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What does OI stand for?

OI stands for Optimal Interpolation


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OPTIMAL INTERPOLATION OF ANALYTIC FUNCTIONS K. Yu. Osipenko UDC 517.5 We construct an optimal interpolation formula for a particular class of analytic...
APRIL 1998 FIEGUTH ET AL. 535 q 1998 American Meteorological Society Mapping Mediterranean Altimeter Data with a Multiresolution Optimal Interpolation Algorithm
Recommended Citation. Margitus, Michael, "Optimal interpolation grids for accurate numerical solutions of singular ordinary differential equations" (2009).
Mapping Mesoscale Surface Currents by Optimal Interpolation of Abstract Satellite Radiometer and Altimeter Data A technique for estimating mesoscale surface currents...
Optimal interpolation and isarithmic mapping of soil properties V. Co-regionalization and multiple sampling strategy
Optimal interpolation uses the rst expression and variational methods use the second approach, but both are mathematically equivalent. Acknowledgements
Data Assimilation Techniques. As mentioned above; It is not usually used for large scale data assimilation. 1 3) Optimal Interpolation
Leidner, S. M., T. Nehrkorn, R. N. Hoffman, J. M. Henderson, G. Modica, J-F. Louis, and J. Hegarty, 2000: Use of an optimal interpolation analysis system with MM5...
Optimal interpolation analysis of leaf area index using MODIS data Remote Sensing of Environment By: Yingxin Gu, Stephane Belair...
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RIENECKER AND MILLER: OCEAN DATA ASSIMILATION USING OPTIMAL INTERPOLATION 15,095 vertical velocity at the top and bottom boundaries must be
Ensemble Optimal Interpolation: Covariance are based on an historical ensemble composed of 2.5 year weekly model output (135 members) without assimilation
Key Phrase page for optimal interpolation: Books containing the phrase optimal interpolation
Title: Ensemble Optimal Interpolation Data Assimilation of Surface Currents by Utilizing Monte Carlo Simulation: Authors: Hartnett, Michael; Ren, Lei
An optimal interpolation toolbox for octave. This package provides functions to perform a n-dimensional optimal interpolations of arbitrarily distributed data points.
1 Optimal Interpolation The optimal interpolation method will soon be discussed in detail by Dr. Carr in his lectures. Here we present the optimal interpolation (OI...
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This thesis presents the use of data assimilation with optimal interpolation (OI) to develop atmospheric aerosol concentration estimates for the United States at high...
The optimal interpolation algorithm is the reduced version of the Kalman filtering (KF)...
29 - Mar 4: Optimal Interpolation Also known as: Objective Analysis / Gauss-Markov smoothing Moving on from the empirical weighted least squares loess filter brings...
A major development was achieved by L. Gandin (1963) who introduced the "statistical interpolation" (or "optimal interpolation") method...
is there an optimal interpolation funtion or tool available in matlab;.I dont seem to find it. If yes how good is it in interpolating non-linear distributed data.
These results are then related to the problem of choosing optimal interpolation points with respect to the Eberlein integral.
CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda):. A fast, recently developed, multiscale optimal interpolation algorithm has been adapted...
Optimal interpolation of spatially discretized geodetic data Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America By: Zheng-Kang Shen, Min Wang...
Extended Kalman Filtering Kalman Filter (KF) is formally very similar to Optimal Interpolation; Ensemble Square-root Kalman Filter Algorithm
JOURNAL 01 APPROXIMATION THEORY 20, 264-274 (1977) An Optimal Interpolation Formula B. D. BOJANOV AND V. G. C'HERNOGOROV Deptirlmi.'nt of Mulheniiitics.
Optimal interpolation on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
MATHEMATICS OF COMPUTATION, VOLUME 32, NUMBER 143 JULY 1978, PAGES 763-777 To Compute the Optimal Interpolation Formula By P. W. Gaffney
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