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What does PAR stand for?

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PARProperty Assessment Report
PARProvides the American
PARPublic Administration Review
PARPeer Assistance and Review
PARPlace and Route
PARPeople Advocating Recovery
PARPhysical Activity Readiness
PARPhotosynthetic Active Radiation
PArPressure of Argon
PARPowered by A Rechargeable
PARPolicy Analysis and Review
PARPennsylvania Association of REALTORS
PARProtease Activated Receptor
PARPost Approval Research
PARPetition for Administrative Review
PARPoly ADP Ribose
PARPrinceton Applied Research
PARpas assez reconnu
PARProject Assessment Report
PARPension Adjustment Reversal
PARProteinase Activated Receptor
PARPsychological Assessment Reports
PARProtective Action Response
PARphoto amateur rencontres
PARProtease Activated Receptors
PARPayment Analysis Report
PARPeer Assistance Review
PARPublic Administration Resources
PARPolicies and Release
PARPractice Applied Research
PARPhysical Address Register
PARpersonal animation recorder
PARPublic Advisory Roundtable
PARPolicy Action Research
PARPhotosynthetic Available Radiation
PARPrior Authorization Requests
PARPre Authorized Remittance
PARPreferencia Arancelaria Regional
PARPrior Approval Required
PARperiodic accreditation review
PARPoverty Assessment Report
PARProductivity Advancement Research
PARPay After Reading
PARPlanar Adaptive Routing
PARPensacola Association of Realtors
PARPhysics and Astronomy Research
PARPermanent Amusement Rides
PARPlanning Association for the Richmond
PARPersonnel Activity Reporting
PARPerimeter Area Ratio
PARPlan Amendment Report
PARProposed Amended Rules
PARPhysical Activity Recall
PARPeople for Animal Rights
PARphysical activities read
PARPersonal Activity Reports
PARPost Acute Rehabilitation
PARProgram Against Racism
PARPop All Registers
PARPSource Asian Recovery
PARpatient accounts receivable
PARPersonnel Administration Rules
PARPublic Accounting Report
PARPerformance and Art
PARProgressive Aboriginal Relations
PARPerformance Activity Reports
PARPoverty Analysis Report
PARPNNI Augmented Routing
PARPage Address Register
PARPublic Administrative Reform
PARPosition Authorization Request
PARPerformance Accountability Report
PARProvider Analysis and Review
PARPretreatment Annual Report
PARPayroll Action Request
PARProject Appraisal Reports
PARPeer Assessment Rating
PARProperty Analysis Record
PARPhysician Achievement Review
PARPlant Aging Research
PARPractice as Research
PARPrograms at Risk
PARPrecipitation And Runoff
PARPersonnel Action Requests
PARPatient Activity Report
PARPeriodic Access Review
PARPublic Access Room
PARPension Adjustment Reversals
PARPa Association of Resources
PARPeople Animals Robots
PARProject Appraisal Report
PARProcess Activity Reporter
PARProject Authorization Requests
PARProfessional Association of Residents
PARPeople Against Racism
PARProgress and Achievements Report
PARPembantu Am Rendah
PARProjected Average Return
PARPre Activity Readiness
PARPayroll Audit Record
PARProfessional Advantage Realty
PARPhysical Activity Ratio
PARPennsylvania Association of Resources
PARProjects and Review
PARPCI Address Register
PARPersonal and Academic Records
PARPhotosyntetically Active Radiation
PARProject Adequate Roads
PARProject Authorisation Request
PARProgrammable Address Region
PARProstate Androgen Regulated
PARPeople Against Rape
PARPersonne A Retourner
PARProcessing Analysis and Reporting
PARProfile Audit Review
PARPrimavera Authorized Representatives
PARPattern Analysis and Recognition
PARPublic Access Routes
PARpalate--alveolar ridge
PARpassive anterior rhinomanometer
PARPassive Anterior Rhinomanometry
PARpassive avoidance reaction
PARpassive avoidance reactions
PARpassive avoidance reflexes
PARPassive Avoidance Response
PARpassive avoidance responses
PARpassive-avoidance response
PARPathological Alteration Ratio
PARPatient Assessment Record
PARpeak area ratio
PARpeak area ratios
PARPeer Assesment Rating
PARpenile acceleration ratio
PARperimeter-area ratio
PARperipheral actin rim
PARperipheral arterial resistance
PARperipheral arterial revascularization
PARperipheral arteriolar resistances
PARpersons at risk
PARpharyngeal acid reflux
PARphotonuclear activation ratio
PARphotoreceptor alignment reflectometer
PARphotosensitized area ratio
PARphysical activity rate
PARphysical activity ratios
PARphysical activity restrictions
PARphysicochemical-activity relations
PARplain abdominal radiograph
PARplain abdominal roentgenogram
PARplain abdominal roentgenography
PARPlasma active renin
PARplasma appearance rate
PARplasma appearance rates
PARplasminogen activation rate
PARPlatelet Aggregate Ratio
PARPlatelet aggregate ratios
PARplatelet aggregates ratio
PARPlatelet aggregation rate
PARplatelet aggregation ratio
PARPlatelet aggregation ratios
PARplatelet aggregation response
PARPlt aggregation ratio
PARPolice Accident Reports
PARpolymerized-albumin receptor
PARPopulation attributable risks
PARpopulation attributive risk
PARPost Anesthetic Recovery
PARpost-anesthetic recovery
PARpost-auricular response
PARposterior aortic root
PARposterior ascending ramus
PARpotential accident reduction
PARpreferred azimuth range
PARpressure at rest
PARprimary activation ratio
PARprimary allergic reactions
PARprimary allergic response
PARprogressive atrophic rhinitis
PARproliferation/apoptotic ratio
PARproportional attributable risk
PARprotein accretion rate
PARprotein appearance rate
PARproteolysis activated receptors
PARproximal accessory region
PARproximal alveolar regions
PARPseudo-Allergic Reactions
PARpseudo-autosomal region
PARpulmonary airway resistance
PARpulmonary arterial resistance
PARPulmonary artery resistance
PARpulmonary artery ring
PARpulmonary artery rupture
PARpulmonary autograft replacement
PARPulse amplitude ratio
PARreceptor/protease-activated receptor
PARProfessional Association for Retardation

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Note: Acronym Finder has 151 verified definitions for PAR

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