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What does PDR stand for?

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PDRProfiles to Different
PDRPortfolio Depositary Receipts
PDRPrimary Dispute Resolution
PDRPersonal Digital Recorders
PDRPhilippine Defense Reform
PDRProfessional Development Reviews
PDRProgram Design & Review
PDRPatient Data Records
PDRPersonal Development Report
PDRPhysical Damage Reduction
PDRProgram Dependent Release
PDRPresidents Dining Room
PDRPopulation and Development Review
PDRPhysicians Drug Reference
PDRPeoples Democratic Republic
PDRPartial Depth Repairs
PDRPalast Der Republik
PDRPolicy Development and Review
PDRPhillips Development Realty
PDRProbability of Default Ratings
PDRPerscription Drug Reference
PDRParty of the Democratic Revolution
PDRPhysicans Desk Reference
PDRPost Delivery Recovery
PDRProvinces and Districts
PDRPermanent Demand Reduction
PDRPartial Disability Rider
PDRprescription drug refill
PDRParty of Democratic Reform
PDRPlan Develop Review
PDRProgram Definition and Risk
PDRPriority Dispatching Rules
PDRProposed Draft Resolutions
PDRPersonal Defense Readiness
PDRPedestrian Dead Reckoning
PDRPerformance Development Review
PDRPhoton Dominated Regions
PDRPortable Document Readers
PDRPurchasing of Development Rights
PDRPhysical Design Review
PDRPrograma de Desarrollo Regional
PDRProject Description and Requirements
PDRProgram Development Reviews
PDRProperty Disposition Report
PDRPhysicians Desktop Reference
PDRProperty Disposition Request
PDRPartai Daulat Rakyat
PDRProfessional Development Record
PDRPolarization Diversity Receiver
PDRport douglas reef
PDRPhoton Dominated Region
PDRPersonal Development Records
PDRPublic Document Repositories
PDRPowder for Reconstitution
PDRPlanned Development Residential
PDRprescription depletion replacement
PDRproject development request
PDRperinatal database registry
PDRposition description report
PDRPerformance Development Reviews
PDRProcedure Documentation Requirements
PDRPersonal Development Reviews
PDRPreliminary Design Reviews
PDRProfessional Development and Review
PDRPort Data Registers
PDRPolicy Decision Request
PDRProfessional Development Review
PDRProgram Definition and Requirements
PDRPrice Donoghue Ridenour
PDRPersonal Dead Reckoning
PDRProgram and Discipline Review
PDRPrograma Desarrollo Rural
PDRProgram Development Requests
PDRPolicy Development and Research
PDRPrivate Dining Rooms
PDRPersonal Data Representatives
PDRPublic Data Ratings
PDRPaging Data Receivers
PDRProduction Design Reviews
PDRPaul Dale Roberts
PDRProgram Delivery Report
PDRParty for Democracy and Renewal
PDRPublishes the Drug
PDRPurchased Development Rights
PDRPublic Development Release
PDRPerformance and Development Reviews
PDRPositive Dispersion Regime
PDRProperty Development Rights
PDRPlanning Development and Rehabilitation
PDRProcessing Data Rate
PDRPest Detection and Response
PDRpancreatico-duodenal resection
PDRpartial dorsal rhizotomy
PDRpathogen-derived resistance
PDRpercent dose reduction
PDRpercentage disappearance rate
PDRpercentage dose recovered
PDRpercentage dose recovery
PDRpericardio-diaphragmatic rupture
PDRperiodontal disease-resistant
PDRPhosphate dialytic removal
PDRPhthalate dioxygenase reductase
PDRPlasma disappearance rate
PDRplatelet dissipation rate
PDRpost-decapitation reflex
PDRpremature delivery rate
PDRPrepatent death rates
PDRpressure-diameter relationship
PDRpretreatment disposition response
PDRprimary drug resistance
PDRprimary drug-resistant
PDRProbing depth reduction
PDRproliferating diabetic retinitis
PDRpronephric duct rudiment
PDRprosthetic diaphragm replacement
PDRpulmonary derived renotropin
PDRpulmonary-derived renotropin
PDRpupil dilation response
PDRPartnership in Development Research
PDRPeterson Dymond Reagor
PDRPoles Ducts and Rights
PDRProgram for Disability Research
PDRPer Domain Reservation
PDRPage DCRP Review
pdrpleiotropic drug resistance
pdrpleiotropic drug-resistance
PDRPublic Defender Retreat
PDRPurchase Development Rights
PDRPutting Down Roots
PDRParish Development and Renewal
PDRProject Delivery Rate
PDRProliferatif Diabetik Retinopati
PDRProduct Design Requests
PDRPulse Detonation Rocket
PDRPacific Defense Reporter
PDRParkinson's disease, right
PDRpartial lumbosacral dorsal rhizotomy
PDRPatellar dislocation and relocation
PDRPerchlorate-denatured ribonuclease A
PDRPhysician's Desk Reference
PDRpleiotropic multi-drug resistant
PDRpost-stress diabetic response
PDRpotentials of dorsal roots
PDRpulsed dose irradiation
PDRpulsed dose rate brachytherapy
PDRpulsed dose-rate irradiation
PDRpulsed irradiation regimens
PDRpulsed low dose rate
PDRPurchasing Department Requisitions
PDRProliferative Diabetische Retinopathie
PDRPhysician Disk Reference
PDRPractice Development Reviews
PDRPacific Data Resources
PDRPhilippine Depositary Receipts
PDRPersonal Defense Rifle
PdrNADH-putidaredoxin reductase
PDRPersonal Diabetes Records
PDRPhilippine Depository Receipts
PDRPhysically Disabled Resource
PDRProgressive Drive and Radiation
PDRProliferativer Diabetischer Retinopathie
PDRPersonal Data Repository
PDRPost-decapitation seizures
PDRPreventable Death Rate
PDRPersonal Data Recorder
PDRProfile Disk Recorders
PDRPainless Dent Repair
PDRProcurement Department Reporting
PDRParti Di Ricambio
PDRPlanning Development Rehabilitation
PDRPortable Data Readers
PDRProject Delivery Report
PDRPulsed Dose Rate
PDRPhysicians Diagnostics Rehabilitation
PDRParent Daily Report
PDRPakistan Development Review
PDRPartai Demokrasi Rakyat
PDRPartnerships for Disaster
PDRProcessing Distribution and Retailing
PDRProduct Design Review
PDRProgram Debt Reporting
PDRPersonal Desktop Robotics
PDRPost Disturbance Review
PDRPresidente Della Regione
PDRProcesses Development Review
PDRPolarization Dependent Responsivity
PDRPolicyholder Dividend Reserves
PDRProfessional Development Reports
PDRProposed Defect Reports
PDRPhysical Damage Reduced
PDRPhysical Damage Resistance
PDRPurchase of Developmental Rights
PDRPhoto Dominated Regions
PDRPortable Data Recorder
PDRProblem Description Reports
PDRProperty Disclosure Report
PDRPerformance and Development Records
PDRPhysical Data Rate

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Note: Acronym Finder has 99 verified definitions for PDR

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