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What does PSN stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
PSNPeripheral Sensory Neuropathy
PSNpacket switch node
PSNPostganglionic Sympathetic Neurons
PSNPayment Service Network
PSNPacket Switching Network
PSNPublic Seismic Network
PSNPasifik Satelit Nusantara
PSNPolitical Science Network
PSNProfessional Support Networks
PSNPusat Sains Negara
PSNPlastic Surgery Nurses
PSNph service nord
PSNPacket Switched Networks
PSNPersonal Strengths and Needs
PSNProgressive Sociology Network
PSNPacket Sequence Number
PSNPresbyterian Support Northern
PSNProcess Serial Number
PSNProduct Strategy Network
PSNPontiac Southern Nationals
PSNPoor Sisters of Nazareth
PSNPocket Switched Networks
PSNPacket Switching Networks
PSNPredominantly Sensory Neuropathy
PSNPrison Service News
PSNPerinatal Services Network
PSNPublic Service Network
PSNPharmaceutical Sales Network
PSNPerpetual Subordinated Notes
PSNPersonal Serial Number
PSNProcessor Serial Numbers
PSNProgressive Sociologists Network
PSNPharma Service Nord
PSNProcess Servers Network
PSNProblem Solving in Nursing
PSNPediatric Stroke Network
PSNPemberantasan Sarang Nyamuk
PSNProizvodnja Strojev in Naprav
PSNPharmaceutical Society of Nigeria
PSNPartido Socialista de Navarra
PSNPicture Services Network
PSNPacket Switched Node
PSNPolskie Sieci Nadawcze
PSNParent Support Network
PSNProRodeo Sports News
PSNPhilippine Society of Nephrology
PSNPublic Sector Network
PSNPersonal Safety Network
PSNPlanet Systems Network
PSNPhase Shift Network
PSNPersonal Stress Navigator
PSNPacket Switch Network
PSNPharmacy Services North
PSNParticle Stimulated Nucleation
PSNPackage Sequence Number
PSNPakistan Studies News
PSNPacket Switching Nodes
PSNPrivate Switched Network
PSNPorous Silicon Nanoparticles
PSNPassive Safety Network
PSNPrimary Strategy Network
PSNPlan Sponsor Network
PSNPort Services Network
PSNpain sensitive neurons
PSNPainful sensory neuropathy
PSNParaneoplastic sensory neuronopathy
PSNParaneoplastic sensory neuropathy
PSNpelvic splanchnic nerve
PSNperipheral sensomotoric neuropathy
PSNpersistent spontaneous nociception
PSNpigmented Spitz naevi
PSNpigmented Spitz nevus
PSNpigmented storiform neurofibroma
PSNPlacental site nodule
PSNplainful sensory neuropathy
PSNposterior stomach nerve
PSNpostural support nappy
PSNpre-stimulus negativity
PSNPreganglionic splanchnic nerve
PSNpreganglionic sympathetic nerve
PSNpreganglionic sympathetic nerves
PSNpreganglionic sympathetic neurone
PSNPartido Socialista Nicaraguense
PSNPeer Support Network
PSNPetronian Society Newsletter
PSNPi Sigma Network
PSNPersonal Support Network
PSNprincipal sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve
PSNPharmaceutical Service Network
PSNPick Slip Number
PSNPassive Surveillance Network
PSNPemasaran Simen Negara
PSNProtected Service Network
PSNplacental site trophoblastic nodule
PSNpostoperative spindle cell nodules
PSNpreganglionic cervical sympathetic nerve
PSNpresaccadic slow negative potential
PSNprincipal sensory trigeminal nucleus
PSNProject Scheduler Network
PSNProgressive Spirituality Network
PSNPractitioner Services Network
PSNPreferred Status Number
PSNPolygon Sweet Nice
PSNPakistan Society of Nephrology
PSNpontosubicular neuron necrosis
PSNProduct Safety Newsletter
PSNPublic Switched Networks
PSNPhilippine Solidarity Network
PSNPrivate Supply Networks
PSNPublic Switching Network
PSNProfessional Singles Network
PSNProvider Sponsored Networks
PSNProcessor Sharing Node
PSNProduct Specific Networks
PSNPrivate Satellite Network
PSNPublic Switch Network
PSNPublic Switched NS
PSNPirate Sports Network
PSNProfessional Sports Network
PSNProgressive Student Network
PSNProvider Service Networks
PSNPersonal Satellite Network
PSNParolee Services Network
PSNPrimal Service Node
PSNPentium Serial Number
PSNPhysician Sponsored Networks
PSNPresbyterian Sports Network
PSNPakistan Society of Neurosurgeons
PSNPrimary Storage Nodes
PSNPrivacy Security Network
PSNParole Services Network
PSNParent School Network
PSNPasadena Star News
PSNPlant Standard Network
PSNPolice and Security News
PSNPacket Switch Nodes
PSNProgrammable Services Node
PSNPromotes Safer Neighborhoods
PSNPS3 Symphony of the Night
PSNPacket Switched Nodes
PSNPacket-Switched Node
PSNProfessional Saleswomen of Nevada
PSNProper Shipping Names
PSNPatient Safety Network
PSNProgressive Systems Network
PSNPhysicians Service Network
PSNPinnacle Sports Network
PSNPolish Surname Network
PSNPerformance Standard Number
PSNPiano Spazial Nazionale
PSNPrimary Services Node
PSNProbability Stress Number
PSNPiano Spaziale Nazionale...Italian
PSNPayment Systems Network
PSNPaintball Sports Network
PSNPlateau State Nigeria
PSNProdigy Shopping Network
PSNPaintball Splat Newsgroup
PSNpancreas specific nitrosamines
PSNParties Served with Notice
PSNPhysics Servers in North
PSNPittsburgh Steelers Newsgroup
PSNPjazza San Nikola
PSNPlanetary Science Newsgroups
PSNPlanetary Sciences at the Natio
PSNPlanetary Sciences at the Nation
PSNPlotter Serial Number
PSNPosition and Spontaneous Nystagmus
PSNPoster of Sandra from the Net
PSNPrivate Sale Network
PSNProper Service of Notice
PSNprovisioning sequence number
PSNPuzzletts Speakeasy Network