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What does MIP stand for?

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MIPMaster Instructor Program
MIPMultum In Parvo
MIPMinimum Inlet Pressure
MIPManagement Information Program
MIPManagement Information Portal
MIPMasters International Program
MIPMatching Incentive Program
MIPMortgage Indemnity Premium
MIPMacquarie Infrastructure Partners
MIPMuseum Informatics Project
MIPMerit Increase Program
MIPMeasure of Investment Performance
MIPMastering the Project
MIPMinistry of Information and Publicity
MIPMedioevo Italiano Project
MIPMiami Institute of Psychology
MIPMercy Investment Program
MIPManagement Information Principles
MIPMinisterial Internship Program
MIPMinimum Import Price
MIPMinutes in Play
MIPManaged Investment Program
MIPManagement Information Protocol
MIPMixed Integer Programs
MIPMaximum Intensity Projections
MIPMeeting in Person
MIPMinors in Possession
MIPMetals in Paper
MIPMitochondrial Intermediate Peptidase
MIPMissouri Institute of Psychiatry
MIPMinimally Invasive Procedures
MIPMother Infant Program
MIPMean Inner Potential
MIPMarch Inland Port
MIPMerchant Ivory Productions
MIPMember Info Pages
MIPMicroenterprise Innovation Project
MIPMedical Image Processing
MIPMultilateral Interoperability Programme
MIPMedicare Integrity Program
MIPMigration Information Programme
MIPMedically Indigent Program
MIPMidwestern Innocence Project
MIPMolecularly Imprinted Polymer
MIPMaladie Inflammatoire Pelvienne
MIPMobile Information Platform
MIPMannheim Innovation Panel
MIPMusic Industry Providers
MIPMinistry of Public
MIPMonumenten Inventarisatie Project
MIPMultiple Intervention Program
MIPMonthly Income Plans
MIPMotion in Progress
MIPMuseum Information Professionals
MIPMeldingscommissie Incidenten Patiëntenzorg
MIPMarket Incentive Program
MIPModel Intercomparison Project
MIPMeter Implementation Plan
MIPMinimum Intensity Projection
MIPMaximal Inspiratory Pressure
MIPMembership Identification Program
MIPMobile Internet Pager
MIPMajor Instrumentation Projects
MIPMinimum Ionizing Particle
MIPMonthly Income Preferred
MIPMillion Ideas for Peace
MIPMultiannual Indicative Programme
MIPMersin International Port
MIPMember Investment Plan
MIPMaster of Intellectual Property
MIPMercury Intrusion Porosimetry
MIPMedieval Institute Publications
MIPMalaysian Institute of Planners
MIPMarche International des Programmes
MIPMutual Impedance Probe
MIPMaricopa Irrigation Project
MIPMassachusetts Immunization Program
MIPMission Implementation Plan
MIPMultiannual Indicative Programming
MIPMacrophage Inflammatory Proteins
MIPMolecular Inversion Probes
MIPManagement Institute of Paris
MIPMother Infant Pairs
MIPMicrowave Induced Plasmas
MIPMolded in Place
MIPMesna Industrija Primorske
MIPMethylation Induced Premeiotically
MIPMoore Inflation Predictor
MIPMicrobicide Innovation Program
MIPMarine Industrial Plastics
MIPMaster Implementation Plan
MIPmulti image pyramid
MIPMoores Ideal Products
MIPMarketing Innovative Products
MIP125I-macrophage inflammatory protein
MIPBACKGROUND--Maximal inspiratory pressure
MIPCCL3/macrophage inflammatory protein
MIPELC)/macrophage inflammatory protein
MIPLARC)/macrophage inflammatory protein
MIPMAC-inhibiting protein
MIPmachine isolation policy
MIPmacrophage inflamatory protein
MIPmacrophage inflammatory peptide
MIPMacrophage inhibitory protein
MIPMacrophage-inflammatory protein
MIPMain Intrinsic Polypeptide
MIPmain intrinsic protein
MIPmajor intrinsic protein
MIPMajor Infrastructure Program
MIPmajor integral protein
MIPmajor intrinsic peptide
MIPMajor intrinsic polypeptide
MIPmarrow immediate population
MIPmasseter inhibitory period
MIPmasseter inhibitory periods
MIPMaximal inspiratory pressures
MIPmaximal insufflation pressure
MIPmaximal intracavernosal pressure
MIPmaximal-intensity projection
MIPmaximum inspiratory position
MIPmaximum inspiratory pressures
MIPmaximum intracavernosal pressure
MIPmean integrated power
MIPmean intensity profile
MIPmean intrapleural pressure
MIPmechanically induced potentials
MIPmembrane intrinsic protein
MIPmentally impaired patients
MIPMessage Interpretation Process
MIPmetabolic inhibition preconditioning
MIPmetal-inducible protein
MIPmethotrexate-induced pneumonitis
MIPmicrophage inflammatory protein
MIPMicrosomal Iron Protein
MIPminimal intensity projections
MIPMixed interstitial pneumonitis
MIPmoderately ill patients
MIPmolecular imprinted polymeric
MIPmolecular imprinted polymers
MIPmolecular imprinting polymer
MIPmolecular interaction potentials
MIPmolluscan insulin peptide
MIPmonocyte inflammatory protein
MIPMood Induction Procedure
MIPmood-induction procedure
MIPMotor Intention Potential
MIPmouth inspiratory pressures
MIPMP-interacting protein
MIPMucoid intimal proliferation
MIPmultifocal ischemic pathology
MIPmyocardial infarction pain
MIPMytilus inhibitory peptides
MIPP0.1)/maximal inspiratory pressure
MIPMilitary Improvement Plan
MIPMatched Investment Program
MIPMelbourne Indoor Paintball
MIPMolecular Inversion Probe
MIPMeeting of Interested Parties
MIPMicroelectronic Information Processing
MIPMinority Internship Program
MIPMortgage Interest Payments
MIPMediterranean Integrated Programmes
mipmacrophage infectivity potentiator
MIPMarketing Innovation Program
MIPMaintenance Investment Programme
MIPMoisture Infused Pork
MIP1-L-myo-inositol 1--phosphate
MIPMacrophage inflammatory protein-1
MIPmajor intrinsic protein family
MIPmaximal inspiratory mouth pressure
MIPmaximal static inspiratory pressure
MIPmaximum inspiratory mouth pressure
MIPmaximum inspiratory mouth pressures
MIPmaximum intensity pixel algorithm
MIPMaximum intensity projection images
MIPmaximum intensity projection imaging
MIPmaximum negative inspiratory pressure
MIPmaximum static inspiratory pressure
MIPmean inspiratory mouth pressure
MIPmedical informatics educational program
MIPmegameatus and intact prepuce
MIPmicrotubule assembly inhibitor protein
MIPMicrotubule-assembly inhibitor protein
MIPmild chronic pancreatitis
MIPMiniMed implantable insulin pump
MIPMobile IP Paging
MIPmoist in-shell peanuts
MIPmolluscan insulin-like peptide
MIPmolluscan insulin-related peptide
MIPmolluscan insulin-related peptides
MIPMultidiagnostic Instrument for Psychosis
MIPMedical Improvement Possible
MIPMeaningless Indicators of Performance
MIPMain the Previous
MIPModelbouw in Plastic

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Note: Acronym Finder has 119 verified definitions for MIP

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