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What does MABA-ADP stand for?

MABA-ADP stands for N8-[4-[(N'-methylanthraniloyl)amino]butyl]-8-aminoadenosine 5'-diphosphate


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Here we describe a study of the formation of complexes between the molecular chaperone DnaK, its nucleotide exchange factor GrpE, and the fluorescent ADP analog N8-[4-[(N'-methylanthraniloyl)amino]butyl]-8-aminoadenosine 5'-diphosphate (MABA-ADP) by equilibrium and stopped flow kinetic experiments. The catalytic cycle of the GrpE-stimulated nucleotide exchange involves a ternary DnaK x GrpE x ADP complex as well as the binary DnaK x GrpE and DnaK x ADP complexes.