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What does PSP stand for?

PSP stands for Packet Switching Processor


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PSP: Significato dell'acronimo Lingua: Categoria: Packet Switching Processor : Acronimo in inglese Generale, Abbreviazione Comune, Acronimo: Paint Shop Pro
PSP: Signification de l'acronyme Langue Catégorie; Packet Switching Processor : Acronyme en anglais Général, Abréviation Commune, Slang, Acronyme
packet switching processor (n) Soortgelijke woorden datenpaket-vermittlungsprozessor. DE Duits. Datenpaket-Vermittlungsprotokoll; Datenpaket-Vermittlungsknoten;
PSP: Significado da sigla Idioma Categoria; Packet Switching Processor : Sigla em Inglês: Geral, abreviação comum, Gíria, Sigla: Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
Significado del acrónimo PSP Idioma Categoría; Packet Switching Processor : Acrónimo en Inglés General, Abreviatura Común, Acrónimo: Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
PSP - Packet Switching Processor; EEC - European Economic Community; ECC - Error Control Code; WC - Wire Cable; AB - Accumulator and Buffer;
meant for an IP packet switching processor. This work allowed a lagging project to meet the original time, budget, and performance targets...
Exterior-Packet Switching Processor Gateway to NSFNET Interoperability Gateway Astrophysics Data System, Ellery Systems Inc., Boulder, CO
See also destination user, interface, node, packet, packet switching, processor, routing, switch, switching; interface message processor Reference Work Title
CAD logic testing microcontrollers network-on-chip packet switching processor scheduling FPGA device sequential...
network routing, packet switching, processor scheduling, quality of service, wide area networks ATM network, IP network, WAN, channel bandwidth...
AX Series Power Saving Guide Edition 3; PSP Packet Switching Processor PSP switches packets in the CSU and MSU. AX Series Power Saving Guide (Edition 3)
Packet Switching Processor. RCP Routing Control Processor. RFC The Internet's Request for Comments documents series: The RFCs are working notes of the Internet...
If the packet switching processor 44 determines at step 204 that the intended destination for the data packet is one of the user applications 51 running on the...
Publication » Scheduling Performance Evaluation and Testing Functions of a Connection-Oriented Packet Switching Processor.
Packet switching; Processor scheduling; Quality of service; Round robin; Scheduling algorithm; Switches Personal Sign In; Create Account; IEEE Account...
It is assumed that the first packet switching processor 101 is supplied from the first terminal 105 with a data packet DT10 containing data D10 and addressed to the...
Article: Scheduling Performance Evaluation and Testing Functions of a Connection-Oriented Packet Switching Processor
Prototype of a digital on-board processor for satellite communication of mobile; while performance can be improve by adding other packet-switching processor...