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What does PASS stand for?

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PASSPriority Academic Student Skills
PASSProfessional Association of SQL Server
PASSProof of Age Schemes
PASSPayments as A Secure Service
PASSPrograms for Academic Support Services
PASSPicture Archiving and Sharing Standard
PASSPlan to Achieve Self Support
PASSPerformance Assessment System for Students
PASSPlans for Achieving Self Support
PASSPersonal Alert Safety Systems
PASSPeople Access Security Service
PASSProgram in Advanced Security Studies
PASSPeer Assisted Study Sessions
PASSPlan for Self Sufficiency
PASSProgram for Spring Semester
PASSPotential Acid Sulphate Soils
PASSPartnership for the Assessment
PASSPro All Stars Series
PASSPortable Assisted Study Sequence
PASSPull Aim Squeeze Sweep
PASSPerformance Analysis System Software
PASSPhysician Assistant Student Society
PASSProgram of Atlantic Security Studies
PASSPolish American Social Services
PASSProfessional Association of Support Services
PASSPartnership to Advance School Success
PASSPsychology Arts and Sciences Society
PASSPartnership for Achieving Successful Schools
PASSParental Access Support System
PASSPlanning Attention Simultaneous and Successive
PASSPsychology Arts and Sciences
PASSPlanning and Scheduling System
PASSParsippany Animal Supporters Society
PASSProcurement Access and Solicitation System
PASSPromoting Access and Success for Students
PASSPersonal Assistance Services and Supports
PASSParental After School Stress
PASSPerforming Arts Summer School
PASSPeople Access Security Services
PASSPan African START Secretariat
PASSProof of Age Standards Scheme
PASSPower Accounting System Software
PASSProvenance Aware Storage Systems
PASSPlan for Achieving Self Sufficiency
PASSPortable Appliance Safety Services
PASSProfessional Administrative Support Services
PASSPublic Awareness and Schools Support
PASSPull Aim Squeeze and Sweep
PASSPersonalized Achievement Summary System
PASSPeers Are Staying Straight
PASSProxy Accept Socket Service
PASSPhoenix Area Social Survey
PASSParents Assuring Student Success
PASSPrediction of Activity Spectra for Substances
PASSParent Authorization Security System
PASSPlans to Achieve Self Support
PASSPreparing Alabama Students for Success
PASSProstate Awareness and Support Society
PASSPan American Summer Stock
PASSPro Am Sports System
PASSPhysical and Sensory Support
PASSPathways for All Students to Succeed
PASSPan African Space Station
PASSProgram at the Social Security
PASSPan Atlantic Student Summit
PASSPage Steps to Success
PASSPeer Assisted Study Scheme
PASSPeople Access Security System
PASSPortland Area Sailplane Society
PASSPsychologists and Social Services
PASSPublic Administration Student Society
PASSplan to achieve self sufficiency
PASSParents Achieving Self Sufficiency
PASSPatient Acceptable Symptomatic State
PASSPersonal Authentication and Security Services
PASSProduct Acoustic Signature System
PASSPersonal Assistance Support Scheme
PASSProvides A Snapshot of Student
PASSPractice Assessment Strengthen Skills
PASSPublic Alternative Secondary School
PASSPlans to Achieve Self Sufficiency
PASSPredetermined Amortization Schedule System
PASSProfessional Accountability Support System
PASSPlan A Student Schedule
PASSPost Adoption Support Services
PASSPet Aid Service Society
PASSPhysical Acoustics Summer School
PASSProgram Analysis of Service Systems
PASSPrevention for A Safer Society
PASSProfessional Airway Systems Specialists
PASSPerception of Ability Scale for Students
PASSPregnancy Aid South Suburbs
PASSPrimary After School Sports
PASSParallel Alternative Strategies for Students
PASSProfessional Automated Self Study
PASSPacking and Shipping Specialists
PASSPrograms in Social Studies
PASSPain Anxiety Symptoms Scale
PASSPremium Arthroscopic Suture Shuttle
PASSPlan A Safe Strategy
PASS2D-phase-altered spinning sidebands
PASSPain Anxiety Symptom Scale
PASSPanic Associated Symptoms Scale
PASSPanic attack symptom score
