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What does RRS stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
RRSRecoil Reduction System
RRSResale Rights Society
RRSRisk Reduction Specialist
RRSRoad Runner Sports
RRSRegional Response System
RRSResource Recycling Systems
RRSregulatory reporting system
RRSRecovery and Recycling Systems
RRSRegional Radio System
RRSRegional Racing Series
RRSRisk Reporting System
RRSRepresentation and Reasoning System
RRSrural renewal scheme
RRSRemote Radio Sites
RRSRoots Rock Society
RRSRecruiting and Retention Strategy
RRSReally Right Stuff
RRSRadio Relay Station
RRSRemote Replication Services
RRSRadio Reading Service
RRSRecreation and Resort Specialist
RRSRadio Reading Services
RRSRapid Release System
RRSResidential and Rehabilitation Services
RRSReaction Research Society
RRSRed River Solutions
RRSReverse Remote Shell
RRSresearch review service
RRSRack Release Systems
RRSRear Race Stand
RRSRecreation Resources Service
RRSRed Room Sessions
RRSRate Reduction System
RRSResonance Raman Scattering
RRSRiool Reinigings Service
RRSRefugee Resettlement Support
RRSRecursive Random Search
RRSReutech Radar Systems
RRSRealistic Robot Simulation
RRSRegistry Request Service
RRSRecords Retention Schedule
RRSRevised Report on Scheme
RRSRally Racing Sport
RRSRoadway Rumble Strips
RRSRound Robin Select
RRSResidential Rate Stabilization
RRSRegional Research Station
RRSRecruitment Retention and Staffing
RRSRepresentative Revenue System
RRSRemote Request System
RRSRisk Reliability and Safety
RRSRefugee Resettlement Section
RRSradiation reaction score
RRSrapid random stimulation
RRSrapid resistance screening
RRSRas recruitment system
RRSrearing-related stress
RRSReciprocal recurrent selection
RRSrelative risk score
RRSresonance Raman spectra
Rrsrespiratory system resistance
RRSResponse Restricted Situation
RRSretro-recombination screening
RRSRevised Restraint Scale
RRSRadiosonde Replacement System
RRSRhine Rift System
RRSResistance of the Respiratory System
RRSRegion of Republican Subordination
RRSRequired Response Spectrum
RRSRegister of Rolling Stock
RRSRevelation Racing Supplies
RRSReport to the Secretary
RRSRapid Reconnaissance Survey
RRSRuminative Response Scale
RRSRational Reaction Set
RRSanti-resibufogenin IgG reactive substance
RRsoutcome of interest was a summary relative risk
RRSRemote Replication Synchronous
RRSReversing Relay Synchronization
RRSresidential rural single
RRSReduced Representation Shotgun
RRSRedundant Receiver System
RRSResidential Relocation Specialist
RRSRegions of Republican Subordination
RRSResort and Recreation Specialist
RRSRichards Rundle Syndrome
RRSRecessive Robinow Syndrome
RRSRepair and Replacement Services
RRSreynolds recovery systems
RRscancer--relative risks
RRsMEASURES--Relative risks
RrsRint , respiratory system resistance
RRSRound Robin SQL
RRSRoads of Regional Significance
RRSResonance Raman Spectroscopy
RRSRayons of Republican Subordination
RRSResearch Reporting Services
RRSRadio Research Station
RRSRichmond Retirement System
RRSRep Recognition Sequence
RRSResidential Resort Specialist
RRSReplica Registration Service
RRSRound Robin Scheduling
RRSRegistered Relocation Specialists
RRSRadio Range Station
RRSREAL Relational Solutions
RRSRecreational Resort Specialist
RRSRisk Reduction Standards
Rrstotal respiratory resistance
RRSReactor Regulating System
RRSReverse Relay Synchronization
RRSReview of Regional Studies
RRSRace Rules of Sailing
RRSRapid Response Squad
RRSRecord Retention Schedule
RRSRecords Report System
RRSRetransmission Request Signal
RRSRiver Rehabilitation Secretariat
RRSRealistic Reaction System
RRSReduced Repayment Scheme
RRSReference Resolution Service
RRSResolution Ridge System
RRSRedevelopment Risk Services
RRSReliability Review Subcommittee
RRSrobotic remote systems
RRSRubin Response Services
RRSRutgers Request Service
RRSRahuaja Riigikaitse Seadus
RRSReliability Rules Subcommittee
RRSRear Release System
RRSRearing Related Stress
RRSRecording and Replay Service
RRSRecreation and Resort Specialists
RRSRoadside Remote Stations
RRSRes Rocket Surfer
RRSRadio Relay System
RRSRailroad Retirement System
RRSRelative Rate of Spoilage
RRSRidge Road Station
RRSRapid Rails Setup
RRSReactor Regulation System
RRSRecoverable Resource Services
RRSRegistration Reminder Screen
RRSResource Reservation Setup
RRSRice Research Station
RRSRafter Radiation Shield
RRSReactor Recirculation System
RRSroadway referencing system
RRSRep Recognition Sequences
RRSResponsible Retailing System
RRSResponsive Reserve Service
RRSRational Recovery Systems
RRSRegenesis Remediation Services
RRSResource Recovery Subsystem
RRSRestricted Range Species
RRSRural Radiotelephone Service
RRSRanking Regional Sul
RRSRoom by Room for Spring
RRSReadiness Reporting System
RRSResearch and Reference Services
RRSRadiator Repair Shop
RRSRed River Statistics
RRSRelative Record data Sets
RRSRestricted Resources and Services
RRSRestricted Resources Services
RRSRange Resource Scheduling
RRSRespiratory Reproductive Syndrome
RRSResume Referral Service
RRSRules and Regulations Section
RRSResidential Rental and Sales
RRSRovaniemi Research Station
RRSRadiance Raytracer Server
RRSRajneesh Religious Sect
RRSRandom Romp and Stomp
RRSRapid Retrieval Software
RRSReactionary Right Skinheads
RRSRebecca R Sharitz
RRSReclaimed Remining Sites
RRSRecord Rons Stuff
RRSRecovery and Reclamation System
RRSRecovery Recycle Station
RRSRecruiting Research Service
RRSRecurring Requirements Section
RRSReferences to Recent Studies
RRSRefrigerant Recovery System
RRSRescue Rule Sheet
RRSResearch and Request Subsystem
RRSResearching the Romance Susan
RRSResponsibility for Revegetation Success
RRSResults of the Regional Seminar
RRSRock Roll Sports
RRSRosiclare Recovery Shaft
RRSRossi and Rossi Superservices
RRSRottweilers Reign Supreme
RRSRumpsville Rod Shop
RRSRush to Right Side
RRSRussian Register of Shipping