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What does SALT stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SALTSpeech and Language Therapy
SALTSemantics and Linguistic Theory
SALTSteered Agile Laser Transmitter
SALTStudent Affairs Leadership Team
SALTSpeech and Language Technology
SALTSchool Accountability for Learning and Teaching
SALTSeminars on Long Term
SALTSocial Action Linking Together
SALTStrategic Arms Limitations Talks
SALTSeminars About Long Term
SALTSpeech and Language Therapists
SALTSpeech Applications Language Tags
SALTSuperstition Area Land Trust
SALTSociety of American Law Teachers
SALTSea and Land Technologies
SALTSociety for Applied Learning Technologies
SALTStatement of Alternative Training
SALTSeniors and Lawmen Together
SALTSpecifications for Accessible Learning Technologies
SALTSociety of Applied Learning Technology
SALTSafe and Legal Transportation
SALTSuse Advanced Linux Technology
SALTSuggestive Accelerative Learning and Teaching
SALTSemantics and Linguistics Theory
SALTStudies in Advanced Learning Technology
SALTService and Learning Together
SALTStrategic Arms Limitation Treaties
SALTStudent Action Leadership Team
SALTServant and Leadership Training
SALTStudent Achievement Leadership Team
SALTScottish Association for Language Teaching
SALTStrategic Arms Limitations Treaty
SALTSymbolic Assembly Language Trainer
SALTSharing and Learning Together
SALTState Aid for Local Transportation
SALTStudent Activities Leadership Team
SALTSegmental auxiliary liver transplantation
SALTsequential aggressive local therapy
SALTsimulated assembly line task
SALTskin-associated lymphoid tissues
SALTStandard Anesthesia Learning Test
SALTsynthetic-analytic listening task
SALTSociety for Accelerative Learning and Teaching
SALTSloping Agriculture Land Technology
SALTSwiss Army LDAP Tool
SALTSelf Administered Legal Training
SALTSub Arctic Leadership Training
SALTSchool Action Learning Teams
SALTsimulated assembly line performance task
SALTSwedish aspirin low dose trial
SALTSwedish Aspirin Low-dose Trial
SALTStudent Advisory Leadership Team
SALTSandhills Area Land Trust
SALTService and Leadership Team
SALTStructured Assertion Language for Temporal
SALTScience Assessment Leadership Team
SALTSize Activity Location Time
SALTStudies in Arts Languages and Theology
SALTSustainable Archives and Library Technologies
SALTSlower and Less Traffic
SALTStudent Award for Leadership Training
SALTSound and Light Training
SALTStudent Assistant for Learning from Text
SALTSound and Light Team
SALTService Action Leadership Team
SALTStudent Athlete Leadership Team
SALTSingle Adult Leadership Team
SALTSeniors and Law Together
SALTSocial Action Leadership Team
SALTSurface Accumulation Layer Transistor
SALTSwiss Association Laser Therapy
SALTSouthern Africa Large Telescope
SALTSchool Applications of Learning Theory
SALTStudent Affairs Leadership Training
SALTS Alliance for Lifting the Truth
SALTSchool Accountability for Teaching
SALTSpice Array Linking Technology
SALTStructural Acoustics Loads and Transmission
SALTStructural Acoustic Loads and Transmission
SALTSouthern Area Learning as Teams
SALTSustainable Archives Library Technologies
SALTSystems Administrator Leadership Team
SALTSingapore Adventure Leader Training
SALTSystem for Analysis of Laboratory Testing
SALTShah Alam Life Tribute
SALTSouth Atlanta Land Trust
SALTState Approved Local Training
SALTSenior Adults Living Triumphantly
SALTStudies in Advanced Learning Technologies
SALTScripture and Leadership Training
SALTSenior and Lawmen Together
SALTServant and Leadership Team
SALTService Adventure Leadership Team
SALTSharing Abundant Life Together
SALTSouthern Arizona Life Team
SALTStudent Activist Leadership Training
SALTStudent Athlete Leadership Training
SALTScripture Application Leadership Training
SALTSelection at List Time
SALTServing and Leading Together
SALTSystem Approach To Learning With Technology
SALTSingle Adults Living Triumphantly
SALTSpecial Assignment Literacy Team
SALTState Agency Librarians of Texas
SALTSwiss Association for Laser Therapy
SALTSenior Academy of Learning at Trinity
SALTService Action Learning Team
SALTStudent Action Leadership Training
SALTStudent Association of Law and Technology
SALTSimulator for the Analysis of LWP Timing
SALTSloping Agriculture Land Techniques
SALTSpeech Application Language Tages
SALTStreamlined Automated Logistics Transmission
SALTStudents Actively Learning Together
SALTSuspension And Life Termination
SALTSearch and Localization Tactical
SALTSave A Life Together
SALTship air liaison team