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What does SAR stand for?

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SARStock Appreciation Rights
SARSouthern Africa Report
SARSigma Alpha Rho
SARStorage And Retrieval
SARSmall Arms Review
SARSearch and Replace
SARStudent Attendance Rate
SARSpecific Absorption Rates
SARStrategic Assessment Report
SARShare Appreciation Rights
SARStudent and Alumni Relations
SARStructural Analysis Report
SARSupplies and Accessories
SARSuspicious Activity Reports
SARSearch and Recovery
SARStrategic Analysis Report
SARService Activity Reporting
SARSample Aspect Ratio
SARSachsen Anhalt Radio
SARSuspicious Activity Reporting
SARSign for A Restaurant
SARSubstance Abuse Research
SARSeach and Rescue
SARSynthetic Aperature Radar
SARState Accountability Report
SARSynthetic Aperture Radars
SARStraight Ahead Records
SARSuspicious Activity Reported
SARScientific Assessment Reports
SARSocial Assessment Report
SARSuspicious Activities Reports
SARSuudi Arabistan Riyali
SARScene of A Reported
SARSekolah Agama Rakyat
SARStop and Reversal
SARSpecial Administration Region
SARScholars at Risk
SARStudent Aid Reports
SARStudent Accounts Receivable
SARSchool of Aerospace
SARStudents Against Racism
SARSpecial Adminstrative Region
SARSafety and Rescue
SARSkills Are Required
SARSegmentation and Reassembly (ATM)
SARSynthesis and Assessment Report
SARSecretary of the Air
SARSearch and Resque
SARSituation Assessment Report
SARSpecific Absorption Ratio
SARSwitching and Routing
SARShareef Abdur Rahim
SARScaffold Attachment Regions
SARSite Are Readily
SARStaff Assessment Report
SARStudencka Agencja Radiowa
SARSwiss Agricultural Research
SARSynchronous Asynchronous Receiver
SARSouth Atlantic Region
SARSouth Asia Research
SARSemi Automatic Rifle
SARSummary Annual Reports
SARSouthern African Resources
SARSulfuric Acid Regeneration
SARStudent Academic Review
SARSource Address Register
SARSelected for A Review
SARState Agency for Refugees
SARSoftware Audit Return
SARSecurity Assurance Requirements
SARStudent Achievement Rates
SARSumner Association of REALTORS
SARSubject Access Request
SARServices and the Responsibility
SARSashes and Ribbons
SARSenior Assistant in Research
SARSection of the American
SARSelf Assessment Reports
SARSubstance Abuse Rehabilitation
SARSelected Acquisition Reports
SARStruct Act Relat
SARSaudi Arab Riyal
SARSaudi Arabian Rial
SARSituational Awareness Reports
SARSieve Analysis Report
SARSmall Applied Research
SARStudent Academic Records
SARStrategic Arms Reduction talks
SARSchool Accountability Reports
SARSpent Acid Regeneration
SARSanta Ana River
SARService Availability Request
SARScheme Assessment Report
SARStudent Assessment Record
SARSouth Asia Regional
SARStandard Accounting Requirements
SARSegmentation and Reassembling
SARSystems to Army
SARSouth Africa Railways
SARSpeciale Administratieve Regio
SARScatterometer and Radiometer
SARSubject Access Requests
SARSexual Attitude Restructuring
SARSupport for Administrative Reform
SARSalvage and Rescue
SARSamples of Anonymised Records
SARSerbian Autonomous Regions
SARSpecific Absorbtion Rate
SARSouth American Region
SARStudenckiej Agencji Radiowej
SARStudents at Risk
SARStore Address Register
SARSearch and Rescues
SARSouthern Analysis Region
SARSearch and Registered
SARStates Army Reserve
SARShow Available Rooms
SARSyntetic Aperture Radar
SARSystems Acquisition Review
SARSt Andrews Road
SARSearch and Resuce
SARSenior Assistant Registrar
SARSpecies Area Relationships
SARScottsdale Association of REALTORS
SARSearch and Rescuing
SARsupplemental appropriation resolution
SARSacramento Association of Realtors
SARSegmentation and Reassemble
SARSexual Attitude Reassessment
SARSons of American Revolution
SARSet Asynchronous Response
SARSalmon Aquaculture Review
SARSediment Accumulation Rate
SARSequential Assignment Routing
SARSociety for Acupuncture Research
SARScaffold Attached Regions
SARSearch and Accessories
SARSpecific Absortion Rate
SARStatistics in Accordance
SARSummer and Approval
SARstation area residential
SARSearch And Retrieve
SARSimulated Acid Rain
SARState Action Request
SARStupid Asses Running
SARStanford Associated Religions
SARSafety Analysis and Review
SARStructural Adjustment Reforms
SARSilicon Alley Reporter
SARSmurf Amplifier Registry
SARSystem Analysis Report
SARSaudi Arabian Riyals
SARSegments and Reassembles
SARSwiss Alp Resort
SARSubjective Analysis Return
SARSpecial Air Report
SARpower--specific absorption rate
SARsafe application rate
SARscaffold-associated region
SARscaffold-attached region
SARscatter air ratios
SARseasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
SARsecondary allergic response
SARsecondary antibody response
SARsecondary attack rate
SARserious adverse reactions
SARsevere acute rejection
SARsialic acid-rich
SARsignal amplitude ratio
SARsimplified amphibian ringer
SARslow-adapting receptors
SARslowly adapting receptor
SARSlowly adapting receptors
SARsmall aortic root
SARsp. act. ratios
SARspecific absorbance ratio
SARspecific activity ratio
SARsplanchnic arteriolar resistance
SARspontaneous acrosome reaction
SARstandardized acupuncture regimen
SARStandardized admission ratios
SARstapled anterior resection
SARstent/artery ratio
SARStructural-activity relationship
SARstructure activity-relationship
SARstructure affinity relationships
SARstructure--activity relationship
SARstructure--activity relationships
SARstructure--affinity relationships
SARStructure-affinity relationship
SARstructure-affinity relationships
SARstructure/activity relationship
SARSudomotor axon reflex

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Note: Acronym Finder has 166 verified definitions for SAR

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