PASSPanic-Associated Symptom Scale
PASSPartners for Achieving School Success
PASSpatient-administered sequential spirometry
PASSPenn Alumni Student Society
PASSphysical activity social support
PASSPlanning, Attention, Simultaneous, Successive
PASSPsoriasis Assessment Severity Score
PASSpsychological and social strain
PASSPartnership for Achieving Student Success
PASSPermit Application Software System
PASSPrague Atlantic Student Summit
PASSPiracetam Acute Stroke Study
PASSPiracetam in Acute Stroke Study
PASSPlanning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive
PASSpleated, anastomosing, single septum septates
PASSPractical Applicability of Saruplase Study
PASSPrice Area Singletrack Society
PASSPublic Administration Students Society
PASSPeer Assisted Study Session
PASSPerformance Assessment Scoring System
PASSPennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey
PASSProcurement Advice and Support Service
PASSProduction Assistant Software System
PASSPenn Arab Student Society
PASSPersonal Assistant Support Service
PASSProfessional Automation Support Services
PASSProgram for Africa S Seed
PASSProcessing, and Successive Processing
PASSPartners for After School Success
PASSPlymouth Academic Support Services
PASSProfessional Air Shuttle Service
PASSPay-roll Accounting and Settlement System
PASSPortable Air Supply System
PASSProducer Application Submission System
PASSPull Aim Squeeze Spray
PASSPhonemic Awareness Skills Screening
PASSPractitioner Advice and Support Scheme
PASSProfessional Aviation Safety Specialists
PASSPlacement Advising and Scheduling System
PASSProcess Automation Solutions and Services
PASSProgram for Advanced Standing Students
PASSportsmouth alternative secondary school
PASSPre Admission Screening Service
PASSPromoting Aboriginal Student Success
PASSPartnerships Assisting Student Success
PASSProgram in Asian Security Studies
PASSPain Agitation and Sedation Scale
PASSPost Accident Sampling System
PASSPeer Assisted Study Support
PASSParents About School Safety
PASSPersonal Assistance Supports and Services
PASSPortland Area Soaring Society
PASSPositive Approach to Student Success
PASSProfessional Advisory Service for Students
PASSPerformance Analysis Support System
PASSPerformance Assessment of Self-Care Skills
PASSPersonnel Assisted Security Screening
PASSPostural Assessment Scale for Stroke patients
PASSPhysical Assessment Sub System
PASSPlan Archival Storage Systems
PASSPreferred Access Speedway Seating
PASSProgram in Aegean Scripts
PASSPatient Acceptable Symptom State
PASSPackerland Amateur Skywarn Society
PASSPeople Advocating Small Schools
PASSPostpartum Adjustment Support Services
PASSPersonal Armour Systems Symposium
PASSProgram to Achieve Self Sufficiency
PASSPersonal Assistance Support Services
PASSPostsecondary Access Student Scholarship
PASSProcurement Automated Support System
PASSPublic Affairs Support Services
PASSPerformance Analysis Service for Schools
PASSPacific Assessment Systems and Services
PASSPerformance Analysis Software System
PASSProfessional and Academic Skills for Students
PASSPupil Attitude to Self and School
PASSPacific American Student Services
PASSPeer Assisted Support Scheme
PASSPrivate Agricultural Sector Support
PASSProfessional Advancement Success Systems
PASSPetroleum Abstracts Search Service
PASSPhysical Activity in Scottish Schoolchildren
PASSPolynomial Authentication and Signature Scheme
PASSPerformance Assessment for Students
PASSPersonnel Access Safety System
PASSPleasanton Adult Sunday Soccer
PASSProgramme for Alternative Student Support
PASSPropertyBoss Annual Subscription Service
PASSPublication of the Astronomical Society
PASSParent Advocates Seeking Solutions
PASSParent and Student Savings
PASSPost Assistance Self Sufficiency
PASSPoverty Assessment Study Survey
PASSProcalcitonin and Survival Study

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Note: Acronym Finder has 66 verified definitions for PASS

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