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What does PRP stand for?

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PRPPotentially Responsible Parties
PRPPsychiatric Rehabilitation Programs
PRPPresidential Recordings Program
PRPPublic Relations Partners
PRPPrimary Responsible Party
PRPPrepared in Response
PRPProgressive Republican Party
PRPPolicy Reform Program
PRPPublic Realm Plan
PRPPool of Resource Persons
PRPPackage Returns Program
PRPProject Review Panel
PRPPerformance Recognition Program
PRPPoverty Reduction Programmes
PRPPittsburgh Raceway Park
PRPProfit Related Pay
PRPPoverty Reduction Papers
PRPProfessional Review Panel
PRPpartido republicano progressista
PRPPersonal Responsibility Plan
PRPPan Retinal Photocoagulation
PRPPerformance Resource Press
PRPProline Rich Proteins
PRPPeer Review Program
PRPPsychology Residency Program
PRPPreferred Rate Program
PRPPolymeric Reversed Phase
PRPPsychotherapy Research Program
PRPPre Requisites Program
PRPPerseus Realty Partners
PRPPremier Racing Products
PRPParty for Progress
PRPPseudo Random Pulse
PRPPeer Review Process
PRPprotracted relief programme
PRPPersonal Restraint Petitions
PRPprocedes roland pigeon
PRPprocurement request package
PRPParty for Renewal and Progress
PRPProline Rich Protein
PRPPenicillin Resistant Pneumococci
PRPPresident and Parliamentarians
PRPProlactin Related Proteins
PRPPeer Resolver Protocol
PRPPrion Protein Precursor
PRPProjection Reference Point
PRPPlanning and Review Panels
PRPPseudo Random Postfix
PRPPolitik Recht Philosophie
PRPProcess Research Products
PRPpotential responsible parties
PRPPerhimpunan Rakyat Pekerja
PRPPropulsion Replacement Program
PRPPacific Resource Partnership
PRPPolyribosyl Ribitol Phosphate
PRPPotential Responsible Party
PRPProgram Review Process
PRPPermanent Relative Placement
PRPPortal Redesign Project
PRPProgram Resource Packet
PRPPre Retirement Planning
PRPPolicing Research Project
PRPPrecision Rolled Products
PRPPersonal Reliability Program
PRPPolyester Ring Panel
PRPPublications Recognition Program
PRPProfessional Retirement Planner
PRPProliferin Related Protein
PRPProgram to Replace
PRPPressure Rate Product
PRPPurdue Research Park
PRP1--Platelet-rich plasma
PRPanti-polyribosyl ribitol phosphate
PRPcollagen-platelet rich plasma
PRPPACAP related peptide
PRPPACAP-related peptide
PRPPC)-reactive protein
PRPpeak respiratory power
PRPPelvic retroperitoneal pneumography
PRPpenicillin-resistant pneumococcal
PRPpenicillinase resistant penicillins
PRPpenicillinase-resistant penicillin
PRPpenicillinase-resistant penicillins
PRPPET reporter probe
PRPPhosphorylcholine-reactive protein
PRPphotolyase regulatory protein
PRPPhysician Resource Planning
PRPphysiologic rest position
PRPphysiological rest position
PRPPlantation Reform Project
PRPplasma resin perfusion
PRPplasma-rich platelets
PRPplatelet rich plasmas
PRPPlatelet-rich plasmapheresis
PRPPlatelet-rich plasmas
PRPplatelets rich plasma
PRPplatetel rich plasma
PRPPLF-related protein
PRPpolymeric reverse phase
PRPPost-rest potentiation
PRPposterior roots potentials
PRPpostictal refractory period
PRPPPACK-platelet-rich plasma
PRPpre-replicative phase
PRPprepared Rehmannia polysaccharide
PRPPrimer recognition proteins
PRPPrimitive Reflex Profile
PRPPRL-regulated protein
PRPPro-rich proteins
PRPprogesterone receptor protein
PRPProgressive rubella panencephalitis
PRPProline-rich peptide
PRPproline-rich phosphoproteins
PRPProline-rich polypeptides
PrPprotease-resistant proteins
PRPproteinase-resistant polypeptides
PrPproteinase-resistant protein
PRPpsoas relaxed position
PRPPTH-related peptide
PRPpulmonary rehabilitation programme
PRPProcess Review Panel
PRPProlactin Releasing Peptide
PRPPeer Review Plan
PRPanti-polyribosylribitol phosphate
PRPHaemophilus influenzae type b capsular polysaccharide
prppas-related proteins
PRPpost-panretinal photocoagulation
PRPPigeon River Project
PRPParliamentary Reform Project
PRPPrecision Resistive Products
PRPProduzione Reti Plastiche
PRPProposed Resource Plan
PrPanti-prion protein
PrPinfectivity-prion protein
PRPP-glycoprotein-related protein
PRPPenicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae
PRPpersistent or recurrent pneumonia
PRPphosphate uptake reaction potential
PRPplatelet enriched plasma
PRPplatelet rich rat plasma
PRPplatelet-enriched plasma
PRPPlatelet-rich citrated plasma
PRPplatelet-rich plasma alone
PRPplatelet-rich plasma method
PRPplatelet-rich plasma samples
PRPpneumococci resistant to penicillin
PRPpoly-ribosyl-ribityl phosphate
PRPpositive range of penetration
PRPPre-Admission Readiness Program
PRPpressure-x-rate product
PRPPrimary Raynaud's Phenomenon
PRPprogram for relapse prevention
PRPrate-pressure product
PrPresistant/prion protein
PRPParty of the Proletariat
PRPPocket Rocket Pro
PRPPublished Relative Performance
PRPPeer Resource Program
PRPPump Relay Panel
PRPPenyakit Radang Panggul
PRPphoto radar program
PRPPotter Raper Partnership
PRPPattern Recognition in Practice
PRPPeel Regional Police
PRPantipolyribose-ribitol phosphate
PRPPromotion Review Panel
PRPPeer Review Package
PRPPLANSPONSOR Retirement Professional
PRPPrimary Reading Programme
PRPPathogenesis Related Proteins
PRPPanretinal laser photocoagulation
PRPpanretinal scatter photocoagulation
PRPplain capsular polysaccharide
PRPPoverty Reduction Partnership
prppre-mRNA processing
PRPPartner Referral Program
PRPPort Royal Plantation
PRPPrinted on Recycled Paper
PRPPhased Retirement Program
PRPPrinciple Responsible Party
PRPPortfolio Review Process
PRPProject Review Process
PRPPartido Republicano Português
PRPprimary retirement plan
PRPProvider Recognition Program
PRPPeople Revolution Party
PRPPneumatically Released Pilot
PRPPowell River Project
PRPPreferred Risk Policies
PRPPolicies Rules and Procedures
PRPPortree Regeneration Partnership
PRPPublic Renewables Partnership
PRPPathogen Reduced Plasma
PRPPrion Related Protein
PRPProbabilistic Routing Policy
PRPprimary reading program
PRPProposal Review Panel

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Note: Acronym Finder has 99 verified definitions for PRP

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