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What does PSD stand for?

PSD stands for Pulse Shape Discrimination


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Read "Pulse Shape Discrimination With Selected Elpasolite Crystals" on DeepDyve - Instant access to the journals you need!
Title: Pulse-shape discrimination in the IGEX experiment: Authors: González, D.; Morales, J.; Cebrián, S.; García, E.; Irastorza, I. G.; Morales, A.; Ortiz de...
Advantages using pulse shape discrimination to assign the depth of interaction information (DOI) from a multi layer phoswich detector
PSD,Pulse Shape Discrimination,pulse shape discriminating,pulse shape discriminator,Pulse Shape Discriminators
Abstract Pulse shape discrimination has typically been used to distinguish neutrons from gamma rays and light charged particles. This technique has generally been...
Pulse Shape Discrimination in a Plastic Scintillator Full Text; and hence is suitable for use with pulse shape discrimination methods.
PULSE-SHAPE DISCRIMINATION FOR; neutron and gamma-ray PSD using liquid scintillation; Measurements with Cf-252, Am-Be, and Am-Li Neutron Sources
A hybrid pulse shape discrimination technique with enhanced performance at neutron energies below 500 keV Scott D. Ambers, Marek Flaskan, Sara A. Pozzi
Preliminary results from efforts to implement on-line, fast pulse shape discrimination (PSD) methods in the Nuclear Materials Identification System (NMIS) are discussed.
Pulse-shape discrimination and energy resolution of a liquid-argon scintillator with xenon doping
Neutron and Gamma Ray Pulse Shape Discrimination with Polyvinyltoluene The goal of this was research effort was to test the ability of two poly vinyltoluene research...
Abstract. Introduction Pulse-Shape Discrimination (PSD) in scintillation detectors has been used to discriminate between neutrons and high-energy photons 1 and is now...
1. Health Phys. 2007 May;92(5 Suppl):S105-11. Effect of quench on alpha/beta pulse shape discrimination of liquid scintillation cocktails. DeVol TA, Theisen CD...
NE213 scintillation detectors are excellent tools for use in a mixed gamma and neutron field due to its established pulse shape discrimination ability.
nuclear instruments and methods 31 1964) ii2-124; north-holland publishingco. pulse shape discrimination m. l. roush, m. a. wilson and w. f. hornyak department of...
PNNL-21609 Neutron and Gamma Ray Pulse Shape Discrimination with Polyvinyltoluene Azaree Lintereur James Ely Jean Stave Benjamin Mcdonald March 2012
DEAP (Dark Matter Experiment using Argon Pulse-shape discrimination) is a direct dark matter search experiment using liquid argon as target material.
The pulse shape discrimination (PSD) between neutrons and gamma rays in liquid scintillators is studied by using the charge integration method with fast digitiz
Pulse shape discrimination between neutrons and gamma rays with digital electronics Pär­Anders Söderström Nuclear Structure Group
Title: NE213 Scintillator Characterization Using n/gamma Digital Pulse Shape Discrimination: Authors: Li, Andy On: Advisors: Man-Sung Yim, Committee Member
SED Seminar Series: Pulse Shape Discrimination for a Fast Neutron Detector
The pulse shape discrimination techniques are based on the fact that neutrons and gamma rays give different pulse shapes when interacting with the neutron sensitive...
Read "Correlating the Luminosity Parameters to Pulse Shape Discrimination" on DeepDyve - Instant access to the journals you need!
Publication » Pulse shape discrimination; [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: In this work, we describe a method to control the rela-tive proportion of...
Pulse Shape Discrimination in a Plastic Scintillator on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
The Idea Behind the Pulse Shape Discrimination The pulse that comes from the photo multiplier tubes is basically the sum of two exponential decays.
Development of a Pulse Shape Discrimination IC Michael Hall Southern Illinois University Edwardsville VLSI Design Research Laboratory October 20, 2006
Pulse Shape Discrimination Using Silicon Detectors. PSD In Scintillators. PSD in Scintillators, cont. Particle Identification in Silicon
Pulse shape discrimination studies with a Broad-Energy Germanium detector for signal identification and background suppression in the GERDA double
Get this from a library! Pulse shape discrimination for graded property detectors. [J Pithie]
The pulse shape discrimination (PSD) methods with liquid and crystal scintillators, a well-known technology, have been under development for several decades.
1 Pulse-Shape discrimination with the Counting Test Facility H.O. Back13a, M. Balata1, G. Bellini2, J. Benziger3, S. Bonetti2, B. Caccianiga2, F. Calaprice4, F.
Pulse Shape Discrimination with Organic Liquid Scintillator Solutions Donald L. Horrocks