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What does PAF stand for?

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PAFParents Annual Fund
PAFPackaging Automation Forum
PAFPublic Affairs Foundation
PAFPostcode Address File
PAFPrison Arts Foundation
PAFPatient Assistance Fund
PAFPublic Access Files
PAFProxy Advisory Firms
PAFPolicy Analysis and Formulation
PAFPerforming Arts Forum
PAFPlatform Animation Festival
PAFProgrammable Almost Full
PAFProfessional Application Form
PAFPurchase Agreement Forms
PAFPark Avenue Fertility
PAFPunk Ass Fraggers
PAFPage to A Friend
PAFprocesso administrativo fiscal
PAFPlushies and Furries
PAFPollution Abatement Facility
PAFPreventing Academic Failure
PAFPreliminary Application Forms
PAFPerformance Assessment and Feedback
PAFPrimary Air Fan
PAFPerformance Assessment Frameworks
PAFPolish American Foundation
PAFPoverty Alleviation Funds
PAFPersonnel Action Forms
PAFPoverty Action Fund
PAFPortal Application Framework
PAFPremature Anti Fascists
PAFProperty Acquisition Fund
PAFPre Approved Framework
PAFPostcode and Address Finder
PAFProvidence Alaska Foundation
PAFPerformance A Far
PAFPromote A Faculty
PAFPlant Availability Factor
PAFProposals in FP7
PAFpreliminary approval form
PAFPakistani Air Force
PAFPostal Address Files
PAFParliamentary Advisory Forum
PAFPre Accession Facility
PAFPublicly Available Funds
PAFPolitical Action Forum
PAFPoliposis Adenomatosa Familiar
PAFPatent Application Fund
PAFPower Actuated Fasteners
PAFPlatelet Aggregating Factor
PAFPalestinian Arab Front
PAFPower Actuated Fastening
PAFPlacement Acceptance Form
PAFPharmaceutical Advisory Forum
PAFPlatelet Activation Factor
PAFPersonal Ancestry File
PAFProtestant Action Force
PAFProposal Approval Form
PAFPhoenix Anime Fest
PAFPolitical Action Fund
PAFPayroll Authorization Forms
PAFPalladium Athletic Facility
PAFpoverty alleviation fund
PAFPolipose Adenomatosa Familiar
PAFPearl Academy of Fashion
PAFProtein Analysis Facility
PAFPacific Air Freighters
PAFPaste and Forget
PAFPayment Adjustment Factor
PAFPostal Address Finder
PAFPayroll Action Form
PAFPayload Attachment Fitting
PAFPay Action Form
PAFProduction Area Frederick
PAFProgramme Acceleration Funds
PAFPortland Advertising Federation
PAFPlatelet Aggregation Factor
PAFPrice Adjustment Factors
PAFPremature Atrial Fibrillation
PAFPension Adjustment Fund
PAFPermanent Auction Facility
PAFPacific Air Forces
PAFPhysician Assistant Foundation
PAFPolish Art Foundation
PAFPerformance Analysis Fundamentals
PAFPerformance Art Festival
PAFPosition Action Form
PAFPerforming Arts Foundation
PAFPerformance Assurance Framework
PAFPublic Archaeology Facility
PAFPublic Administration Forum
PAFPre Approved Furlough
PAFPrevention Appraisal and Failure
PAFPerformance Assessment Forms
PAFProject Affected Families
PAFPersonal Ancestor File
PAFProcessing Acknowledgement Form
PAFPerformance Appraisal Form
PAFPersonnel Action File
PAFPan Asia Footwear
PAFPayroll Authorization Form
PAFPayroll Action Forms
PAFPacific American Foundation
PAF1-alkyl-/1-acyl-platelet-activating factor
PAF3H-platelet activating factor
PAF3H-platelet-activating factor
PAF3H]platelet activating factor
PAF3H]platelet-activating factor
PAF52021--platelet activating factor
PAFanti-platelet activating factor
PAFanti-platelet-activating factor
PAFBACKGROUND--Platelet activating factor
PAFfailure--pure autonomic failure
PAFhormones--platelet activation factor
PAFL-platelet-activating factor
PAFlyso-platelet activating factor
PAFLyso-platelet-activating factor
PAFMIP)-2/platelet-aggregating factor
PAFnM-platelet-activating factor
PAFpara-aortic foci
PAFparoxismal atrial fibrillation
PAFparoxysmal arterial fibrillation
PAFpemphigus acantholysis factor
PAFperipheral autonomic failure
PAFperitoneal/ascitic fluid
PAFpermanent atrial fibrillation
PAFperoxisome assembly factor
PAFpersistent atrial fibrillation
PAFPersonality Assessment Form
PAFphagocytosis-augmenting factor
PAFphysiological adaptation factors
PAFpicric acid-formalin
PAFPioneer Aluminium Factory
PAFplain abdominal films
PAFplasminogen activating factor
PAFplatelet activating factors
PAFplatelet activaty factor
PAFPlatelet active factor
PAFplatelet adhesive factor
PAFplatelet- activating factor
PAFPlatelet-activated factor
PAFPlatelet-activating factors
PAFplatelet-activity factor
PAFplatelets activating factor
PAFpolynuclear aromatic fraction
PAFPolyvinyl alcohol foam
PAFpopulation-attributable fraction
PAFpose asymmetry factors
PAFposterior auditory field
PAFpostural asymmetry factor
PAFposture asymmetry factor
PAFposture asymmetry factors
PAFpotentially affected fraction
PAFPremenstrual Assessment Form
PAFpreserved adrenal function
PAFpressure amplification factor
PAFprimary autonomic failure
PAFprimary adequate function
PAFprimary afferent fiber
pAFprimary aggregation factor
PAFprimary auditory field
PAFprimary' autonomic failure
PAFProgram Audit Form
PAFprogressive autonomic failure
PAFproportion altering factor
PAFproximal accessory flexor
PAFPseudomonas agar F
PAFpulmonary arterial flow
PAFpure autonomic failure
PAFto-platelet-activating factor
PAFPersonnal Ancestral File
PAFPhiladelphia Archaeological Forum
PAFPoverty Action Funds
PafPrfA-activating factor
PAFPosition Authorization Form
PAFPerformance Aerated Filter
PAFPacific American Fisheries
PAFParent Advisory Forum
PAFProject Assessment Forms
PAFProcessing and Archiving Facilities
PAFPhilippines Air Force
PAFaspiration and feeding
PAFpancreatitis-induced ascitic fluid
PAFpeak arterial flow rate
PAFperiodic access to food
PAFplacental acidic isoferritin
PAFplatelet activating factor C16
PAFplatelet activating factor-acether
PAFplatelet-activating factor receptor
PAFplatelet-activating factor-acether
PAFPleural and ascitic fluids
PAFPolish Aikido Federation
PAFpopulation attributable risk fraction
PAFposterior auditory cortical field
PAFprimary autonomic failure alone
PAFpulmonary arterial blood flow

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Note: Acronym Finder has 69 verified definitions for PAF

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