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What does MIVD stand for?

MIVD stands for Multiplicative Inhibitory Velocity Detector


This definition appears very rarely

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MIIH - Michigan Initiative on Inequalities in HealthMIII - Modeling Interorganizational Information IntegrationMIIL - Molecular Imaging Instrumentation LaboratoryMIIM - Modified Inverse Iteration MethodMIIO - Meanings Rank Melatonin Induced Immuno OpioidsMIIP - Municipal Infrastructure Investment PlanningMIIQ - modified incontinence impact questionnaireMIIR - Member of the International Institute of ReflexologyMIIS - Microsoft Identity Integration ServerMIIT - Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyMIIU - Municipal Infrastructure Investment UnitMIIZ - Muzeum i Instytut ZoologiiMIJC - Movimiento Internacional de Juristas CatólicosMIJD - Movimiento Independiente de Jubilados y DesocupadosMIJE - Maynard Institute for Journalism EducationMIJF - Melbourne International Jazz Festival:MIJL - Meanings Rank Maison Ikkoku John LeeMIJM - Manipal Institute of Jewellery ManagementMIJO - Minor Individual Job OrderMIJP - miniature inhibitory junction potentialsMIJS - Made In Japan SoftwareMIKA - Methodologies for Integration of Knowledge AreasMIKB - Management Information Knowledge BaseMIKE - MICHAELS STORES INCMIKH - Mittelstands-Institut im Kreis HerfordMIKI - Multimedia Internet Keying Mentally IllMIKK - Mladinski Informativni in Kulturni KlubMIKL - MICHAEL FOODS INCMIKN - MIKOHN GAMING CORPMIKP - Meanings Rank Methyl Isobutyl Ketone PeroxideMIKR - MIKRON INSTRUMENT CO INCMIKS - - MIKES ORIGINAL INCMIKT - Mexico Indonesia South Korea TurkeyMIKV - Meanings Rank Multiple Independent Kill VehicleMIKW - mean individual kernel weightMILA - Mortgage Investment Lending AssociatesMILB - MILLBROOK PRESS INCMILC - Milk Income Loss ContractMILD - Mnemonic Induction of Lucid DreamsMILE - Meanings Rank Malaysian International Language ExhibitionMILF - Moro Islamic Liberation FrontMILG - manchester irish language groupMILI - Medical Industry Leadership InstituteMILK - Moments of Intimacy Love and KinshipMILL - Meanings Rank Maximum Impact Language LearningMILM - MILLENNIUM ELECTRONICSMILN - Medial Iliac Lymph NodeMILO - Magnetically Insulated Line OscillatorMILP - Mixed Integer Linear ProgrammingMILQ - Multidimensional Index of Life QualityMILR - MILLER DIVERSIFIED CORPMILS - Michigan Indian Legal ServicesMILT - MILTOPE GROUP INCMILU - Meanings Rank Multinational Integrated Logistics UnitsMILW - Madly in Love withMILX - General Electric Rail Services CorporationMILZ - Soo Line Railroad CompanyMIMA - Melbourne Internal Medicine AssociatesMIMB - Meta Integration Model BridgeMIMC - Mobile Infirmary Medical CenterMIMD - Multiple Instruction Multiple DataMIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail ExtensionsMIMF - Musical Instrument Makers ForumMIMG - Mission Internal Medical GroupMIMH - Mystery is my HobbyMIMI - Montreal International Music InitiativeMIML - Macquarie Investment Management LimitedMIMM - Meat Industry Microbiological MethodsMIMN - Meanings Rank MONTANA INDIAN MANUFACTURERS NETWORKMIMO - Multiple-Input Multiple-OutputMIMP - Manchester Is My PlanetMIMR - Meanings Rank Multichannel Imaging Microwave RadiometerMIMS - Moscow International Motor ShowMIMT - MINT IN MINT TISSUEMIMU - Miniature Inertial Measurement UnitMIMV - Mobile Interactive Multimedia VehicleMIMW - Man Is Mostly WaterMIMX - Minera Mexico Internacional IncorporatedMIMY - Macquarie International Motor YachtsMINA - MYC induced nuclear antigenMINB - Mosques and Imams National Advisory BodyMINC - Multilingual Internet Names ConsortiumMIND - Minimum DistanceMINE - Minneapolis Eastern RailwayMINF - Music Is Not FunMING - Medical Interpreter Network of GeorgiaMINH - Movimiento Independentista Nacional HostosianoMINI - MOBILE MINI INCMINL - METAL Injection Not LiveMINM - meeting I never miss"MINN - MinnesotaMINO - Mobile International Network OperatorMINP - Movimiento para la Independencia Nacional PuertorriqueñaMINS - Multisource Integrated Nofication SystemMINT - MICRO INTEGRATION CORPMINU - China Ocean Shipping CompanyMINW - Medical Imaging Northwest. WeMINX - Multigroup Interpretation of Nuclear X-SectionsMINY - Meanings Rank Macarthur Islip New YorkMIOA - Michigan Institute of AviationMIOB - Music Is Our Business. MIOC - Multinational Information Operations CenterMIOD - Meanings Rank Member Institute of DirectorsMIOE - management of installation operating equipMIOG - MAJOR INTEGRATED OIL GASMIOJ - made in occupied japanMIOL - Monteniqua International Open LearningMIOM - Member Institute of Operations ManagementMION - Monocrystalline Iron Oxide NanoparticlesMIOO - Meanings Rank Moscow Institute of OpenMIOP - Manitoba Industrial Opportunities ProgramMIOR - Microbial increased oil recoveryMIOS - Mortgage Industry Ombudsman ServiceMIOT - Medical Institute Of TamilsMIOW - Map Images On the WebMIPA - Mutual Internet Practices AssociationMIPB - Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin:MIPC - Member of the Institute of Pure ChiropracticMIPD - Major Industrial Plant DatabaseMIPE - Mobile Imagery Processing ElementMIPF - Metal Industries Provident FundMIPG - Medical Image Processing GroupMIPH - Management for International Public HealthMIPI - Mobile Industry Processor InterfaceMIPJ - Millions of Instructions per JouleMIPK - Meanings Rank methyl i propyl ketoneMIPL - Molecular Imaging Probe LaboratoryMIPM - Mathematical image processing meetingMIPN - Midwest Invasive Plant NetworkMIPO - Marist Institute for Public Opinion. MIPP - Main Injector Particle ProductionMIPR - Military Interdepartmental Purchase RequestMIPS - MIPS TECHNOLOGIES INCMIPT - Mobile IP TechnologyMIPU - Ministry of Infrastructure and Public UtilitiesMIPV - Mutual Inductance Particle VelocimeterMIPX - Millenium Petrochemicals IncorporatedMIPY - Meanings Rank Middle Index Prior YearMIPZ - Middle Intermediate Pressure ZoneMIQA - Member of the Institute of Quality AssuranceMIQE - Master in Quantitativ eMIQP - Mixed Integer Quadratic ProgrammingMIQS - MIQ Mary Immaculate Queen SchoolMIRA - Motor Industries Research AssociationMIRB - MIDI Input Retrofit BoardMIRC - Midland Innovation Relay CentreMIRD - Medical Internal Radiation DoseMIRE - Monochromatic Infra Red EnergyMIRF - Minor Incident Report FormMIRG - Mesothelioma Information Resource GroupMIRH - Mine Inspector Ron HollowayMIRL - Medical Imaging Research LaboratoryMIRM - MBA insurance risk managementMIRN - Meter Installation Registration NumberMIRO - Mortgage Interest Run OnMIRP - Minimally Invasive Radioguided ParathyroidMIRR - Medical International Rapid ResponseMIRS - Mid-InfraRed SpectrometerMIRT - Minority International Research TrainingMIRU - Myocardial Infarction Research UnitMIRV - Multiple independent reentry vehicleMIRW - Massive Internet Reality WorldMIRX - Regional Recycling LLCMISA - Millwall Independent Supporters AssociationMISB - Motion Imagery Standards BoardMISC - miscellaneous Minimal instruction set computerMISD - Murder In Self-DefenceMISE - Men in Science & EngineeringMISF - Minnesota Independent School ForumMISG - Management Information Systems GroupMISH - Medical Institute for Sexual HealthMISI - METRO INFO SVC INCMISJ - Medical Instrument Society of JapanMISK - Minimal Impact Sea KayakingMISL - Major Indoor Soccer LeagueMISM - Motor Industry Skills ManchesterMISN - Meramec Interactive Services NetworkMISO - more input signals and oneMISP - Minimum Initial Service PackageMISQ - Management Information Systems Quarterly;MISR - measure the intensity of solar radiationMISS - MississippiMIST - AVALON CAPITAL INCMISU - Mobile Integrated Screening UnitsMISV - misure immediate per salvare la vitaMISW - Methodist International Student WorkMISX - Milwaukee Solvents and Chemicals CorporationMITA - Medical Interview Teaching AssociationMITB - Man is the BastardMITC - Maine International Trade CenterMITD - Made in the DarkMITE - Mangalore Institute of Technology & EngineeringMITF - Melbourne International Tap FestivalMITG - Midwest Information Technology GroupMITH - MIND in Tower HamletsMITI - Massachusetts Information Turnpike InitiativeMITK - MITEK SYSTEMS INCMITL - Materials Instructional Technology LabMITM - Malcolm in the MiddleMITN - Michigan Inter-governmental Trade NetworkMITO - Motor Industry Training OrganisationMITP - Mini In The ParkMITR - Meanings Rank Mortgage Interest Tax ReliefMITS - Muncie Indiana Transit SystemMITT - Moscow Institute of Thermal TechnologyMITV - Music in the VineyardsMITW - Michigan Indian Tuition WaiverMITY - MITY LITE INCMIUA - Medical Image Understanding andMIUB - Meteorological Institute University of BonnMIUC - Mexican Indigenous Universtity CenterMIUE - Meanings Rank Misc Industry Utility ElectricMIUF - Mozilla Italian Unofficial ForumMIUG - Michigan Innovative Users GroupMIUH - maszyny i urzadzenia hutnicze. MIUI - Musical Instrument USB InterfaceMIUK - Meanings Rank Motorcycle Internet United KingdomMIUL - Material Identification Usage ListMIUO - Meanings Rank Motorola Internal Use OnlyMIUS - Mount International Ultrasound ServicesMIUU - Meteorological Institute of Uppsala UniversityMIUW - Mobile Inshore Undersea WarfareMIVA - Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball AssociationMIVB - Meanings Rank Maatschappij Intercommunaal Vervoer BrusselMIVC - Management Information Value ChainMIVD - Multiplicative inhibitory velocity detector.