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What does P-PT stand for?

P-PT stands for P-prothrombin complex activity


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Low-dose warfarin decreases coagulability without affecting prothrombin complex activity. Holm J1, Berntorp E, Carlsson R, Erhardt L.
An open pilot study with two dose levels of warfarin: 1. 25 and 2. 5 mg day−1 during two consecutive 4-week periods. All subjects received aspirin 75 mg day−1. Prothrombin fragment 1 + 2 (F(1 + 2)), protein C, protein S, FVII:C, factor X and P-prothrombin complex activity (P-PT) were measured at baseline, at 2-week intervals and 4 weeks after end of treatment. Coagulation activation peptide F(1 + 2) was used as a marker of thrombin formation [13].