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What does PAD stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
PADPreferred Accounts Division
PADPacket Assembly Disassembly
PADpacket assembly/disassembly
PADPrograms and Automated
PADProgram and the Administration
PADParents Against Drugs
PADPanic Anxiety Disorder
PADProvide Assessment Data
PADPeer Authorization Database
PADProtected Areas and Development
PADPanic Anxiety Disorders
PADParties and Democratic
PADProgram Administration and Development
PADPublic Access Defibrillator
PADPatient Advocate Designation
PADProject Appraisal Documents
PADPublisher Authority Database
PADProgram from the Database
PADProtocol Anomaly Detection
PADPolitical Art Documentation
PADPowerhouse Arts District
PADProvision for Adverse Deviation
PADpitch and dimensions
PADPublic Access to Defibrillation
PADPortable Application Descriptions
PADPrior Art Database
PADProfessional Automotive Detailing
PADPlans And Drawings
PADPublic Administration and Development
PADProgramme Associated Data
PADPrimary Afferent Depolarization
PADProject Accounting Data
PADPulse Amperometric Detection
PADPublic Affairs Division
PADPersistent Academic Disabilities
PADprocesso administrativo disciplinar
PADPlan Area Development
PADPeople Alliance for Democracy
PADPolymer Assisted Deposition
PADPacket Assembly and Disassembly
PADPolicy Administration Division
PADPre Authorized Deposit
PADProtecting Animals in Democracy
PADProblem Analysis Diagram
PADPacket Assembler Dissembler
PADPreservation Archiving and Dissemination
PADPublishers Authority Database
PADPatience and Discipline
PADPulsed Amperometric Detector
PADPetroleum Affairs Division
PADPunjab Agriculture Department
PADPacket Access Device
PADPakistan Association of Dermatologists
PADPurposefully in Art and Design
PADPulse Arrhythmia Detection
PADParticipation at A Distance
PADPsychiatric Advance Directives
PADPatient Administration Department
PADPolymer Analysis Division
PADPrivate Accommodation Database
PADPrimary AWACS Display
PADPhotodiode Array Detector
PADPacket Assembler and Disassembler
PADPreliminary Application Document
PADProfessional Association of Diving
PADProbabilistic Anomaly Detection
PADPrimate Aging Database
PADPage Also Discussed
PADPacific Australia Direct
PADPublic Administration Department
PADPre Authorized Debits
PADPropellant Actuated Devices
PADPhotogrammetric Applications Division
PADProject Apprisal Document
PADPrematurity Awareness Day
PADProperty Auction Directory
PADParent Action on Drugs
PADPortable Antiquities Database
PADProject Access Dallas
PADPaper Assistive Device
PADPartnership for African Development
PADPersistently or Acutely Disabled
PADPersonal Address Directory
PADPragmatic Agile Development
PADPhenylacrylic Acid Decarboxylase
PADPeripheral Advanced Design
PADPassage Assessment Database
PADPulse Amperometric Detector
PADPunjab Archaeology Department
PADPial Arterial Diameter
PADPrograms After Dark
PADPortal Administration and Development
PADProtein Arginine Deiminase
PADProgramme Area Director
PADPennsylvania Avenue Development
PADPreliminary Assessment Document
PADPortal Access Direct
PADPopulation Adjusted Dose
PADProtective Action Distance
PADPerformance Assessment Directorate
PADPressione Arteriosa Diastolica
PADPlanned Availability Date
PADPopulation Adjusted Doses
PADPhenolic Acid Decarboxylase
PADPulmonary Artery Diastolic
PADPartnerships Against Domestic
PADPeace Athabasca Delta
PADPIMCO Advisors Distributors
PADPacket Assembling Disassembling
PADPhotoelectron Angular Distribution
PADPhoenix Association of the Deaf
PADPatient Assessment Device
PADPenghasilan Asli Daerah
PADHPAEC)-pulsed amperometric detection
PADpaired availability design
PADpanic attack disorders
PADpartial azygos disconnection
PADpatent arterial duct
PADpatent arterial ductus
PADPediatric Asthma Diary
PADpelvic adhesive disease
PADPentavalent antimonial derivatives
PADPercutaneous abscess drainage
PADpercutaneous access device
PADPercutaneous access devices
PADperiferal arterial disease
PADperiodic alternating drift
PADperipheral arteriovascular disease
PADperipheral atherosclerotic disease
PADpermanent antiarrhythmic devices
PADPerturbed Angular Distribution
PADphase angle difference
PADphenolic acid decarboxylases
PADphotodiode-array detection
PADpial artery diameter
PADpial artery dilation
PADportal-azygos disconnection
PADporto-arterial differences
PADpossibly avoidable death
PADposterior arch deficiency
PADpre-amplification denaturation
PADpremature atrial depolarization
PADPreoperative autologous donation
PADPrimary Affective Disorder
PADPrimary Affective Disorders
PADprimary afferent depolarisation
PADprimary afferent depolarisations
PADprimary afferent depolarizations
PADprimary afferent depolrization
PADprimary after discharge
PADprimary antibody deficiency
pADprobable Alzheimer disease
PADpsoriasiform acral dermatitis
PADpulmonary arterial diameter
PADpulsatile assist device
PADPakistan Association of the Deaf
PADPittsburgh Association of the Deaf
PADPhoto Activated Disinfection
PADPublic Assistance Desk
PADPhoto Archive Database
PADProduct and Application Development
PADProgram Appraisal Document
PADPunjab Archeology Department
PADPacket Assember Disassembler
PADPersonal Appearance Date
PADPosition and Azimuth Determining
PADPlanned Area Developments
PADpatients with anxiety disorder
PADPercutaneous catheter abscess drainage
PADperipheral arterial occlusive disease
PADPolar Angle Distribution
PADposterior anterior-hypothalamic deafferentation
PADPreoperative autologous blood donation
PADpresenile Alzheimer-type dementia
PADprimary afferent depolarising action
PADprobable Alzheimer's disease
PADProgram on Applied Demographics
PADpulmonary administration of drug
PADPalo Alto Division
PADProfessional Application Development
PADPublic Access Device
PADPassive Air Defence
PADPassive Alert Dog
PADProject Assessment Document
PADPayment Against Documents
PADPublic Administration Division
PADProtest Appeals and Disciplinary
PADPhase and Amplitude Detector
PADplanned agricultural district
PADPublic Access to Defibrillators
PADPattern Aided Design
PADPre Audit Document
PAdpulmonary arterial diastolic pressure
PAdpulmonary artery diastolic pressure
PAdpulmonary artery end-diastolic
PADPlan Approved by the Department
PADPriority Access Dialing
PADProfessional Academic Development
PADPokemon Advanced Downloads
PADPhoton Avalanche Diode

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Note: Acronym Finder has 114 verified definitions for PAD

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