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What does MDR stand for?

Acronym Finder has 79 verified definitions for MDR

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
MDRMinimum Data Requirements
MDRMorphology Dependent Resonances
MDRManagement Development and Research
MDRMedical Doctors Research
MDRMultiple Drug Resistant
MDRmultiple drug resistance
MDRManorial Documents Register
MDRMetropolitan District Railway
MDRMental Disorder Related
MDRMedical Device Regulations
MDRMinimal Daily Requirement
MDRMedium Density Residential
MDRMaternal Death Review
MDRmediated multidrug resistance
MDRModular Data Router
MDRMeta Data Registry
MDRMeasuring Diversity Results
MDRMulti Dimensional Resources
MDRManually Digitized Radar
MDRMessage Detail Recording
MDRMedical Device Reports
MDRMedian Duration of Response
MDRMojave Desert Racing
MDRMini Delta Ribbon
MDRMagic Damage Reduced
MDRMethod for the Rapid
MDRMicrobial Drug Resistance
MDRMaterial Damage Research
MDRMarkier Dein Revier
MDRMineral Deposit Remover
MDRMobile Digital Recorder
MDRMinimum Daily Requirements
MDRMember Data Record
MDRMad Driver Records
MDRMicro Design Resources
MDRMajor District Roads
MDRMercury Displacement Relays
MDRmacrophage disappearance reaction
MDRmaintained discharge rate
MDRmaximal distance reached
MDRmaximal dose response
MDRmaximum distance reached
MDRmean discharge rate
MDRMean Diverticular Radius
MDRmedical device-reportable
MDRMedical Disaster Response
MDRmedium-dependent resistance
MDRmethacholine dose-response
MDRminimal dietary requirements
MDRmotile density ratio
MDRmulti-dideoxynucleoside resistance
MDRmultidrug drug resistance
MDRMaster Dragon Revolution
MDRMississippi Delta Region
MDRMoving Die Rheometer
MDRMedicaid Drug Rebate
Mdrmulti-drug resistance
MDRModular Digital Radio
MDRModified Dash Roll
MDRMultiply Drug Resistant
mdrmyelin-deficient rats
MDRM++llerian duct remnants
MDRMedian duration of remission
MDRmedium duration of remission
MDRmedium-chain dehydrogenase/reductase
MDRMedium-chain dehydrogenases/reductases
MDRmeniscal displacement with reduction
MDRminor background diabetic retinopathy
MDRmulti drug resistance protein
MDRmulti drug resistance transporter
MDRmulti-drug resistance gene
MDRmulti-drug resistant gene
MDRmultiple drug resistance gene
MDRmultiple drug resistance phenotype
MDRnonmultiple drug-resistant
MDRMedical Department Representative
MDRcancers--multidrug resistance
MDRMain Directorate for Refugees
MDRMedical Developmental Research
mdrmultidrug resistance gene
MDRmultidrug resistance phenotype
MDRmultidrug resistance protein
MDRnon-multidrug resistance
MDRP-glycoprotein/multidrug resistance
MDRP-gp)-mediated-multidrug resistance
MDRMultiple Disease Resistance
MDRMajor Defect Report
MDRMagnetic Dipole Radiation
MDRMims Desk Reference
MDRMary Doria Russell
MDRMission Data Recovery
MDRmotorcycle dynamics racing
MDRMaterial Deficiency Report
MDRMedical Department Representatives
MDRmediated multidrug resistant
MDRMultiservices Dynamic Reservation
MDRMinimal Deleted Region
MDRMission Data Recorders
MDRMinistre Des Relations
MDRMiscellaneous Data Record
MDRMacDonald Dettwiler Robotics
MDRMission Data Retrieval
MDRMoney Demand Ratio
MDRMultimode Digital Radio
MDRMagnetic Dependent Resistor
MDRMalfunction Defect Reports
MDRMazowieckie Dni Rolnictwa
MDRMedical Dispute Resolution
MDRMohave Desert Racing
MDRmold damage remediation
MDRMacular Degeneration Research
MDRMultimedia Document Retrieval
MDRMarlow Donkey Railways
MDRMedium Dose Rate
MDRMHS Data Repository
MDRMinimal Deleted Regions
MDRMethodical Defect Reduction
MDRMissile Detection Radar
MDRMisuse of Drugs Regulations
MDRMulti Drugs Resistance
MDRMacarthur Drag Racers
MDRManpower Defence Recruiting
MDRManorial Document Register
MDRMatch Detect Reveal
MDRMichigan Demands Representation
MDRMicrowave Digestion Rotor
MDRMitochondrial DBI Receptor
MDRMain Data Record
MDRMaximum Dynamic Range
MDRMidas Data Recorder
MDRMission Dress Rehearsal
MDRMulti Disciplinary Research
MDRMajor Design Review
MDRMessage Detail Records
MDRMost Dangerous Receiver
MDRMeadowview Deer Ranch
MDRMaintenance Demand Rate
MDRMajlis Daerah Rembau
MDRMajor Declaration Required
MDRmishap data report
MDRMux Data Recorder
MDRMidterm Design Review
MDRMinimum Data Recorder
MDRMinistero Della Ricerca
MDRMissing Data Report
MDRMission Data Reduction
MDRmaterial deficiency reports
MDRMateriel Deficiency Reporting
MDRMilestone Decision Reviews
MDRMinimum Detectable Radiance
MDRMaintenance Discrepancy Report
MDRMixed Drink Recipes
MDRMaster Data Record or Maintenance Data Report/Reporting
MDRMaterial Deficiency Reporting
MDRModel Deficiency Report
MDRMunicipalidad De Rosario
MDRMaterial Disposition Routing
MDRMalacology a Database of Recent
MDRMario Dary Rivera
MDRmediation of multidrug resistance
MDRMenu Driven Report
MDRMHDL Design Rationale
MDRMineral Deposit Research
MDRMineral Deposits Research
MDRMiniature Dollhouse Resource
MDRmodel deficiency reports
MDRmodulation of multidrug resistance
MDRmodulator of multidrug resistance
MDRmodulator of the multidrug resistance
MDRMorgan Dru Resources
MDRmotor driven relays
MDRMovies Directed by Robbins
MDRMulti Database Resource
MDRMultilingual Dictionaries and Resources
MDRMutually Destructions Relationshi