectasis
SARASpecific and Random Amplification
SARAScientific Atlanta Resident Application
SARASouthern Arizona Rocket Association
SARASquid Array for Reproductive Assessment
SARASlovak Amateur Radio Association
SARASoutheastern Appalachian Rural Alliance
SARAStillwater Amateur Radio Association
SARAStafford Amateur Radio Association
SARASymantec Antivirus Research Automation
SARASwedish Ancestry Research Association
SARASite Assessment Report Addendum
SARASwiss Association of Relocation Agents
SARASystème Accélérateur Rhône Alpes
SARAShreveport Amateur Radio Association
SARASt Albert Ringette Association
SARASuku Agama Ras Antar
SARASouthern Alberta Recreation Association
SARASwansea Area Ratepayers Association
SARASouthern Africa Railways Association
SARASecurity Auditors Research Assistant
SARASuperfund Amendment and Re Authorization
SARASecurity Auditor Research Assistant
SARAState Administration for Religious Activities
SARASan Antonio Restaurant Association
SARASocorro Amateur Radio Association
SARASouth African Rocketry Association
SARASaltburn Animal Rescue Association
SARASouthern African Railway Association
SARAStuart Area Restoration Association
SARASchuylkill Amateur Repeater Association
SARASouthern Alpine Racing Association
SARASpartan Alumni Rowing Association
SARAState Archives and Record Administration
SARASplitrock Amateur Radio Association
SARASudanese Amateur Radio Association
SARASelf Assessment Rapid Access
SARASelf Assessment Risk Analysis
SARASociety for Amateur Radio Astronomy
SARASaturates Aromatics Resins Asphaltenes
SARASetia Alam Residents Association
SARASoftware Architecture Risk Assessment
SARASub Acute Ruminal Acidosis
SARASETI and Amateur Radio Astronomy
SARASyracuse Alumni Rowing Association
SARAscottish animal rights alliance
SARASexual Assault Recovery Assistance
SARAStrines Area Residents Association
SARAScandinavian Ammunition Research Association
SARASociety of Amateur Radio Astronomy
SARASouth Australian Rabbit Association
SARAStudent Athlete Recruiting Association
SARASearch and Rescue Alberta
SARASearch and Retrieval Application
SARASexual and Ritual Abuse
SARASociety for Amateur Radio Astronomers
SARASuperfund Amendments Re Authorization
SARAScan Analyze Respond and Assess
SARAShawnee Amateur Radio Association
SARASpousal Abuse Risk Assessment
SARASimple Active Router Assistant
SARASmall Aperture Range Angle
SARASpa Amateur Radio Association
SARASuperfund Amendments and Reauthorization Acts
SARASupporting Amateur Radio Astronomy
SARAsquadron assistance risk assessment
SARAStichting Academische Rekencentra Amsterdam
SARASudbury Area Risk Assessment
SARASystematic Analysis Review and Assistance
SARASaturates Aromatics Resins and Asphaltenes
SARAService and Repair Automation
SARASouthern Afghanistan Reconstruction Agency
SARASpouse Abuse Risk Assessment
SARASub Acute Rumen Acidosis
SARASynchronics Authorized Reseller Association
SARASystems Access Request Application
SARASouthern Africa Railway Association
SARASports and Active Recreation Alliance
SARASubstance Abuse Recovery Alliance
SARASuperfund Act and Reauthorization Act
SARASystem for Automatic Relief Analysis
SARASamoa Amateur Radio Association
SARAScan Analyse Respond and Assess
SARASelston Area Residents Association
SARASocial Action for Rural Advancement
SARASocial Association for Rural Advancement
SARASociety for Aid to Reconstruct Afghanistan
SARASouth American Regional Alliance
SARASoutheast Association for Research in Astronomy
SARASummit Animal Rescue Association
SARASurrey Animal Rescue and Adoption
SARASimulation Assisted Reliability Assessment
SARASingapore Amateur Rowing Association
SARASouth African Rafting Association
SARASouth Area Residents Association
SARASpace Astrophysics Research and Analysis
SARAStability Analysis for Road Access
SARAStudent Advising and Registration Assistant
SARASouth Alabama Riders Association
SARASouth Australian Rowing Associaction
SARASouthern African Rabbinical Association
SARASpeech Activated Reception Assistant
SARASt Andrews Remote Access
SARAStarfleet Amateur Radio Association
SARAState Agency Recognition Awards
SARASuperior Achievement Recognition Award
SARASupervened Amendment and Reauthorization Act
SARASupport for Advocacy and Research in Africa
SARASussex Amateur Radio Association
SARASystem Analysis Review and Assistance
SARASemi Annual Regulatory Agenda
SARASpreadsheet Assisted Resource Analysis
SARASuperfund Amendements and Reauthorization Act
SARASuperfund Amendments and Reathorization Act
SARASystem Analysis and Risk Assessment
SARASpin Axis Right Ascension
SARASuperfund Amendents and Reauthorization Act
SARASevere Accident Recriticality Analyses
SARASevere Accident Risk Assessment
SARASteal A Record Auction
SARASemi Arid Rangelands in Africa
SARASuperfund Amendments and Restoration Act
SARASuperfund and Reauthorization Amendments