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What does SSS stand for?

SSS stands for ORS)/sugar salt solutions


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? Wilcox WD, Miller JJ. Inaccuracy of three-finger pinch method of determining salt content in homemade sugar salt solutions. Wilderness Environ Med, 1996;7(2):122-126.
Rapid evacuation of fluids from the body, which can be caused by cholera or other diarrheal diseases, may lead to chronic dehydration and eventually death. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS - also known as Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)) are a solution of sugars and salts which helps to slow the evacuation of fluids, allowing for the absorption of electrolytes in the intestines. Though approximately 80 percent of individuals affected by cholera could be treated successfully using ORS, only about 35 percent of families in diarrhea-stricken countries utilize the treatment because improvement is not seen immediately. In countries affected by outbreaks of diarrheal illness, pre-mixed ORS sachets are frequently distributed to help halt the spread of the bacteria which can spread quickly in areas with poor sanitation or a lack of potable water (clean drinking water). ORS can also be useful for backpackers or climbers who may be affected by diarrheal illness ...
When a child has diarrhea or is vomiting, it is important to prevent dehydration. Oral rehydration solutions (ORSs), such as Pedialyte, are used to prevent or correct dehydration in young children. ORSs contain the right mix of salt, sugar, potassium, and other minerals to help replace lost fluids.In the first 4 to 6 hours after diarrhea or vomiting has started, give your child the following amount of ORS.If your baby is less than 2 months old, talk to the doctor about your baby's symptoms before starting ORS fluids.Treating your child's dehydration Child's weight Mild dehydration Moderate dehydration6 lb (3 kg)4.5 fl oz (135 mL)9 fl oz (270 mL)8 lb (4 kg)6 fl oz (180 mL)12 fl oz (360 mL)10 lb (4.5 kg)7.5 fl oz (225 mL)15 fl oz (450 mL)12 lb (5 kg)9 fl oz (270 mL)18 fl oz (540 mL)14 lb (6 kg)10.5 fl oz (315 mL)21 fl oz (630 mL)16 lb (7 kg)12 fl oz (360 mL)24 fl oz (720 mL)18 lb (8 kg)13.5 fl oz (405 mL)27 fl oz (810 mL)20 lb (9 kg)15 fl oz (450 mL)30 fl oz (900 mL)22 lb (10 kg)16.5 fl