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What does QBL stand for?

QBL stands for Qoph Beth Lamed


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Here's the quandery: Although the generally accepted practice is to spell Qoph Beth Lamed Heh (????????) as 'Kabbalah' (See http://www. nostradamus. net/files/uahc1977. pdf and http://urj. org/_kd/go. cfm?destination=ShowItem&Item_ID=4029), Case and B.
Note on spelling: There are multiple variations on the English transliteration of the Hebrew word, which has its root in the three Hebrew letters QBL (Qoph Beth Lamed = 132 = 12 x 11, the number of the Zodiac multiplied by the number of Magic). The above spelling has been chosen for simplicity as well as its numerical correspondences. It begins with "K,” the eleventh letter of the English alphabet, eleven being symbolic of magic.
Some thoughts on the holy Qoph-Beth-Lamed, or The balance of the Magician is illusion.
Basically there is no difference between ‘Qabalah’ and ‘Kabbalah’, they are simply alternative transliterations of the Hebrew word composed of the letters Qoph, Beth, Lamed and He. As these are usually written as QBLH it makes sense, in one way, to use the transliteration QaBaLaH.
It means 'tradition', 'received doctrine', 'received teaching', or 'received wisdom' (qabalah comes from the same triliteral root, QBL (qoph, beth, lamed), as qibel, to receive). There has been a tendency to use the spelling with ?C? for the Christian Cabbala, that with ?K? for the Hebrew, and that with ?Q? for esoteric or magical interpretations, but this is by no means uniform.