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What does L-N stand for?

L-N stands for Lesch-Nyhan syndrome


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The prevalence of Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is approximately 1 in 380,000 individuals. This condition occurs with a similar frequency in all populations.
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is characterized by motor dysfunction that resembles cerebral palsy, cognitive and behavioral disturbances, and uric acid overproduction...
What is Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome? Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (LNS) is a rare, inherited disorder caused by a deficiency of the enzyme hypoxanthine-guanine...
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is passed down as an X-linked, or sex-linked trait. It occurs mostly in boys. People with this syndrome are missing or severely...
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome develops because of the buildup and over-production of uric acid that is a waste product found normally in urine and blood.