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What does NFCP stand for?

NFCP stands for National Filaria Control Programme


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NATIONAL FILARIA CONTROL PROGRAMME (NFCP) Filaria is one of the major Public Health Problems in India. The National Filaria Control Programme was launched in 1957 based on the findings of one man commission report. The programme is monitored by the Joint Director Of Health Services (Malaria), located at Pune. Main activity of National Filaria Control Unit is to control vector density by spraying larvicides, Weekly time/ place schedule covers all breeding places of National Filaria Control Units area.
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Lymphatia filaria is prevalent in 18 states and union territories. Bancrftian filariasis is widely distributed while brugian filariasis caused by Brugia malayi is restricted to 6 states - UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Gujarat. The National Filaria Control Programme was launched in 1955. The activities were mainly confined to urban areas. However, the programme has been extended to rural areas since 1994.
FILARIASIS Lymphatic filariasis (LF) Filaria vectors Transmission of Lymphatic Filariasis LIFE CYCLE OF FILARIA PARASITE Magnitude of disease FILARIA ENDEMIC DISTRICTS National Filaria Control Programme.