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What does PAAS stand for?

PAAS stands for Post Archean Australian Shales


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especially alkaline metals (such as K, Rb and Cs) and Ti, Th, Y, P 2 O 5, and REE in comparison with elements of the PAAS (post Archean Australian shales).
The post archean Australian shales (PAAS) normalized REE patterns of the Sonrai phosphorites were characterized by negative Ce and positive Eu anomalies.
The patterns of the moss REE concentrations normalized to North American Shale Composite and Post-Archean Australian Shales; More professionals named Gordana Vukovic.
T&M 1985: Post-Archean Australian shales Taylor and McLennan (1985). NASC 1984: North American Shale Composite, Gromet and others (1984).
Canning Basin shales, which are typical of average post-Archean Australian shales (PAAS). The bulk composition of the hole is
patterns of Upper continental crust (UCC) and Post Archean Australian shales (PAAS). 5. 1 Geological map of Delhi area showing sampling locations of weathering rinds.
La/Sm ratios.Chondrite-normalized REE patterns and negative Eu anomaly size of the studied rocks are similar to that of Post-Archean Australian shales...
Geochemical and Mineralogical Studies of; (Post Archean Australian Shales); 220 Geochemical and Mineralogical Studies of Kaolinitic Clays in Parts...
The distribution of major and trace elements in these shales is close to the average composition of the Post Archean Australian Shales, (i.e...
A novel extraction chromatography and MC-ICP-MS technique for rapid analysis of REE, Sc and Y: Revising CI-chondrite and Post-Archean Australian Shale (PAAS) abundances
Post-Archean Australian Shales (PAAS), indicate depletion of Ba, Rb, Y, Zr and enrich- ment of Nb. PAAS-normalized REE-patterns exhibit a positive Eu...
we have revised the REE concentrations in primitive chondritic meteorites (CI-chondrites) and Post Archean Australian Shales (PAAS) that are...
REE abundances of Post-Archean Australian Shales are often used for normalization of REE patterns (Nance and Taylor, 1976 and...
AE and AEB) from south-central Poland. The results were normalized against North American Shale Composite (NASC) and Post-Archean Australian Shales (PAAS).
are similar to those of Post-Archean Australian Shales and of the Upper Continental Crust, and suggest a provenance from source area(s)...