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What does LAL stand for?

LAL stands for Lycaeides Argyrognomon Lotis


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Threatened and Endangered Invertebrates; listed as either threatened or endangered by the State of California or the; (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis)
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis* Lotis blue butterfly* Page 288 Share Cite. Suggested Citation: "D Endangered Insects in the Continental United States."
Dear Boss,I have received your request for more information concerning Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis. It is as follows;Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: MandibulataClass...
Lotis Blue (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) Mission Blue; List of Endangered Butterflies This is a list of the butterflies declared endangered all over the world.
Federal Register/Vol. 76, No. 101/Wednesday, May 25, 2011/Notices 30377; Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis.
(Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) Karner Blue Butterfly Larvae tended by the Odorous House Ant. This video shows a caterpillar believed to be a Karner blue eating...
Lotis blue butterfly Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis FE 6/1/76 Mission blue butterfly Icaricia icarioides missionensis FE 6/1/76
1997. Species Account for Lotis blue butterfly, (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis); Archaeological Investigations in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park.
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis (also known as Lycaeides idas lotis) General Information. Official Status: Endangered, the lotis blue butterfly is federally listed...
6 Synonymous with Plebejus idas lotis and Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis. 7 Synonymous with Philotes enoptes smithi and Shijimiaeoides enoptes smithi.
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis: E: butterfly, mission blue: Icaricia icarioides missionensis: E: Butterfly, Mitchell's satyr: Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii: E...
Lotis blue butterfly (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) - FE (June 1976) Palos Verdes blue butterfly (Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis) - FE (July 1980)
Learn and talk about Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis, and check out Lycaeides...
Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Lycaeides argyrognomon_lotis - Lotis blue - Discover Life
The lotis blue butterfly (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) has been designated an Endangered species pursuant to the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (50 CFR...
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis; The insect order Lepidoptera is the scientific name for moths and butterflies.
You searched for groups matching 'Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis' The search string "Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis" appears in the following group names or in other...
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis (syn. Lycaeides idas lotis, formerly Plebejus argyrognomon [3]) is a critically endangered butterfly endemic to Mendocino County...
Kingdom: Animalia : Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies : Synonym(s): Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis (Lintner, 1878) Common Name(s): lotis blue Butterfly [English]
Lycaeides argyrognomon_lotis, Lotis blue; Lycaeides samuelis, Karner blue; Supported by: National Biological Information Infrastructure; National Science Foundation;
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis Lotis blue butterfly FE, PCH - Fish Oncorhynchus kisutch Central California coast Coho salmon FE, FCH SE Oncorhynchus kisutch
Federal Register of Endangered & Threatened Species of Arthropods; Lotis blue butterfly Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis Endangered
Entries about Paul's interests and trips relating to; You can view some of Paul Opler's and Evi Buckner-Opler's images on; (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis)...
This area, which includes a peat bog, has been designated the critical habitat for the rare lotis blue butterfly, Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis.
Promoting the Plight of Endangered Species and the Efforts to Save Them. Home; Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis: entire: Butterfly, Luzon peacock swallowtail: Papilio...
Butterfly, lotis blue (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) Endangered: Butterfly, mission blue (Icaricia icarioides missionensis) Endangered...
Dear Boss, I have received your request for more information concerning Lycaeides Argyrognomon lotis. It is as follows; Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mandibulata
Lotis Blue Butterfly (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) 5-Year Review: Summary and Evaluation U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office
Comment: As of 14 December 2009, the 'lotis blue Butterfly' (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis) is listed as Endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis is a subspecies of Plebejus anna, described by Lintner in 1878. synonym: subspecies Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis; kingdom: Animalia;
Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis. Other Names and/or Listed subspecies; The lotis blue butterfly is believed to be extinct and has not been seen in the wild since 1994.
The lotus blue butterfly is an endangered species. Learn more about the lotus blue butterfly at HowStuffWorks; (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis)" 15 May 2012.