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What does N-GLI stand for?

N-GLI stands for N-terminal glucagon-like-immunoreactivity


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Changes in N-terminal glucagon like immunoreactivity and insulin during short-term gluten challengecodednormal, or showed only minimal inflammatory cellinfiltrate or changes in villus morphology, the patientwas started on gluten powdert-15 g daily for thoseless than 6 years of age and 25 g for older children. The patients were carefully assessed at frequent clinicvisits and the consumption of gluten calculated byreweighing consignments of powder.
5-14. 3 years) with normal jejunal mucosa, originally diagnosed as having coeliac disease at least 18 months before, were started on gluten challenge. The 'end point' of challenge was significant deterioration in jejunal mucosa morphologically and morphometrically. Studies carried out both before and after challenge included intestinal absorption of D-xylose and glucose, and release of insulin and N-terminal glucagon-like immunoreactivity.
Conlon and othersTable 2. Automated Edman degradation ofthe glucagon-relatedpeptide from the pancreas of the ratfishAmino acidphenylthiohydantoinYield(pmol) Cycle no. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536HisThrAspGlyIlePheSerSerAspTyrSerLysTyrLeuAspAsnArgArgThrLysAspPheValGlnTrpLeuLeuSerThrLysArgAsnGlyAlaAsnThr8561642174237443412357790785998818523591862127017527711720672744460100247988579882226667075717517729421150228337240081DISCUSSIONThe results of the present study confirm previousimmunohistochemical observations (Stefan et al. , 1981)that the ratfish pancreas contains much higher concen-trations of glucagon-like immunoreactivity measuredwith a N-terminally directed antiserum than with aC-terminally directed antiserum. One abundant peptidewith N-terminal glucagon-like immunoreactivity.