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What does PAP stand for?

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PAPProcurement Action Plan
PAPProfessional Advisory Panel
PAPProgram Assistance Program
PAPProfessional Academic Program
PAPPartido Aprista Peruano
PAPPrioritised Action Plan
PAPPatient Assistance Programs
PAPPublications Assistance Program
PAPPasses the Password
PAPPrinciples And Practices
PAPProject Advisory Panel
PAPPositive Axis Point
PAPProfessional Appraisal Practice
PAPProgram Advisory Panel
PAPPan African Parliament
PAPProjects Activities and Programs
PAPPardons and Paroles
PAPProtected Area Permit
PAPPhysician Assistance Program
PAPPrinceton Architectural Press
PAPPriority Actions Programme
PAPPrograms and Activities Promote
PAPPeer Advocate Program
PAPParticipatory Action Planning
PAPPerformance Appraisal Plans
PAPpancreatitis associated protein
PAPPublic Affairs Panel
PAPProfiles Asia Pacific
PAPPokeweed Antiviral Protein
PAPPrepare the Protocol
PAPPoly A Polymerase
PAPPlacental Anticoagulant Protein
PAPPhysician Advisory Panel
PAPPassword Authentification Protocol
PAPParticipatory Assessment and Planning
PAPPorcupine Abyssal Plain
PAPProvincial Action Plan
PAPPartnership Action Plan
PAPpersonnel action plan
PAPPlastic Aluminum Plastic
PAPPersonnel Assignment Process
PAPPassive Aggressive Personality
PAPPDGFA Associated Protein
PAPProgram Against Poverty
PAPPractice Advisory Panel
PAPPractice Assessment Program
PAPProgram Activity Project
PAPProcedures to Address Problems
PAPParticipant Action Plan
PAPProspectors Assistance Program
PAPPassword Authentication Procedure
PAPParents as Partners
PAPPre Authorized Payments
PAPPre Admissions Program
PAPParambikulam Aliyar Project
PAPPurple Acid Phosphatases
PAPPDGF Associated Protein
PAPPeoples Action Party
PAPPractices and Procedures
PAPPersons Affected by the Project
PAPPeroxidase Anti Peroxidase
PAPPoils Aux Pattes
PAPPublic Assistance Programme
PAPPitcher Abuse Points
PAPPulmonary Artery Pressures
PAPPractice Assessment Panel
PAPProject and Persons
PAPPrivileged Access Password
PAPPoisson Auto Propulse
PAPProject Affected Persons
PAPProduction Automation Project
PAPPort Authority of Piraeus
PAPPrescription Assistance Program
PAPProgressive Alliance Party
PAPPrescription Assistance Programs
PAPPriority Access Program
PAPPopulation Analysis Profile
PAPPhysicians Assistance Program
PAPPriority Action Plan
PAPPolicies And Plans
PAPPunjab Armed Police
PAPPalestine Arab Party
PAPPractical Aspects of PROLOG
PAPPeople Awakening Project
PAPParticipatory Anthropic Principle
PAPPaxillin Associated Protein
PAPPorsche Audi Parts
PAPPDES Application Protocol
PAPProfessional Assessment Program
PAPPopulation Action Plan
PAPProtein Annotation Pipeline
PAPProvide Assistance to Part
PAPPublication Assistee Par
PAPPopulation Association of Pakistan
PAPProspective Adoptive Parents
PAPPublic Access Point
PAPPancreatic Associated Protein
PAPProgrammatic Assessment Plan
PAPPlatelet Aggregation Profiler
PAPPromoter Analysis Pipeline
PAPProstatic Acid Phosphotase
PAPParty of Armenia PPA
PAPPouchou and Pichoir
PAPPremium Annual Pass
PAPPlein Air Painters
PAPParalegal Association PPA
PAPParticipant Assistance Program
PAPProgram Advanced Planning
PAPPrimary Atypical Pneumonia
PAPPenilaian Acuan Patokan
PAPPAN Access Profile
PAPPyelonephritis Associated Pilus
PAPPlanning Area Plan
PAPProtected Areas Project
PAPPerformance Assurance Project
PAPProject Affected People
PAPProfessional Assistance Program
PAPACTH-peroxidase anti-peroxidase
PAPanti-CD19)-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPanti-CD7)-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPanti-CD7-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPanti-prostatic acid phosphatase
PAPB43(anti-CD19)-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPB43-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPCD4-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPmarkers--prostate acid phosphatase
PAPpancreatis associated protein
PAPpancreatitis-associated proteins
PAPparallel aortic pump
PAPParaneoplastic acute polyarthritis
PAPparticle-associated protozoa
PAPpeak airway pressures
PAPpeak airways pressure
PAPpeak arterial pressure
PAPPedigree Analysis Program
PAPpercutaneous aspirative puncture
PAPperioperative antibiotic prophylaxis
PAPPeripheral arterial pressure
PAPperoxidase anti--peroxidase
PAPperoxidase, anti-peroxidase
PAPperoxidase- anti-peroxidase
PAPperoxidase-anti- peroxidase
PAPpersonal air purifier
PAPphenol-atabrine paste
PAPphosphatidic acid phosphatase
PAPPhosphatidic acid phosphohydrolase
PAPPhytolacca americana protein
PAPpial arterial pressure
PAPPial artery pressure
PAPPlasma alkaline phosphatase
PAPplasminogen activation peptide
PAPplatelet aggregating protein
PAPplatelet-agglutinating protein
PAPPokeweed antiviral protein
PAPPokeweed antiviral proteins
PAPPol accessory protein
PAPpopulation attributable proportion
PAPpost-axial polydactyly
PAPpostganglionic action potential
PAPpotato acid phosphatase
PAPpotential acuity pinhole
PAPpremarital abortion permissiveness
PAPpreoperative antibiotic prophylaxis
PAPprimary alveolar proteinosis
PAPprimary-assisted patency
PAPPrivate Attending Pediatricians
PAPpropagating action potentials
PAPprophenoloxidase-activating proteinase
PAPproPO activating proteinase
PAPprostate acid phosphatases
PAPprostatic acid phosphatases
PAPProstatic acid phosphate
PAPProtruding aortic plaques
PAPproximal arterial pressure
PAPPSA, acid phosphatase
PAPPseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia
PAPPsychomotor Activation Programme
PAPpuerperal affective psychosis
PAPPulmonary alvelolar proteinosis
PAPpulmonary alveolar phospholipoproteinosis
PAPpulse arterial pressure
PAPPure acute Pandysautonomia
PAPpure Astragalus preparation
pAPpurified alkaline phosphatase
PAPpyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization
PAPrat-prostatic acid phosphatase
PAPTP3-pokeweed antiviral protein
PAPWestern-blot-peroxidase anti-peroxidase
PAPPole Aerial Photography
PAPPachacamac Archaeological Project
PAPProcessed Animal Proteins

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Note: Acronym Finder has 101 verified definitions for PAP

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