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What does P185-329 stand for?

P185-329 stands for Peptides comprising amino acids 15-183 and 185-329


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A variety of recombinant core protein fragments were expressed in Escherichia coli, extracted from inclusion bodies, and renatured in the presence of bovine serum albumin, which was essential for obtaining functional activity. A recombinant protein lacking the first 14 amino acids of the mature core protein (P15-329) interacted with reconstituted type I collagen fibrils and inhibited collagen fibrillogenesis almost as efficiently as intact decorin purified from fibroblast secretions under non-denaturing conditions. Peptides comprising amino acids.
Amino acids 1–477 of the K. pneumoniae protein can be divided into regions I–III (13). Region I is glutamine-rich and involved in activation of the holoenzyme (28–30), region II is acidic and is variable among members of the sN protein family (8, 23) and region III includes the core binding determinant, the DNA-binding domain, and the domain described in this paper which enhances and modulates DNA-binding activity (8, 14, 15, 18). Arrows mark proteolytically sensitive sites (21) relevant to this work, and the amino acid residue C terminal to the cleavage site is indicated. The site at 365 was established by chymotryptic challenge of purified peptides comprising amino acids.
Novel polypeptides comprising repetitive units of amino acids, as well as synthetic genes encoding the subject polypeptides are provided. The subject polypeptides are characterized by comprising repetitive units of amino acids, where the repetitive units are present in naturally occurring proteins, particularly naturally occurring structural proteins. The subject polypeptides find