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What does MGFJ stand for?

MGFJ stands for Mark Glassberg Fornarotto Jun


This definition appears very rarely

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MGBT - Meanings Rank Multi Group Boltzmann TransportMGBW - Melbourne Glass Bottle WorksMGBY - May God Bless YouMGCA - Mid-American Greek Council AssociationMGCB - Michigan Gaming Control BoardMGCC - Mymensingh Girls Cadet CollegeMGCD - Ministry of Gender and Community DevelopmentMGCE - Meanings Rank Magnetically Guided Capsule EndoscopyMGCF - Mountain Gorilla Conservation FundMGCG - Marcus Goncalves Consulting GroupMGCH - MEMORABLE GULF COAST HURRICANESMGCI - Mobile Government Consortium InternationalMGCK - Meanings Rank Modified Group Cipher KeyMGCL - Moto Guzzi Correspondence ListMGCM - Mars General Circulation ModelingMGCN - Moto Guzzi Club NederlandMGCO - Maple Grove Community OrganizationMGCP - Media Gateway Control ProtocolMGCQ - Miss Georgia Caribbean QueenMGCR - Mauricio G. C. Resende. MGCS - Myrtle Grove Christian SchoolMGCT - male germ cell tumorMGCU - Media Gateway Control UnitMGCV - Minimum Guaranteed Cash ValueMGCW - making global collaboration workMGDA - Michael G. Dolence andMGDB - Meanings Rank Microbial Genome Data BaseMGDC - Malaysia Game Developers CommunityMGDE - Math Graduation Demonstration ExamMGDF - Megakaryocite Growth and Development FactorMGDG - Michael Graves Design GroupMGDI - Multiplatform Graphics Device InterfaceMGDK - MIDlet Game Development KitMGDL - MI Geographic Data LibraryMGDM - Mode Group Diversity MultiplexingMGDN - MICROBIAL GERMPLASM DATA NETMGDO - Meanings Rank Monthly Gridded Dynamics OceanMGDP - Mobile GPS Demonstration PlatformMGDR - Meanings Rank Merged Geophysical Data RecordsMGDS - Marine Geoscience Data SystemMGDT - Maple Grove Dance TeamMGDU - modified growing degree unitsMGDV - Magazzini generali doganali VercelliMGEA - Michigan Geothermal Energy AssociationMGEC - Minnesota Government Engineers CouncilMGED - Microarray Gene Expression DataMGEE - modified Generalized Estimating EquationMGEF - Mount Greylock Expeditionary ForceMGEG - MOTOROLA GOLD ELITE GATEWAYMGEL - Mississippi Genome Exploration LaboratoryMGEN - MICRO GENERAL CORPMGEP - Mainstreaming Gender Equity ProgrammeMGES - Meadow Glade Elementary SchoolMGET - Marine Geospatial Ecology ToolsMGEU - Manitoba Government Employees UnionMGFA - Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of AmericaMGFB - Mississippi Gulf Fishing BanksMGFC - Mount Gretna Fire CompanyMGFD - Maple Grove Fire DepartmentMGFE - Meanings Rank Middlesex Graduates for EstabrookMGFF - mount gambier frozen foodsMGFG - Musical Greetings From GermanyMGFI - Mambo German Full installerMGFJ - Mark Glassberg Fornarotto.