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What does MLP stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
MLPMulti Level Programming
MLPMultinational Logistics Partnership
MLPMany Little People
MLPMalta Labour Party
MLPMy Little Ponies
MLPMachine Learning and Perception
MLPMulti Layer Perceptrons
MLPMultiple Levels of Parallelism
MLPMinerals Local Plan
MLPMarine Law and Policy
MLPMesa Limited Partnership
MLPMaster Limited Partnerships
MLPMulti Link Procedure
MLPmajor league playa
MLPMaster License Program
MLPMitsubishi Lithographic Presses
MLPMolded Leadless Package
MLPMulti Layered Perceptron
MLPMultiple Lymphomatous Polyposis
MLPMozilla Localization Project
MLPMobile Location Platform
MLPManual Lever Position
MLPMy Learning Plan
MLPMolecular Libraries Program
MLPMultinational Logistic Partnership
MLPMarkets LLC Pipeline
MLPMedium Level Programming
MLPMedical Language Processing
MLPMuseo de La Plata
MLPMuseode La Plata
MLPMicro Liquid Process
MLPMARCKS Like Protein
MLPMauritius Labor Party
MLPMulti Layer Perception
MLPMultiple Layer Perceptron
MLPMusic for Little People
MLPManaged Limited Partnerships
MLPMold Loss Prevention
MLPMeridian Lossless Packaging
MLPE3/major late promoter
mLPG-CSF-mobilized leukapheresis products
MLPM. leprae protein
MLPM. luteus protease
MLPmajor late promotor
MLPmalignant lymphomatous polyposis
MLPMaternal low protein
MLPmaternal low-protein
MLPmaximal leg power
MLPmaximum lifespan potential
MLPMayo Lung Project
MLPMean linearized power
MLPmembrane lipid peroxidation
MLPmembranous labyrinth proteins
MLPmetallothionein-like protein
MLPmicrosatellite length polymorphism
MLPmicrovillus-like processes
MLPmid-luteal phase
MLPmiddle luteal phase
MLPmitochondria like particles
MLPMitral leaflet prolapse
MLPmixed leukocyte preparation
MLPMolecular Lipophilicity Potential
MLPmolecular lipophilicity potentials
MLPmouse liver preparations
MLPmucin-like peptide
MLPmucin-like protein
MLPmultibacillary leprosy patients
MLPmultiple large platforms
MLPmurine lethal protein
MLPmyocardial lactate production
MLPMobile Launch Pedestal
MLPMultiply and Lose Precision
MLPMesoamerica Language Program
MLPmajor late minimal promoter
MLPMaximum life span potential
MLPmaximum life span potentials
MLPmaximum life-span potential
MLPmean level of proximalization
MLPmembrane-bound lipid particles
MLPMake Lousy Program
MLPMary Louise Pawlowski
MLPMicro Loan Programme
MLPMulti Layered Protocol
MLPMauna Lani Point
MLPMulti Level Parallelism
MLPMedical Language Processor
MLPManufacturing Leaders Programme
MLPMarketing Link Program
MLPMuscle LIM Proteins
MLPmajor latex protein
MLPMeridial Lossless Packing
MLPMulticultural Literacy Program
MLPMichigan Labor Press
MLPMauritian Labour Party
MLPMobile Launch Platforms
MLPMulticriteria Linear Programming
MLPMingrone Lo Presti
MLPMosquito Lagoon Paddlers
MLPMulti Layer Polymer
MLPMulti Locus Probe
MLPMacomb Literacy Partners
MLPMid Level Practitioners
MLPMicro Leaded Package
MLPMinimal Lateral Play
MLPMaster Link Pliers
MLPMatt Levorson Productions
MLPMovimiento Laico Progresista
MLPMajor League Player
MLPMicrosoft Learning Product
MLPMulti Level Pulsing
MLPmuseums libraries public
MLPMaster in Learning Processes
MLPMath Learning Program
MLPModern Learning Press
MLPModule Learning Packs
MLPMount Lassen Power
MLPMajor Late Promoters
MLPMinimum Layer Protocol
MLPMotherboard Logo Program
MLPMunicipal Light and Power
MLPMigrant Labor Project
MLPMauritius Labour Party
MLPMentoring Leaders Program
MLPMidwest Lumber Products
MLPMulti Link Protocols
MLPMagnetic List Pad
MLPMid Level Protein
MLPMouvement Lumumbiste Progressiste
MLPMovie Lovers Paradise
MLPMulti Level Plating
MLPMaster Licence Program
MLPMedian List Price
MLPMidwest Lodging Ppty
MLPMilitary Leave Paid
MLPMinimum Level Profiling
MLPMobile Launcher Platforms
MLPMajor League Pool
MLPMentoring Leadership Program
MLPMulti Layers Perceptron
MLPMultilayer Link Protocol
MLPMachine Language Program
MLPMajor League Poker
MLPMetal Lath and Plaster
MLPMongolian Liberal Party
MLPMelanesian Labour Party
MLPMetaldyne Launch Process
MLPMono Layer Polynomials
MLPMaynard List Price
MLPmessage load plan
MLPMountain Leisure Properties
MLPmedium lift platoon
MLPMusee du Louvre Paris
MLPMacro Language Processor
MLPMailing and Labeling Page
MLPManagement of Land and Property
MLPMansa Luapula Province
MLPMaple Leaf Prime
MLPMartin Lake Plant
MLPMarvin Lindsey Publishing
MLPMasques Larp Page
MLPMattoon Lamp Plant
MLPMenno Link Pictures
MLPMichael Loeb Photography
MLPMilitary Living Publications
MLPMine Licenses and Permits
MLPMinerals and Logging Page
MLPMinistry of Lands and Parks
MLPMinneapolis Low Pressur
MLPMission of the Lao People
MLPMobil Lubricant Plant
MLPMonica Lewinsky Presidential
MLPMoscow Libertarium Project
MLPMoscow Life Page
MLPMy Life Program