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What does PET stand for?

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PETPositronen Emissions Tomografie
PETPositron Emissions Tomography
PETPosition Emission Tomography
PETProgress Educational Trust
PETProgrammable Electronic Timer
PETProfessional English Training
PETProvocative Energy Techniques
PETPreventing Extremism Together
PETPage an Educational
PETPredictor of Therapy
PETPositron Emission Technology
PETPrivacy Enhancing Techniques
PETPositron Emission Topography
PETPositive Emission Tomography
PETPre Employment Training
PETPositron Emmission Tomography
PETPlastics Engineering Technology
PETPrediction of Tumor
PETPublic Education Trust
PETPerformance of Three
PETPlayer Events Team
PETPoly Ethylene Terephtalate
PETPhysical Education Teaching
PETProjets Educatifs Territoriaux
PETProfessional Education and Training
PETPsychosynthesis Education Trust
PETProfessional Exchanges and Training
PETProduct Evaluation Test
PETPlatform Event Traps
PETPreschool Enrichment Team
PETPancreatic Endocrine Tumors
PETPort Elizabeth Technikon
PETPhysical Education Theory
PETProgram for Excellence in Teaching
PETPan European Trials
PETPORTAL Each of These
PETPacket and Training
PETProductivity Enhancement Training
PETPolarity Ensemble Theatre
PETPotentially Exempt Transfers
PETPre Eclamptic Toxemia
PETPictures of Types
PETPrompt and Echo Type
PETPartial Exchange Transfusion
PETPeritoneal Equilibration Test
PETProfessional Electronics Technician
PETPeroxide Explosive Tester
PETPolitiets Efterretnings Tjeneste
PETPre Eclampsia Toxaemia
PETProgramme for Education and Training
PETProvider Education and Training
PETPeople for Efficient Transportation
PETProcess Equipment Tracking
PETPositron Emmision Tomography
PETPhotonics Education and Training
PETPartnership Evaluation Tool
PETPsychiatric Emergency Team
PETProgramming Environment Training
PETPositron Emision Tomography
PETPorted from That
PETPrevention Education and Treatment
PETPancreatic Endocrine Tumor
PETPayroll Expense Transfer
PETParamount Energy Trust
PETPre Engineering Test
PETPersonal Electronic Translator
PETPositron Electron Tomography
PETProfessional Employment Test
PETPersonal Energy Transportation
PETProductivity Enhancement Tool
PETPrompt Echo Type
PETPreforms for Their
PETPreparation for Elementary Teachers
PETPartners in Equestrian Therapy
PETPosition Emission Topography
PETProfessional Educators of Tennessee
PETPower Engineering Technology
PETPostgraduate Entrance Test
PETPersonal Empowerment Through
PETPeer Educator Training
PETPublic Educators of Texas
PETProcess Engineering Tools
PETpolyester polyethylene terephthalate
PETPositron Emission Tomographies
PETPancreatic Endocrine Tumours
PETPost Employment Training
PETPostitron Emission Tomography
PETPower Evaluation Tool
PETPositron Emision Tomografi
PETPutative Efflux Transporter
PET11)C-NMSP)/positron emission tomography
PET13N]DDP/positron emission tomographic
PET13NH3-positron emission tomography
PET18F-FDG-positron-emission tomography
PET18F-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography
PET18FDG)-positron emission tomography
PET18FDG-Positron emission tomography
PETCBF)-positron emission tomographic
PETCT-plus-positron emission tomography
PETF18-positron emission tomographic
PETFDG)-position-emission tomography
PETFDG)-positron emission tomography
PETFDG)/positron emission tomographic
PETFDG)/positron emission tomography
PETFDG-positron emission tomography
PETFDOPA)-positron emission tomography
PETFdopa)/positron emission tomography
PETFDOPA-positron emission tomography
PETFluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography
PETglucose-positron emission tomography
PETH(2)(15)O]-Positron Emission Tomography
PETH2(15)O-positron emission tomography
PETH215O-positron emission tomographic
PETPain endurance time
PETpapillary epithelial tumors
PETparaffin-embedded tissues
PETparaffin-embedded tumor
PETparaffin-embedded tumors
PETpartial exchange transfusions
PETPartial exchanges transfusion
PETpartially erupted teeth
PETpatulous Eustachian tube
PETPCR epitope tagging
PETpenetrating extremity trauma
PETPerception Evaluation Tool
PETpercutaneous electrical treatments
PETpercutaneous endoscopic tracheostomy
PETpercutaneous endoscopic trigonoplasty
PETperformance evaluation tasks
PETperineal ectopic testes
PETperitoneal equilibration testing
PETPeritoneal equilibration tests
PETperitoneal equilibrium test
PETperitoneal exudate T
PETPermeation Enhancement Technology
PETphoton emission tomography
PETphoton-emission tomography
PETphotosynthetic electron transport
PETphysical exercise therapy
PETphysical exercise training
PETphysiological equivalent temperature
PETposition emission tomographic
PETpositrn emission tomography
PETpositron emission tomegraphy
PETpositron emission tomogram
PETpositron emission tomographs
PETPositron emisson tomography
PETpositron emitting tomography
PETpositron-emission tomograph
PETpositron-emission- tomography
PETpost-exposure therapy
PETPostes Et Telecommunications
PETpostiron emission tomography
PETPre-eclamptic toxemia
PETPre-emptive therapy
PETpre-emptive transplantation
PETPreoperative embolization therapy
PETpreservative efficacy testing
PETpressure equalization tube
PETprimary electron transfer
PETprimary endocrine treatment
PETProblem Elicitation Technique
PETproliferative endometrioid tumors
PETprolonged exercise test
PETprolonged exercise tests
PETproximity extremity trauma
PETpulmonary endodermal tumors
PETputative efflux transporters
PETWIN)-positron emission tomography
PETPlatform Evaluation Test
PETProject Evaluation Tree
Petplasmid-encoded toxin
PETPositron Emission Tomagraphy
PETPhysics for Elementary Teachers
PETPoverty Expenditure Tracking
PETproton emission tomography
PETPsychiatric Evaluation Team
PETPerformance Evaluation Tools
PETPublic Employee Trust
PETPrior to Expiration of Term
PETParliamentarians for East Timor
PETPaperless Employee Travel
PETpolymers such as polyethylene terephthalate
PETPrecision Energy and Technology
PETPersonal Electric Transports
PETPrivacy Enhanced Technologies
PETPassive Eye Tracking System
PETpear shaped extension tube
PETpercutaneous ethanol injection
PETpercutaneous ethanol injection therapy
PETphotosystem II electron transport
PETpositive element for transcription
PETpositron computed tomography
PETPositron Emis ion Tomography
PETPositron Emission Computed Tomography
PETpositron emission computerized tomography
PETpositron emission tomography evaluation

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Note: Acronym Finder has 69 verified definitions for PET

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